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5 Natural Remedies to Ease Non-Allergic Rhinitis

on Feb 24, 2023| Modified on Mar 06, 2023
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Posted by Marian (UK) on 02/24/2023
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Hi! I have suffered with non allergic rhinitis (verified by a professor specialising in ENT) for 17yrs, since the birth of my son. The professor admitted they were uncertain why people suddenly started with this condition `out of the blue`? `they` think it could be linked to hormones, but are uncertain, and also how it can miraculously disappear? The hormone theory would link with pregnancy, but also, during this period I went through a time of immense stress and grief. I do believe that we hold onto pain within the body, that it could also be psychosomatic?

The professor could only offer me pharmaceutical relief (Flixonaise nasal drops) which worked during the first 12yrs, then, after a consultation with my Dr. who wasn't happy for me to stay on these drugs any longer as they're very strong, with steroids, I agreed and decided to stop using them as I was concerned about the detrimental effects they'd have on my health long term. I tried going drug free for 4yrs, trying various natural remedies, but my well being was deteriorating with the debilitating symptoms of acute rhinitis.

I went back to the Dr. who prescribed various nasal sprays, they all seem to irritate it more! I have settled with the Flixonaise nasal spray which for a few months seemed to help relieve the symptoms a little, but lately the symptoms are raging once again! There's no rhyme or reason as to the time of year or weather, it's 7 days a week, 12 months of the year! I always have sneezing fits first thing in the morning which can last for a couple of hours, excessive runny nose, streaming light sensitive eyes, irritation in my nose, this then happens periodically through the day and can wake me up in the early hours affecting my sleep. I usually feel drained and wretched with the sheer exhaustion of it. I do have polyps, but have been told and have read that whilst the cause of the irritation (rhinitis) remains, the polyps would just grow back.

They say that `mind body pain` isn't life threatening... but my word it's debilitating! ...or could it be the complex culprit of hormones?

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone has found any relief from rhinitis. I always vowed that if I found a `cure` I'd post on every site I could find to help others who are suffering with this symptom.



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Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 03/05/2023 194 posts

Is the Nettle leaf something I would have to continue taking through the years since my PND is 24/7, and I believe it is allergies, or, it may be allergies and non-allergic rhinitus?

I was diagnosed with allergies in the 90s but only had this PND come on in the last 7 years and it is pretty bad because the mucus is ever present in my throat. It's completely clear when I'm able to blow some out my nose but mostly it just hangs in my throat, and I cannot cough it out at all.

I do the sinus irrigation that gives me some temp. relief, and make my own saline solution using Himalayan Pink Salt that I can use any time of the day. I also have a hard time swallowing at times, and also talking in the earlier part of the day. If it's bad I've tried the sinus irrigation and hot liquids with some relief.

I worry about this stuff causing throat issues eventually, and it's like my sinuses cannot stop producing too much mucus/phlegm. It's horrible.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dianne (Ontario Canada) on 02/26/2023

Marian, here is another site to check out. I hope you find a solution!÷&query=rhinitis+