Chikungunya Virus
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for the Chikungunya Virus

| Modified on May 14, 2023

Chikungunya, a virus transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, can cause serious and debilitating symptoms including fever, joint and muscle pain, headaches and rashes. These symptoms can continue for days, weeks or months. While there is no known medical cure for this virus, natural remedies can be used to bring relief those suffering with the chikungunya virus.

Alternative Medicine for the Chikungunya Virus


The zapper, popularized by the late Hulda Clark has been used to treat parasites, fungi, bacterial and viral infections.
A zapper can heal even severe symptoms from the chikungunya virus in a matter of days!

Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated Charcoal has been effectively used to treat mosquito borne viruses. Activated charcoal can be used in tablet, capsule or powdered form. Because of its potential to cause constipation, do always take activated charcoal powder with plenty of water. And do not take it within two hours of any prescription medication because it can deactivate medications.

Herbs for the Chikungunya Virus


Garlic is a powerful anti-viral and immune strengthening herb. It can be made into a tea, served on toast or added on food. A crushed clove of garlic can be mixed with honey and taken right off the spoon!


Elderberry syrup is helpful for strengthening the immune system.


Papaya Leaf can be made into a tea. It has been proven useful for mosquito borne viruses.

Vitamin Supplements for the Chikungunya Virus

Vitamin C is critical whenever you are dealing with sickness.

Zinc is also helpful for immune system support

Other Natural Treatments for the Chikungunya Virus

Baths with 1 cup baking soda or 1 cup Epsom salt help to alkalize the body and also can relieve pain.

A daily dose of sunshine is also healing and energizing to the ill.

Have you tried any natural remedies for the chikungunya virus? Please share your story with us!


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Posted by Maria (Veracuz) on 05/30/2016

Hi Earth Clinic. Could you create a Chikungunaya ailment category and post the following there.

I have seen the Zapper cure Dengue in 8 out of 8 people. One woman was in the hospital with the hemorrhaging kind. Also I personally had chikungunya, which causes a rash, and rheomatoid arthritis like symptoms for up to a year! Well, my $70 zapper removed all symptoms within a couple of days I went dancing! However, three months later the knee pain returned and I used the zapper again and the symptoms were gone. Since this is effective for treating Dengue and Chikungunya viruses. I will certainly be trying it out on Zika. I used 30khz 7 minutes with zapper, wait 20, repeat 7 minutes with zapper, rest 20 minutes and then one final 7minutes with the Zapper as per Dr. Hulda Clark's instructions (She is the inventor of the Zapper). This wasthe type with copper handheld pipes. The way it works is the frequency kills the virus and 7 minutes is the time it takes for all blood to circulate and pass the copper hand held pipes.

Spread the word the way to end these epidemics is use the Zapper!

I would also add the use of lime juice or vitamin C for good measure.

Replied by Steve

This is great zapper info Maria. Thanks for posting. We don't hear enough on zappers curing serious diseases. Which zapper did you use for curing Dengue? I have had good success curing viruses, colds, and flu along with reducing candida with the z4ex.

Replied by Lilidream
(Nashville, Tn)

Where did you buy this zapper for $70. I had one before but I don't know if it really worked. I was afraid to buy one again until I can find a reputable one. Thanks.

Replied by Maria
(Vera Cruz)

That is the one I have. I have two of the same model. One seems to work better than the other.

Replied by Liladream

Hi Maria, did you forget to put the name or link of the one you have that you said works better? I know its 30khz with copper pipes but you say one worked better than the other but I'm not sure which you're talking about. I'm on Ebay and there's various models but I really want one that is effective and I can tell a difference with. Thanks.

Replied by Mavis
(Brampton, Ontario)

Please describe exactly what is a zapper and where it is available for purchase. I'v had a stroke 15 years ago next month and contracted the Chick-V virus in 2014; both hips and my left knee are falling apart and this make it difficult to get up from a sitting position and even to turn in bed. Walking is somewhat difficult and I tend to bend forward in a looking-down position and I'm not ready to go that route. Thank you for any help/information that you can pass on to me. Mavis

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

M: First remedy you should try is soaking in a very warm bath with 1/4 cup Epsom Salts & 1/4 cup Borax 2x wk. Next remedy is use Magnet Therapy on affected bones or joints. The stronger the Magnet the better. Next remedy is the Zapper. You can purchase these online particularly at Amazon or Ebay. For general use I recommend the Hulda Clark Extreme Zapper Z4eX. Fallowing Zapping you can also apply Tea Tree Oil or SolonPas to further eradicate infection and hopefully, in time, kill it altogether.

Replied by Biker B
(British Columbia)

I think I have Chikungunya and I have read about the zapper. Where do I find one? Are they available anywhere in Canada?

(Kitchener On)

Hi Biker B

I got mine on E-Bay. It works well.

take care