Natural Remedies for Hyponatremia

Sea Salt and Baking Soda
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts
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A cure for hyponatremia is sea salt and baking soda. The water's pH is 7 and the blood pH is 7.35. You might die rather quickly if the pH just drops to only 0.20 pH as a result of drinking too much water. I have seen instances that a young Thai actress dying in a standard water saline solution (where the pH is NOT 7.35, but the pH is 7) as a result of IV saline drip being too quickly. So she didn't die from lack of sodium she died from acidosis. Therefore water intoxication is the result of acidosis and low sodium levels, where baking soda and sea salt is the only cure I used in case I drink too much water too quickly.

Therefore, I need to raise the body's pH from acid to alkaline, with baking soda and the sodium from sea salt will replenish the chloride and microminerals. I once drank too much water and felt bad, so I added baking soda first, then some sea salt.

It taken enough, the body will be in a state of diarrhea and get rid of excess water within minutes, thus curing the condition. A reasonable dose for me in such dire emergencies is if 5 liter water is drank is 1/4 x 5 = 5 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and about 2 teaspoon of baking soda. It looks like a lot, but did you forget, you were drinking that much water, something has to neutralize that dangerous amount! Of course this is based on ball park figures in case of water intoxication. The amounts are never exact and more experiments are needed however. If I have sometime in the future I can do the maths to be more exacting.