Natural Remedies for Upper Respiratory Infections

Bosnian Tonic
Posted by Juanita (Indianapolis, IN) on 12/06/2022


Oh my goodness! This does work (and I don't think it tastes bad)! I had a sinus infection last week, which has mostly gone away, but junk seems to have moved to my throat (not just back of my mouth... deeper), sometimes making it impossible to talk, and painful to try to cough it out.

I just drank this, using stored bacon grease I keep in the fridge (all the bits settle to the bottom, and top layer is just fat). I did add a tbsp of whiskey. I immediately felt the need to clear my throat, and it is much looser! I return to work tomorrow after my usual days off, and have been worried about not being able to talk. First thing this morning, all I could do was whisper, but as I keep clearing my throat, my voice is already coming back! Rob, if you see this, please thank Ljubica for me!

Bosnian Tonic
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/09/2019

“Sher-be” – Bosnia Home Remedy – Lard/Milk/Sugar of Cold and Flu:

My friend “Ljubica” from Bosnia-Herzegovina who came the USA back in 1990's as a war refugee showed me this remedy. She said it's called “Sher-be”, it's old Bosnian name.

I got hit with the worst upper respirtory infection I ever had. Head was completely stopped up with thick mucus, sinus membranes swollen shut I could not breath thru my nose. Ear canals clogged and coughing with thick mucus… etc. She came over to my house and cooked this cocktail up on my stove for me to drink.


2 teaspoon white sugar
1 cup (8oz) milk (I use whole milk red cap)
1 teaspoon pork lard from leftover bacon grease or butter (real not margarine)


You melt sugar in a saucepan til it states to carmalize, then add milk (she also said you can also add a little whisky too). Stir til completely mixed and pour into a large coffee mug. Add pig lard or butter to mug and stir til melted. Drink hot. The taste is unpleasant, making this hard to swallow. You'll get thru it. I added ½ a package of swiss coco mix to improve the taste to help get it down.

I had a head cold at the time and after drinks this mixture, within 15 minutes I started coughing and sneezing with globs of mucus moving out of my lungs, throat and sinus which were congested before. My head was lighter and not as much pressure. She told me to make it again in the morning and drink it again.

I woke up in the morning which was 12 hours after my first cocktail and this is how I feel. Pressure in my head is down by 50% I can breath thru my nose. Still stuffy but I can get air thru which is a big plus. I coughed up globs of thick mucus in my sleep which I spit into a tissue. Over all I feel 60% better.

It is now 24 hours since I first started drinking this Bosnian cocktail, my 3rd drink and I must say I'm about 90% better.

There is no logic reason why this cocktail should work… Really… Bacon grease…? Can anyone please explain to me WHY this cocktail works?