Natural Remedies for Neck Pain

Myofascial Stretches for neck pain
Posted by Bobbi (Vancouver, Wa) on 01/08/2017 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I started getting the old familiar twinge in my neck after bundling up with turtle neck, collared vest, hoodie and a neck scarf to run errands in the bitter cold snap we have had this last week. This morning, after two days of agony and aspirin, Aleve and marijuana salve I turned to my old stand by, Earth Clinic. Watched the video on myofascial stretches, did it and have gotten instant relief. I had forgotten my own Mantra; "Always check EarthClinic first". Thanks again for the many remedies that have helped or cured over the years!!!

EC: Yea! Thank you for reporting that Erica's videos helped. We find the myofascial release work incredible effective.