Natural Remedies for Shaky Hands (Hand Tremors)

Posted by Linda (Fremont, Ne) on 08/05/2010

My dad has severe tremors in his hands. He has had it since he was in his 50's and has consistently gotten worse to the point of not being able to write. He is 80 now. He tried B vitamins with no success, then I got him some Gaba and he said he can actually read his own writing now. I am going to have him add Magnesium; I got him the spray from Swansons but I don't think he uses it. He is taking 500 mg. of Gaba; going to get 750 this next time. He said it made him sleepy so he takes it at night time only. It would help if he would change his diet, but that won't happen; so this is the best I can do for him. I also got him Lecithin granules but he keeps forgetting to eat it; he does like it though. Swansons has apple flavored Lecithin! I also got some L-Glutamine, but since he is on meds I'm a little leary of him taking it; heard it can be dangerous.