Neurofibromatosis Remedies

Aloe Vera Barbadensia
Posted by Susan (Liv, Ca) on 07/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have long history NF2 with this my mom, her dad, my brother, and now my two boys. So I HAVE AMAZING News please read this.

All tumors are created from a over-acidic body. Raise the alkaline.

My two boys have been diagnosed with brain tumors and they my oldest has tumors on the outside as well. I heard about drinking Aloe Vera barbadensia using the whole leaf, honey, and whiskey. My friend's grandfather had prostate cancer and used this for three months and he was healed. So my kids have been drinking it and one shrunk already all gone and the others are shrinking. It is a true Miracle. I can't believe that this is working.

I look up the aloe and it is 8.6 PH which is what you want to have to fight off this demon. I want to help everyone and anyone from this. I bought a book Aloe isn't medicine and yet it cures! For 20 dollars it tells you how to prepare it and what kind of reactions you will have while these toxins come out of your body its so amazing. Their body broke out in boils for 24 hours then they went away. They never felt sick just tired. I believe it is the body repairing itself.

It has been shown by so many scientists that Aloe Vera barbadensia helps so many diseases including cancer and tumors. If you have a loved one and you want to help them do research help your self and save your own life. I seem my mom suffer my brother have surgery and gamma knite. This was not for my children. God Bless I hope you will do the research. Oh look up McDaniel H. Reg M.D. On youtube. He talks about this on his videos.

One more thing: No Milk, No Meat, No Caffeine and less sugar. More Greens.