Natural Remedies for Dry Nasal Passages

| Modified on Aug 01, 2016
Unrefined Oil
Posted by Juliana (Canada) on 04/12/2014

This is info for dry or stuffy nose problems:

After visiting ENT, he suggested for me once a day to dip small cotton ball (not q-tips, he said it may damage the nerves) in unrefined oil for dry nose. I have been using since then once a day and never had a dry nose and my nose passages is always clean and opened. I stuff the oily cotton ball in my nose for a few seconds and pull it out right away. I use the sunflower oil.The ENT said any oil would work, but best would be the unrefined oil.

Sesame Oil
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 10/05/2014

Ayurvedic Medicine advises to use pure sesame oil to lubricate dryness in the nose. To use daily. Part of the problem is the hidden poisons in foods and air.

Namaste, Om

Dry Nose Triggers
Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 07/31/2016

In my case I find there are two main causes for my dry nose:

1. Lack of quality sleep. Try and get 9+ hours each night and let yourself sleep in on the weekend.

2. Coffee. This makes it noticeably worse.

Sesame Oil
Posted by Earthling (Usa) on 08/01/2016

I've used coconut oil with great success for the same problem.

Just coat your (clean) finger with the oil, then use it to coat the inside of each nostril.

You can do it as often as you like, but I only did it morning and night and it worked great.