Achilles Tendonitis Remedies

Pinch Test and Castor Oil Massage
Posted by Maverick (Walla Walla, WA) on 11/04/2022


At the beginning of October 2022, I injured my achilles trekking up hills, going too fast. I read this is common for those who walk up hills or run hills, that it stretches the Achilles tendon too much and can tear or rupture. The best way I can describe the injury is that when I straighten out my leg and point my toes upwards or point the toes back towards the shin (stretching toes backwards essentially), it feels like sharp knives in my heel as if it's ripping tissues and ligaments to shreds.

I'm not officially diagnosed since I never went to the hospital or doctor Dr. but when I do the Achilles Pinch Test by pinching the back of my achilles, in a certain area of being pinched (outer edge of left ankle / achilles), I can feel the sensation a couple inches lower in the bottom of my heel (towards the outer edge of the left heel).

So I'm assuming there is some nerve damaged in the achilles that runs down into the heel. I don't know officially what this is, but from what I read, I believe this to be either Achilles Tendonitis or an Achilles Tendon Tear of some sort, but definitely not an Achilles Rupture.

I have been spraying it with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and then lathering it with Castor Oil. The pain didn't seem to change until I looked into the Achilles Pinch Test. The test is supposed to see if you have a rupture or not (your toes will not move or twitch if there's a full on rupture).

But I noticed that even though it was painful to pinch the back of my achilles heel (it would send a vibration of pain from the outer edge of the Achilles down 1 or 2 inches to the outer edge and bottom of the Left Heel), I started pinching it with it lathered in castor oil. I would also use my knee-bone as a massage tool to run my achilles up and down it.

After I started pinching it, I noticed the day after, it would be puffy and filled with fluid. I've now noticed that the pain is subsiding more and more every day since I figured this out at the beginning of November 2022. I read that this is actually what Laser therapy does, it causes fluid to go to the injured site, which allows more nutrients to get to it. And there is already a lack of blood flow to the Tendons (especially Achilles Tendon).

A couple days ago, the pinching method hurt when I would pinch, and now I feel the sensation down at the bottom edge of my heel, but it's not as painful as it was before. I'm also walking better. I will come back here and update what has happened by the start of 2023. I have a feeling that he blood flow issue to the Achilles Tendon is the real problem and if you pinch it and massage it enough, it will heal more quickly.