Natural Remedies for Swelling from Injury

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn ) on 12/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The other day my five year old was running up a flight of wooden steps. He feel and hit his shin very hard. (It hurts just to hear about it doesn't it?)

He was crying and miserable. I put a frozen rice sock on it but after a while removed that and was shocked to see how large a goose egg was on his shin. He was still crying and didn't want to put weight on his leg. I was starting to wonder if he had cracked his shin bone. I was considering taking him for an x-ray and then I remembered onion. A slice of raw onion works really well for goose eggs.

I cut a slice of fresh onion and applied it to the goose egg, covered it with plastic wrap and then cohesive tape. This did even seem to bring pain relief pretty quickly. He ate dinner and played and a few hours later I removed the onion poultice. I was thrilled to see that the swelling was reduced. He was able to walk around.

I put castor oil on the leg with a sock for overnight. The next morning he still has some swelling but was running around as normal. He said it didn't hurt. He has almost no bruise at all. (I would expect a dreadful purple bruise.)

I am including a picture so you can visualize how the poultice is applied. (I covered the entire onion section with plastic wrap and blue cohesive tape.)

I hope you never need this remedy, but do not underestimate the healing in an onion! :)

~Mama to Many~