Natural Remedies for Abdominal Adhesions

| Modified on Apr 24, 2023
Myofascial Release
Posted by Broehe (Seattle, Wa) on 04/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Carl's post:

Hi. I had major abdominal surgery a few months ago, and since then I have had two small bowel obstructions due to adhesions. When I take Serrapaptase, (which is supposed to dissolve fibrin) the capsule comes out the other end intact.

Is there a kind of systemic enzyme that will work on adhesions, and dissolves easily? Is there something I can do or take to make the Serrapeptase I have on hand now break down in my intestines so it can get into my body? Any other ideas for getting rid of these damned adhesions would also be very warmly received.

Bowel obstructions really hurt.

Adhesions, as you know, are the body's way of stitching you up after major surgery. Its a survival response, not a long-term response. Ultimately, there's a healthy plan there. We just want you to move toward long-term total recovery.

Adhesions are Connective Tissue, or Scar Tissue; made up of the same kind of cells. Connective tissue is laid down, like disorganized bandaid. As scar tissue, you've experienced it can become problematic.

The bad news is that you're having pain and digestive obstruction. Sorry to hear that.

The good news is that its a tissue issue. Connective tissue responds to wonderfully to abdominal and visceral massage or manual therapy.

A Massage Therapist with a Visceral Bodywork specialty, or Mayan Abdominal Massage or even Myofascial work will be able to loosen up those tissues. These kinds of bodywork were developed to treat these kinds of problems. And they work.

I hope you get a chance to try especially Visceral or Abdominal bodywork.

And, you yourself, with a gentle touch, can also loosen the tissues. Hold a tender or painful spot with a pressure that does not add pain. Hold and breathe into that spot. Gently, breathing calmly like you would as you held a newborn, gently explore the area around the painful spot. Breathe abundantly into the entire area; you are increasing local circulation too. That will help. Stay with it for 10-15 minutes. You may find that it changes. The tissue will be changed, for the better, as long as the pressure is right for you.

I wish you the best in your recovery.

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Beverly (OH) on 03/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My husband was plagued with adhesions following abdominal surgery and after the second adhesion surgery, I did the research. Found that exposing the body's tissues to air causes a stickiness that grows over the tissues. It eventually causes the tissues to stick together and malfunction.

A lady in Canada described using castor oil packs to dissolve her adhesions. I used her method on my husband's abdomen daily for 4 months. He enjoyed an hour afternoon nap with the pack in place. After 4 months, he wanted to take a break to see if that was enough to dissolve the adhesions. Apparently, it was because they never returned. The packs also softened the skin tissue where the surgical incision was.

Please use high quality organic castor oil and organic cotton or wool cloth to make the packs because the chemicals in nonorganic products will enter the body and can interfere with the dissolving action of the adhesions.

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil is nicknamed, Palm of Christ. I used a ton of it on my liver after I had 30 hepatic liver cysts removed that had over 1.5 liters of water in them. A week after that horrible surgery they came back larger. Excruciating pain levels, from 2010 to 2018 when they got healed . I got relief with castor oil . I would just rub it on and put on a t shirt and then put more on and more and more and more . I added a rice pack heated in microwave to drive it down into my tissues. I prayed a lot and thought I might die. I worshipped a lot and one time I heard God say to strike the arrows to the ground. I did strike them, like winning a war and then I had my turnaround. It was still daily keeping my thoughts under control but after that night I didn't need to use castor oil again for pain control. I also used serrapeptaise by docs best, for 3 months I think right before my turn around. You may not be able to use it because it eats stuff in the body. Like the outer coating on viruses and scar tissues. I used charcoal too and there is a book you might glean from called RX charcoal.....I learned a lot in that book. A friend gave me a quart jar of it and boy is it and castor oil some messy stuff but amazing. May you find yourself WELL again. Blessings , Charity

Myofascial Release
Posted by Lillie (So Cal) on 05/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

About three years ago I suffered a hip adhesion, the pain was severe that 1000mg ibuprophen plus a couple tylenol only took the edge off. I couldn't walk without limping (& worked retail full time). When I would get out of my car I couldn't help but scream "ouch"! I had only major medical insurance nothing more so a dr visit was out of the question. Fortunately a friend of mine is a chiropractor and I very much trust him - so I went in and right away I felt better, 20 minutes later the pain was back in full force.

After a few weeks of this I couldn't take it anymore - I was not living. In my research online I happened on a youtube video & I can't recall if it was a CMT or DC or what but the woman demonstrated myofascial releases. I would likely have done anything at that point, so I did it right away next to my bed. I raised my knee up (agony that first time) & while the muscle was curled up I took my fists and pushed as hard as I could but still in a massage therapy type manner (not punching - pushing, like kneading bread dough). I had to do this for a while but the pain actually resolved away. When I went to sleep & woke up in the morning I was pretty tight again but went to work on my hip right away and again found relief. I could go about my day - work, errands, w/e without pain medication. I did notice pain and stiffness with changes in weather for a while and even today when I stretch after spin class some of the stretches I have to assist my hip to achieve. But I guess the fact that I can actually do spin class at all lets you know how well it worked.

I hadn't heard about the serrapeptase but wouldn't have been able to use it as I have implants and do not want any trouble with them. Though I will try the comfrey and calendula as it'd be great to not have to assist my stretches anymore.

Proteolytic Enzymes
Posted by Aja (Auckland) on 03/17/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had adhesions following surgery and suffered for over 25 years. I refused to get further surgery so was just using a homeopathic for nerve pain. it would reduce the worst pains from 20 minutes to just 4 mins, which made day to day functioning easier, but it never healed.

I began taking proteolytic enzymes for something else and 3 months later, was neither asthmatic nor had adhesions! What a bonus! HalleluYah!

Vitamin E
Posted by Leslie Hanson (OR) on 11/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My sister-in-law got very painful adhesions after her third C-section and internally took NeoLife's Vitamin E...she may have rubbed it on her incision as well but they resolved right away and have never come back in 40+ years! I would not recommend another brand. This one has worked so much better than all the kinds we tried before! Probably because it is actually made from wheat germ as opposed to soy which is 1/16th as bioavailable as wheat or all the cheap synthetics made from petroleum!!

So terrible!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Iris (Port Townsed ) on 10/27/2018
3 out of 5 stars

I have had 8 abdominal surgeries. The first two were fine. The third was " botched ". Severed illiougenal and genital femoral nerves on left side, injured abdominal wall on lower left abdomen. A " repair " surgery to put clips on nerve endings ( to prevent more frayed growth and pain ) and put in a Mesh was done in 2003.

By 2006 the Mesh broke in half and migrated to my bladder. By then I was in a wheelchair, unable to move left leg forward because of broken mesh wire poking me from the inside. Finally had mesh removed in 2012 and received a joke of a settlement from mesh maker. Was left with a "hole" in belly and many adhesions. It does feel like a pulling rubber band when I try and use left leg and stand up straight, then burning pain shoots down left leg to bottom of foot.

Currently use a walker to get around. Constant pain is depressing. Being disabled, stuck at home ( car rides make it worse) is lonely. If anyone has had a defective Hernia Mesh, make sure you get into one of the many ongoing class action law suits. Not much $ for wrecking your life, but, any amount of $ can help. I am currently doing serrapreptase, castor oil packs, physical therapy and Yoga abdominal stretching. Keep moving as much as you can. Curling up on bed rest makes adhesions worse.

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Gabbie (Massachusetts) on 04/24/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I was having pain from what I believed to be adhesions after abdominal surgery. A knowledgeable friend advised me to simply rub organic castor oil over the places that were sore. It only took a couple of days before the pain was gone. Anytime I feel any twinges of pain there, I rub the oil on again and the pain is gone. Pretty simple and very effective!

Proteolytic Enzymes
Posted by Aja (Auckland, NZ) on 05/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I used proteolytic enzymes, any health shop would sell them or buy online. They help with fibrinolysis - the natural process of breaking down fibrin after healing. Sometimes it doesn't occur. I believe that it may have broken down old scar tissue in my lungs from decades of asthma, and certainly, I have had no abdominal adhesion pain for several years now. I only bought them to help with digestion, so 3 birds with one stone!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 10/28/2018

I would read some stuff on knit bone, healer, also called comfrey....seems a miraculous herb from root to leaf and not talked about much but I am aiming it at many health issues after much reading articles on teeth with eggshells and comfrey. Articles on bone pain and healing quickly with relief of pain from use. Read in this site and also google or youtube for lots of good information on the topic.

Posted by KT (Usa) on 02/11/2017

I have to open capsules and pour contents in a mouthful of water or unsweetened applesauce.

Massage Therapy
Posted by Dede (United States) on 03/30/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Massage therapy on those areas where adhesions are. A friend of mine suffered greatly after a hysterectomy left scar tissue. Nothing helped till someone suggested massage therapy to break the adhesions down. She received alot if relief from this.

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Janet (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 03/28/2020

Hello, I'm suffering with adhesions as a result of 5 abdominal surgeries. I want to try castor oil packs to try and get relief from these miserable adhesions, but I wonder if the castor oil will dissolve or compromise my large abdominal mesh and result in more surgeries for me. Thank you! I anxiously await your answer.

Posted by Brenda (Seattle, Wa) on 05/26/2016

I truly feel for you! I have had 13 abdominal surgeries. To make a long story short, the only "bowel obstruction, " that had me in ER for 14 hours screaming in pain, before being admitted for 9 days of "bowel rest;" was mesh breaking. I had absolutely no knowledge of any mesh. It was 4 1/2 years and at least $1.5 Million in medical bills, given 20% of survival, with or without a small bowel transplant before I learned that I didn't have an obstruction; in that sense.

I encourage people to get a copy of their surgical report and a copy of any product device insertion, associated with that surgery. I have short bowel syndrome as a result.

Food comes out undigested if I don't take digestive enzymes. I also take Organic Wheat Germ Oil, Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil and so many other nutrients. I will try the Calendula mixture, because I hear a surging noise at times.

I only go to Chiropractor and ND, for 1 1/2 years and I hope I never have another surgery of any type. Best wishes to you.

Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 04/28/2016

If you are having pain and a possible intestinal obstruction and / or adhesions there are several causes such as an over growth of bad bacteria such as klebsiela that can cause trouble in a hurry. An intestinal blockage can come on very quickly as bad bacteria can proliferate very fast at times. Especially when aided by a prebiotic called inulin. This prebiotic is unwisely added to many probiotic formulas. Many foods such as breads and cereals have inulin added to them just like it was a good thing. Is inulin natural? yes definitely. But is it a good thing? No, not always. Often it helps the growth of faster growing organisms such as the harmful ones like klebsiella. The inflammation brought on by a klebsiella overgrowth can feel very painful similar to pain such as from food poisoning.

Intestinal dysbiosis is a very common thing but it is easily treatable once the correct strains of beneficial microorganisms are reintroduced to the intestinal tract.

About intestinal adhesions, this can be a common occurrence in those with crohn's disease . the intestinal trauma caused by crohn's causes bloody lesions which often grow together in appropriate manners developing adhesions in the intestinal walls to other sections of intestines. Sometimes this causes fistulas to form where the intestines are re-routed with one section growing into another section.

Crohn's is an extreme case of intestinal dysbiosis with certain harmful strains such as mycobacterium avium paratuburculosis turning the intestines into a bloody mess as the intestines attempt to heal adhesions and fistulas form.

Protect yourself from the effects of crohn's with correct probiotics from soil based organisms and intestinal troubles including dysbiosis and adhesions will be kept to a minimum.

Posted by Carl (Seattle, Washington State) on 04/12/2016
1 out of 5 stars

Hi. I had major abdominal surgery a few months ago, and since then I have had two small bowel obstructions due to adhesions.

When I take Serrapaptase, (which is supposed to dissolve fibrin) the capsule comes out the other end intact. Is there a kind of systemic enzyme that will work on adhesions, and dissolves easily? Is there something I can do or take to make the Serrapeptase I have on hand now break down in my intestines so it can get into my body?

Any other ideas for getting rid of these damned adhesions would also be very warmly received.

Bowel obstructions really hurt. I am Not a fan. Thanks, Carl

Proteolytic Enzymes
Posted by Bar (UK) on 04/07/2021

Hi, wonderful to hear if you're healing. What are the enzymes you mention - where did you buy them at what was the dosage/therapy length that healed you? Many thanks.

Proteolytic Enzymes
Posted by Saima (North Rhine-Westphalia) on 04/22/2023

What quantity you take?

Vitamin E
Posted by Kiki (SJ, CA) on 08/30/2021

Hi, How much dosage of vitamin E and for how long did she take?
Thank you.

Vitamin E