Nocturnal Emission
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  • Nocturnal Emission Remedies

    | Modified on Jun 21, 2014

    A number of treatments aid in the reduction of nocturnal emissions. Reducing stress, avoiding stimulants like coffee and eating a balanced diet help regulate hormones and prevent nighttime emissions. Additionally, certain herbal remedies can be used to treat or prevent the frequent recurrence of the condition.

    What are Nocturnal Emissions?

    A nocturnal emission is often called a wet dream and is defined as the involuntary ejaculation during sleep for a male or lubrication of the vagina in a female. Most frequent during adolescence and the young adult years, a nocturnal emission may be caused by an erotic dream or the release of buildup fluid in the reproductive system. Many individuals sleep through a nighttime emission; however, it is possible to wake up during one.

    Natural Treatments for Reducing Nighttime Emissions

    Treating emissions that occur at night typically involves relaxing the body as well as regulating hormones. Many lifestyle changes including increasing physical activity, eating a healthy diet and limiting caffeine consumption reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of nocturnal emissions. Other options are available, though, including calcium, gourd juice and sage tea.


    Calcium is an important nutrient that serves the body in a number of ways. In regards to nighttime ejaculation, however, the supplement serves to relax the body. When relaxed, individuals are less likely to experience nocturnal emissions.

    Gourd Juice

    Gourd juice functions as another sleep aid. This juice contains a number of nutrients as well as a chemical substance charantin that induces better sleep. When in a deeper, more relaxed state of sleep, individuals experience fewer instances of involuntary orgasm.

    Sage Tea

    Sage tea is another effective treatment. Sage is rout with a number of nutrients and other medicinal properties. The compound reduces blood pressure, calms the nerve cells and detoxes the system, making it an effective treatment option for nocturnal emission.

    While wet dreams are a common occurrence, particularly in adolescent boys, experiencing a high level of nighttime emissions has the potential to damage the reproductive system. Nocturnal emissions can be effectively regulated using a number of lifestyle remedies as well as natural supplements.