Natural Remedies for Upper Respiratory Infections

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Laura1887 (Columbia, Md) on 03/28/2017

I have a question - has anybody had success using GSE for respiratory infections? I have had a chronic antibiotic-resistant respiratory infection for 9 months and seen many doctors. It recently started to badly effect my nasal and sinus passages following a cold (which has since gone but left residual effects - I guess because of the respiratory infection that was already present). I just picked up a nasal spray with GSE yesterday and noticed some improvement quickly, so I started reading up on it. Today I just bought some GSE liquid and am going to follow suggestions to take it orally in OJ in hopes that it will help my respiratory infection as well. I have seen a pulmonologist (with no luck), and am seeing an allergist next week - but in the meantime am miserable (plus hoping not to have to start taking another rx medicine). I am hoping this will work, but again, just curious if anyone out there has any experience using GSE for respiratory infections...? Thanks for any assistance! :-)