Nerve Remedies (arms, legs, hands falling asleep)

Magnesium Oil, Chlorophyll
Posted by Karen (Idaho, Usa) on 10/20/2010
4 out of 5 stars

14 years ago I suffered a terrible head/neck/shoulder/brachial plexus injury from a head-on car accident. After many years of surgeries, years of prescription meds, therapy etc. my right arm remains nearly 70% paralyzed and I battle pain and spasms everywhere from the neck down continually. Sometimes I can barely walk. One particular remnant of my injuries is that for all these years since my injury my fingers have not wrinkled in water as they used to prior to the accident. My doctor said it is because of the nerve damage. He said that is how they can tell sometimes if a person has a nerve problem, they soak their hands in water. With all my other aches, pains and spasms this however was the least of my problems, and didn't affect my life, just an observation of the change.

Three years ago I met a person who changed my life. He was a walking miracle (another story) and he inspired me to seek a life change through nutrition and natural remedies. In the course of my trying many things I came across an article on the benefits of Magnesium and so bought me a bottle and started taking them daily. I also bought a bottle of concentrated chloropyll and put several drops in my juice daily. If I can remember right, it was about 2 weeks later that I was taking a shower and noticed my fingers felt funny. I looked at them and saw something I hadn't seen in years... Wrinkled skin! This was a clear sign to me that my nerves had improved after all those years. But, as we sometimes do, I got side-tracked with life the past year and got away from my healthy regime and my symptoms all worsened and again my fingers stopped wrinkling.

About three weeks ago I returned to using magnesium and eating healthy and today my fingers started wrinkling again in water! I am now going to up my magnesium intake and start using the Magnesium Oil to see if I can make further improvements. This tells me it's helping my nerves... I'm hoping the Magnesium Oil will help my spasms and pain. I still have the partial paralysis but I hold out hope that I'm very close to finding the solution or combination of solutions. Although this is my first post, I have been browsing this site almost night and day since I found it and have shared it with all my friends.