6 Top Natural Remedies for Age Spots

Ice Cube

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Posted by Gokhals (Ca, Usa) on 10/23/2015 36 posts
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Apply an ice cube or two daily on your face until you can no longer bear it.

It tones, de-wrinkles, smoothes, improves circulation, lightens age spots, your skin will be smooth as silk and glow.

Natural, non toxic, and will leave your skin feeling wonderful all day.

Kakadu Plum

Posted by Cindy (Toledo, Ohio) on 01/11/2015

Has anyone tried the kakadu plum for age spots? I've been reading about it, but never tried it.

Replied by Marsela
(San Jose, Ca)

I've heard about it and recently purchased two bottles on the insistence of my sister. I'll update you on the results.

Lemon Juice

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Posted by Francisca (Zug, Zug, Switzerland) on 01/04/2012

Being 54 I start to have a few liver spots. One of them, right above my knee, the size of a confetti has annoyed me for quite a while as I still like to wear short skirts. I had tried a few things but nothing seemed to work mainly because I didn't feel like making the effort to apply the stuff for any length of time. I would do it a few times and then try something else! As we now live temporarily in a tiny studio and the door to the bathroom is right opposite the fridge I decided to give lemon juice the chance big time! It is maybe now two weeks that I have been doing it and yes, the stain is fading. Every time I go to the bathroom I fetch half a lemon and rub on the stain really well. Tonight I decided to wet a plaster with lemon juice to see whether it goes even faster. A few other stains in other parts of my body aren't going so fast but mainly because they are less easy to reach with winter clothes on. Maybe I tape one as well and see the results.

So, the bottom line is.... Whatever you do be prepared to do it for quite a while and a number of times a day or else it surely won't work! I have a tiny one on one hand and funny enough that one isn't going anywhere, no idea why. It is small and light but I see no changes. Working on the liver with Milk Thistle and so never made any difference! Another thing that seems to work is 2 tbspoons of Grapeseed Oil and 20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil. As you can keep it in a jar and don't need the fridge it is easier to keep in the bathroom but right now I will stick to the lemon juice!

Lemon Juice
Posted by Bob (Leawood, Kansas) on 04/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

age spots: the lemon juice absolutely works. I just cut a really small piece off a lemon each day-squeezed/ pressed as much juice as I was able to into a small bowk and rubbed it on my entire face twice a day. Within a week I notice the age spots fading -within 2 weeks they were gone. Now I use it once a day after washing my face just as a preventative measure. Its easy to do and it really works.

Replied by Tinamarie

do you need to use a fresh lemon or can you use lemon juice in the bottle?


Replied by Jay
(Ontario, Canada)

To Tinamarie (Fl).

Lemon juice from a bottle is NOT the same as fresh lemon juice. I do not know if it would work in your case but I do know from an unfortunate experience that for certain internal lemon juice benefits to work the bottled product is useless. Use Fresh Lemon Juice Only for any home remedies recommending its use.

Lemon Juice
Posted by Joyce (Houston, TX) on 09/01/2008
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I have found a very simple way to remove freckles and even out skin tone..Before going to bed at night I would take a lemon and rub the cut lemon over clean skin where the freckles are or uneven skin color is..I try to saturate the skin and let it dry I do this every night it is a slow process but after two months almost all the freckles that covered my chest have faded away..If you use it on your face it helps shrink larger pores too Try this on elbows, knees and heels of feet.. It has made my skin look younger and at age 52 many people take me for wbout 10-15 years younger.

Replied by Ching
(Miami Beach, FL)

just curious about the lemon juice when it got dry, did you rinse it out or leave it overnight? ching

Replied by Laura
(Toronto, Ontario)

I would also like to know if it should be rinsed off, (same for ACV) or should I just let it dry and then go ahead and apply my moisturizer. Any direction here is appreciated.

Replied by Lizzie
(Birmingham, Alabama)
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ive been using a mixture of equal parts of ACV, lemon juice, and honey on my face and neck to lighten freckles (which does and is working for me), but since its sticky i remove it after about 15-20 minutes. somenights i sleep with some on my face and rinse it off when i wake up.

and i have a question: ive heard that once your freckles have been "bleached," when you go into the sun they return darker and bolder than before (i do where sunscreen daily though). does anyone know anything about this?

Replied by Aquines
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hi to answer your question about if being in the sun makes freckles, age spots darker. I'd say no... I went to the beach just recently and my little freckes didnt get bigger. I use lemon juice daily and walk in the daytime when its sunny and I feel more energy and the freckles are going away. best of luck to you.

Replied by Alixr
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi, Recently my forehead and cheeks have become really sun damaged. I used to have beautiful skin!! I have just applied my first lot of Lemon juice, Good luck to me!!!!!

Replied by Zoraida
(Cayey, Puerto Rico)

Does anyone know if I can use lime instead as that is what we have readily available here in the carribean. Lemons are expensive here and by the time it gets to the stores they are old and wrinkled, and not fresh.

Replied by Kay
(Fl, US)
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Caution: Lemon/citrus juice is known to react in the sun (and with hormones), which can cause acid burns (proven by many dermatological studies). Personally this happened to me and several girlfriends, while using lemon juice to lighten our hair while laying in the sun at the beach. At the time, the reaction (darkly stained skin on the sides of the face and around hairline) became much more prominent in the girls who were taking birth control pills. These stains ruined a few modeling careers (tragic scarring on the girl who layed her face on a lemon soaked towel). In winter, when our tans faded, many of us noticed we had "matching stains" where the lemon juice had driped down our face.

Considering the warnings I've read from derm/cosmetologists, it's best to reserve the lemon juice treatments for nightime use only.

Multiple Remedy Success

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Posted by In_Owe (CARSON, CA) on 08/12/2008
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I have a very sensitive skin. I suffered from acne "infestation" in my teen-age years, and left some marks of tiny craters on my face. In short, my pores are visible to others at a few-feet distance.

I have read most of the articles posted here and other websites about brown spots / melasma / age spot. I have been suffering from this skin disorder due to over sun-exposure which happened more than 10 yrs ago. Like everyone else, I have tried a lot of treatments with the exception of laser cure because I can't afford it. I have NOT stopped looking for the best possible therapy that would help at least fade my blemishes which are very visible on cheeks. I am thankful for all the contributions made in this site, and I have tried few of them. I came across this website in May, and since then, became more EAGER to find possible ways, and cure for my brown spots. Knowing that you are not the only one suffering from this skin disorder somehow made me more hopeful than discourage. I've wanted to write and share something since May, but I waited until there was a visible sign of change on my face. This is the account of my 3 months self-therapy:

Every night (as always), I sleep with a clean face. Since May, I have tried using Organic ACV (with Mother) on my face as my toner. On the first month, I diluted ACV with water and apply the mixture on my face using cotton. During the 1st month, my skin peeled off. For few weeks, my facial skin was so tender because of ACV, that it became a mild sore. To my amazement, the portions of skin that were peeled off remained my true skin color without the brown spot after it got healed (from being tender). When my face got used to the ACV, I stopped diluting it. Every night, I still apply undiluted ACV on my face. My friends who didn't see me for at least 3 months noticed that the brown spots were lighter. I also tried making my own moisturizer using Organic at least 98% Organic Aloe Vera, Vit. E, and few drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil, and Lavander Oil. From time to time, I replace the oils with Jojoba. Orally, I am taking Glutatione which is according to my research is considered the best, and mother of all anti-oxidants. I eat as much as possible organic food, and drink ACV tonic regularly 3x a Day (I use the brand _____). If I could, I avoid eating pork, junk food, and too much processed food. I rather eat room temperature food than have it warmed in microwave.

I am also using Juice Beauty moisturizer with SPF 20 during day time. So far, this is one of the best products I have tried with more than 90% organic ingredients. Sometimes, labels say organic, but the percentage is another thing. (This also applies when I am looking for food label. So, be careful). I put on Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation/Powder to matte my oily skin. Some researches mentioned that whatever we put or apply on our body, about 60% or more is absorbed by our skin - meaning that's what comes in our body.

For the last three months, my skin and health has improved a lot. I cannot ascribe the improvement to ONLY one thing. I guess it is a combination of all of the above. I am happier with what I see, and feel. I guess there is no short cut to everything good. We just have to be patient. Most of all, we have to have a positive and good mental attitude. The spiritual side of my life helps me a lot in achieving a positive and healthy attitude in life. Remember, what we see on the mirror is just skin deep. The true beauty lies inside us - our soul and spirit.

Replied by Mez
(Brisbane, Australia)

I'm very interested :D How bout glutatione did u take daily??

Replied by Fiona
(Ilford, Essex, England)

I have read that MSM/organic sulphur flakes are great for sorting hyperpigmentation and have just started taking it as a supplement. Apparently, it raises Glutathione levels in the body as well. I will be sure to post in 2 or 3 months if/when I see a difference in my skin.

Good luck everyone, Fi

Replied by Dumpster Diva
(Pinehurst, Texas, Usa)

I too have dark clusters. They used to be small, cute freckles on my cheeks, but have now formed into large clusters and are spreading. Plus a few years back Jane Seymours Youthful Essence scarred my face. I used the products to prevent wrinkles. While using, I started noticing a large brown patch about the size of a quarter, on the lower part of my the side of my face. It was mild at first, and I did not associate the patch with the Jane Seymour treatment. The spot grew darker and darker and the pores in that area were becoming large. I started to notice similar, smaller spots turning up here and there, and on the other side of my face. I finally realized the Youthful Essence was causing this, and I immediately stopped using it. The dark patches finally stopped growing, but unfortunately the damage was already done, and was permanent. I now have a huge dark patch on the side of my face that I can't even cover with concealer. When I put concealer on, it only seems to make the pores stand out in that area more. It is not as drastic as the skin of an orange, but looks similar to the skin of an orange. I am not sure if the freckles that grew together also did so due to the use of Youthful Essence, but I do know the ugly, dark patch is a direct result of the product. I am going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar and Castor Oil and see if that resolves these problems. Will let everyone know how it goes for me.

Someone mentioned warts, and I do have different wart salutions.

A friend with growths: One friend had some growths that appeared underneath both arms. Possibly skin tags, possibly finger warts. She never went to the doctor to have these identified. Then she somehow got a scratch under her arm, and a rash developed on it. This was a staph infection. She was going to go to the doctor, but decided to apply some tea tree oil to the staph infection to see if it would go away. After a few days the staph rash was still there, but she realized the growths under her arm were smaller. She ended up getting a prescription cream for the staph rash, and taking garlic pills. After a couple of weeks the growths under the one arm were completely gone. She started applying tea tree oil to the growths under the other arm. Those growths went away as well.

My experince with wart treatement: About 30 years ago I had the wart virus. I would get a wart, go to the doctor and get it cut off, or burned off, a few weeks later a new wart would appear. One day I was sitting in the doctors office waiting room, waiting to get my latest wart burned off. I was reading Readers Digest, and found an article about getting rid of warts. The article stated that applying Cod Liver Oil would get rid of warts. I should have walked out of the doctors office and ran to the nearest store to buy some cod liver oil pills, but instead I let the doctor burn off the wart. I still have a scar from the burning of that wart and the previous ones as well. As before, weeks later another wart appeared in a different spot. I bought a bottle of cod liver oil pills. I poke a pill with a needle and sqeezed out some of the oil onto the wart, and wrapped a bandaid around it. I did this a few times per day, every day. After a few days I started noticing the wart was actually smaller. The wart completly disapeared, and apparently the cod liver oil also killed the virus because I didn't get any new warts after the treatment.

The only down side to teh cod liver oil is the strong fishy smell. But a week or two of smelling like a fish, is well worth it!

Two friends with plantars warts: I have had two friends who had a plantars warts on the bottom of their foot. One took a homeopathic remedy called Thuja (in pellet form). The wart got smaller and smaller and was gone in a couple of weeks. Another friend put grey Duct tape on the wart, and wore this day after day. The wart turned white and peeled off.

I hope this is helpful! Will keep you posted on my castor oil, ACV results.

Replied by Zoraida
(Cayey, Puerto Rico)

This is for Dumpster Diva, So how did the ACV work for your face? Any improvements?

Replied by Scfitmomof2
(San Clemente, Ca)

It has been so informative reading all of these posts. I am 40 years old with very fair skin. I started getting brown spots on my legs, especially the shin area in my 20"s and since then I have gotten more on my chest, face, hands, arms and back. I use self tanners because my skin is so fair - not in a pretty milky way, I am fair in a bluish with freckles, skin tags, red spots, uneven tone, dry skin and terrible brown spots, type of way. The self tanner makes me feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin, but now due to all the spots and the fact that they are getting worse, it now binds to them making them stand out even more. I never wear shorts or capri's even when it's hot. I rarely get pedicures because the spots are so unsightly, people stare! They are so bad on my shins that there is no way I could treat one at a time. Hearing similar stories has given me hope that there is something I can do.. I tried ACV on my face tonight and also drank 3 tbsps - yuck. I am going to try lemon juice with equal parts organic Apple Cider Vinegar and the castor oil at night. I am also going to try compound w as well on a few skin tags and see how it works. I am grateful to have found this site, although I noticed that there has not been a post on this topic in a year, so I am hoping that there is still an ongoing disucssion. I would love to hear what has worked best for others with some or similar skin issues mentioned above. I am also curious if anyone else out there uses a self tanner and has experienced the same reaction to there skin as I have (self tanner, darkening spots) or has had success with a particular regimen which reduced brown spots etc for better application of the product. I dont expect any miracles to occur, but any improvement is worth it to me. Thanks again for sharing all of your feedback -- It has given me hope. I will post my progress at least weekly.

Replied by Robin
(Rural, Va)

I have exactly the same kind of skin, and experience the same problems. I am now 54 and the discoloration just gets worse with age. Sorry! I have gone through phases where I use the self tanner, but find that my fair skin is definitely preferable than the darker spots. I am hoping that there is some dialogue that gets going about this. But I have no remedies.

Replied by Anon

Hi, apparently it's a selenium deficiency combined with eating too many transfats- so you could eat brazil nuts.

Replied by Renee
(El Centro, California)

hi I am 43 have the same problem with dark spots on my legs. It is devastating to me I dont wear shorts & I live in the desert. I have small children AND I am sooo embarrrassed of these spots I dont swim with them or go to the beach. I feel like I am a terrible mother. I have tried expensive lasers that dont work. I feel so depressed does anyone have any ideas I am desperate!! Please please any ideas.

Replied by Quiet One

Selenium! Could it be?! I was just taking selenium for an entirely different reason and I noticed that a 1/4 inch irregular large freckle (a liver spot) on my cheek had partially faded out. It crossed my mind this might be a side effect of my new supplements regimen, but I couldn't say what part of it. Hence, I am here reading about what makes age spots / liver spots / freckles fade away.

I went on a hypothyroid (sluggish thyroid with signs of Hashimotos autoimmune problems) support regimen to boost iodine levels, and I took extra selenium together with the iodine to increase absorbtion.

Maybe not the selenium, since I noticed the change in the liver spot right after doing a liver and gallbladder flush which involved drinking 2 liters fresh apple juice daily for six days and then swallowing epsom salts and, an hour later, olive oil and lemon juice.

Did you know that both the liver and the kidneys produce T3, just as the thyroid does?

Why *do* they call them liver spots, anyway?

Interesting stuff.


Because back in the day someone said it reminded them of the colour of liver.

That is the only reason haha nothing to do with liver at all!

Replied by Penny
(Salem, Oregon)
5 out of 5 stars

I would consider ACV before lemon juice because there is evidence that lemon juice is a light chemical peel which in time allows the dark spots to return.

My comment is directed to those who would like a natural, fairly inexpensive moisturizer. Have any of you tried Squalane oil? I use it directly under my makeup, if I wear any but I wait a few minutes and give it time to sink in. Squalane is a very light (almost feels like water) oil. It is so lovely, clear, no odor and fairly inexpensive. Many companies sell "cold-pressed, first-pass" olive oil and charge a lot of money for an ounce of it @ $45. But Squalane is a finer oil and very inexpensive, @ or less than $25 for 4 oz's. If you do not like the feel under your makeup use it for a night moisturizer. It is natural, inexpensive and beats any of the expensive ( very expensive) moisturizers I have ever used. I also use it as a carrier oil for other essential oils I may use. And Avocado oil is a most wonderful body moisturizer. It is a little green, and has a slight odor (mildly off-putting, but dissipates quickly). It does not make your skin green. Sure less expensive than lotion, and au -naturalle!

One last thing, I use Frankincense, straight in my nares, and it seems to be clearing my sinus'. You may want to mix it with a carrier but I like it straight. I just put a few drops in the palm of my hand and using a clean finger tip, apply it as far in in a circular motion to cover as much area as possible. My eyes have not looked like soccer balls, and I have not noticed the yellow crystals in the corner of my eyes lately.

Now, I can't wait to try the ACV and one of God's biggest healers to mankind honey. I wonder if a person made a mask of honey ( we used to do it in nursing school) and used the mask after the ACV dried what benefit a person might see with the tone, elasticity, integrity, and effect on dark spots? Sounds good, and there are some very nice tree honeys that are said to be wowsers! Best wishes on our journey~*~

Replied by Green Augustine
(Mold, Denbighshire)
41 posts

Hello Penny, I have a dark blotch on my cheek, had it over 20 years, and recently a small wart appeared underneath. I went to see my doctor as, having lived in Spain for many years, I was worried about skin cancer etc. He took a photo so we could keep an eye on it. That was 6 weeks ago. At the same time, I started using ACV for some dermatitis on my arm and always just rubbed some into the little wart on my cheek. It has shrunk and seems to have dried so I can barely find it with my fingers! ACV is amazing as is works on sunburn and improves your hair if used as a rinse. I give it to my chickens in their water and it prevents them getting lung infection etc. I take it with beetroot juice and it helps my aches and pains. I've also used it on athletes foot and it cleared it up amazingly well though it did sting a bit. It seems to have so many health benefits. However, so far I haven't noticed the dark mark on my face or age spots on my hands getting any lighter but maybe if I keep using it for several months it will! Good health and blessings!

Replied by Penny

Green, I am sorry about the wart but I am pleased it is going away. About 5 years ago without even realizing it I developed skin tags around my neck, where my necklace had always laid. I didn't want to pay for somebody's secret recipe online, so I have just gradually reduced them by using a loofah type cloth. I wish I had a magic cure-anybody?

I have recently developed an interest in essential oils as I think I mentioned. I began with jojoba oil, then went to squalane, and the most recent three are raspberry oil, rosehip oil, and pomegranate oil. I chose the last three because they are noted for reducing redness and inflammation.

While I was using the first two, I noticed my skin was beginning to regain it's integrity and elasticity, and it seemed to me that the dark spots were shedding. I have developed rosacea from an allergy to the metal in my back and I hate it. When I read about raspberry , pomegranate and rose hip oil, I saw that they were noted for reducing inflammation. So I ordered each of them and began a regimen of a drop or two of jojoba or squalane oil, as they are known carrier oils, then a drop or two of each of the raspberry, pomegranate, and rose hip oil, mixed them together and applied that mixture at least two times a day. I am not given to overstating a thing, but I have to tell you that the fine little veins and spots from the rosacea are nearly gone. I still get red, but the damage to my skin is improving so fast that it is unbelievable to me. I also applied this combination to an area of tiny veins on the side of my knee to see if it would affect them and it has!

Finally, I noticed that the brown spots had gradually sloughed off in the process. My brown spots were very light except on my eyebrows, so I am not saying everybody will experience this as quickly but I do believe there is a wealth of healing to be found in the essential oils. I slather my body every day with avocado oil to help my dry skin.

I particularly enjoy the new integrity of my skin. The pores seem smaller, the fine lines finer and over all a younger look and feel. BY the way, I never use anything stronger than water and a washcloth to clean my skin and if I have make up on before bed, I never wash it off because it can destroy the acid mantle on the skin which is not helpful.

Now if anybody has a recipe for skin tags, I am listening? And, as soon as I am able I will get the ACV with mother and try that with a honey mask just to see what else might happen. I am unaware of the benefits of selenuim as well and need to research what part that will play in my regimen.

My largest concern now is to find something to really get rid of the angular cheilitis that cause me such problems and damages my skin-anybody?

Replied by Penelope (nickname Penny)
(Dallas, Tx.)

Hi Penny....I just read your Earth Clinic post about using essential oils for lessening capillaries & brown spots (OK, old age spots! ) on one's face. Your entire reply was great, thanks!

I'm wondering if things have been going as well since the last time you posted (about 3 yrs. ago). I'm wondering what to do myself. That fine, thin complexion that's too much that way. Also have what appear to be tiny whiteheads but I now believe perhaps they're a wart of some kind. Have you heard of these? I've been involved in the natural world for close to 30 yrs. or so. Has helped me with neurological problems I have & something that laid me totally flat, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) now known as Myalgic Encephalamyolitis ME). Ongoing battle & one of my other illnesses entailed surgery for cysts forming inside the spinal cord. I later had surgery for one of the others, Arnold-Chiari Malformation. Fortunately, the latter was successful, but so much damage had been done. Sorry, didn't mean to take the rest of your Sat. & Sun, too. Hope to hear from you & especially hope you are well. Thanks, Penny II. (I now go by Penelope...far more respect in the medical world.

Replied by Penny

Penelope, How nice to hear from you! Since getting involved with essential oils I have changed things up and have been following the same regimen I developed for my health and my complexion for @ 2 years now and so happy with it.

I would be happy to share with you if you are interested but I do not want to write a long post or look up URL's to paste for research if not. I am recovering from a very intensive hip replacement and am just finishing my first week. I have no problem sharing this with you, am happy to do it, but I tire easily and am taking meds so I am a little gimpy and slow.

I have a number of things I use that work well for me as I said but I would be remiss if I didn't continue looking for other treatments. I keep a holistic approach but I am not a perfectionist, I just do what works for me and I am not a price snob. I do not believe that just because something is more expensive it is better.

Ok, hope this helps, let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you! PS: I have a big surprise for you about the "warts! "


Onion Soaked in ACV, Castor Oil, MSM, Vitamin C

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Posted by Aiza (Wash, D.c.) on 04/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Finally, I had been trying the onion juice with ACV remedy for age spots and after 3 months I did NOT notice ANY improvement. But, the good news is that HERE is what truly worked for me and in ONE week my sunspots are 95% GONE!

#1- I soaked an entire RED onion in ACV (Braggs), this is in a glass jar, and I dab a cotton ball in it and run it over my cheeks when I know I will have free time.

#2- At night before going to bed, I rub castor oil on the sunspots

#3- I am taking MSM 4,000mg and 2,000 Vitamin C.

These THREE combined have FINALLY shown ERADICATION of my sunspots. I wish you all tons of success and know that you are all beautiful inside and out. :)

Replied by Simon Jennings
5 out of 5 stars

Did you wash off the red onion and Apple Cider Vinegar before applying the castor oil at night?

Replied by Aiza

Yes, I would clean off the onion and Apple Cider Vinegar with straight Apple Cider Vinegar BEFORE applying the castor oil.


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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/18/2022
1 out of 5 stars

Yes, it is true that doctors these days get almost no training in nutrition. And it is true that the earth is deficient in many minerals, including Selenium. However - regardless what anyone says - age spots, liver spots, and or moles are not considered to be symptoms of Selenium deficiency.

Yes, it's also true that people with "Dr." in their names write all kinds of books; especially books on nutrition. Example: the book titled "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Dr. Wallace. However what those authors say in their books are nothing but opinions. It is you, the reader, who needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. One of the most challenging tasks of reading books involves sorting through a seemingly endless stream of opinions on pretty much everything.

Sorry, there are no 125 mg (milligram) Selenium tablets that I know of. It's far more likely that each of those tablets contain 125 mcg (microgram) Selenium.

Further, in the last 3 months I've been taking 300 mcg a day of Selenium. But, as to my age spots (a.k.a. sun spots, and moles), this protocol has done nothing for me. Therefore, if you're taking 300 mcg Selenium per day for 3 months for your age spots, liver spots, or moles, you're wasting your money. Ditto for a dose of 200 mcg per day for 3 months.

I hope this will help somebody!

Posted by Martin (Brisbane) on 07/14/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, Dr. Wallach speaks the truth. I took 100 micrograms daily for two months and watch my age spots disappear before my eyes. If I had taken 200 mcg, it may have been faster.

Replied by Dorothy

Hi Martin,

Can you please share which brand and form of selenium you took and when you took it in relation to meals, I.e. 1 hour before meals on empty stomach or with a meal or right after a meal, in the morning or evening before sleep?

Thank you

Posted by Arn (Kenmore, Wa.) on 02/13/2021 16 posts
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Age spots, liver spots, and moles are usually signs of selenium deficiency. A capsule of selenium, usually 200 mcg, is safe to use daily, with food. The results come pretty quickly. I have seen big hairy moles vanish in a little over a month, dark splotches on the face vanish in days.

BTW, selenium helps prevent skin and breast cancer, and other cancers. And a recent study showed that 250 mcg per liter of blood stops any virus from propagating. Selenium stops covid!

Replied by Madelyn

Wow Arn!

This is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. I have not heard about the connections between selenium levels and skin changes (moles, cancers, age spots, etc).

I have 200mcg selenium caps in my vitamin cabinet, but only take a capsule a couple times a month to ensure I don't have a deficiency. I'm going to take them daily for a period time. I'll report back any changes I notice.

Replied by Gracie

Recently, I've been trying to get rid of a couple of raised brown patches on the side of my face, and have tried various remedies recommended on Earth Clinic with no success. So I'm drawn to this recommendation of taking 200mcgs of Selenium a day. But looking at past reviews on taking selenium I read that it can raise the risk of developing Diabetes Type II and there are other risk factors. So, is taking 200mcgs a day safe? Selenium is found naturally in foods we eat, could an additional 200mcgs be too much?

Replied by Sheri

Hi Arn,

I have Cronometer it's a app that you type in your food and it BBCshows you if you met your vitamins and minerals, fats, protein, amino acids, omega 3 etc. for the day. it shows that I do not meet my selenium daily requirements and I just started getting liver spots on my hands and fore arm. I bought selenium vitamin drops a few days ago so I am looking forward to my age spots reversing!! Thanks for the tip!! I will reply if they go away, I got about five at once.

(New Zealand)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Sheri,

Since taking a multi-mineral and vitamin tablet once per day after my main meal for two months, I have noticed that my liver spots on my fore-arms have disappeared.

How cool is that?!

There are supposed to be twelve minerals and twelve vitamins in these tabs and Selenium (amino acid chelate) comes out at 12.5mg by weight and 125mg active.

My doctor would no doubt have said that the liver spots come courtesy of advanced years, yet with the right inputs (or maybe cutting some things out?), many afflictions can be reversed if given enough time to work their magic.

Our NZ soils are naturally deficient in Selenium, Boron and Copper among other things.

Doctors these days get almost no training in nutrition!! Pretty weird attitude on the part of the trainers.

(P.S. Unfortunately our very strong sunlight here comes at a cost, with one of the highest ultra-violet ratings in the world, we suffer from the highest rates of Melanoma, so we heed to watch our skin's reaction constantly!! ).

(P.S. number two! Bill Bryson's latest book entitled "The Body - A Guide for Occupants" is certainly worthy of the attention of the esteemed posters on this Site - I am up to page 322 in the chapter: "Into the Nether Regions").

Cheers from Down Under

Replied by Dorothy

Hi Arn,

May I ask please what type of selenium is best to use? selenate, selenite, selenomethionine or mustard extract selenium or selenium-yeast? Also, what exact selenium product/brand you took for getting rid of age spots/liver spots? The selenium brand/type you took works for sure. Thank you

Replied by Dorothy

Hi Arn,

Which type of selenium did you take and from which company? Was it selenomethionine, or sodium selenite or sodium selenate or mustard seed extract selenium? Thank you

(New Zealand)

Hello Dorothy,

I am not sure about the difference between age spots and sun-damage spots!

We get a lot of both of them in these here parts (high-intensity UV rays). I am not one for sun-screens on a personal front.

I fixed some small ones on my arms several months ago by regularly taking a multi-vitamin and mineral (trace minerals?) supplement pill each and every day for a while (and still taking them for other reasons). Twelve vitamins and twelve minerals, including several reckoned as being deficient in our (NZ) soils e.g. Boron, Selenium, Copper etc etc. Rectifying these missing elements is important I reckon. Soil is different in the USA.

The Selenium was listed as "Amino acid chelate" and I think this may have been the essential ingredient in my case. More accurate description than that I cannot say: taken on trust!

However, I have a whopper on my leg which I have had for a long time, finally got frustrated with it and have resorted to using a smear of Salicylic Acid Gel on it for five days ending tomorrow, so we will see how that pans out.

There are some simple instructions to follow including a followup protocol of using some Aloe Vera Gel to round off the treatment/heal the scar.

Mine hasn't "Whitened up/dried up or peeled off" yet as promised but we live in hope - optimism is the best policy I suppose. The blighter has clung to the leg like a tropical leech for a long time and probably won't give up in a hurry. It looks like one of those chocolate buttons actually-remember them?

Anyway, I hope you have success.

Cheers from Down Under

Posted by Judy (Ga, Usa) on 05/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Age spots: Per Joel Wollack who wrote Dead Doctors Don't Lie, 200-250mcg. selenium daily will erase them. Mine on arms have greatly diminished and I hope to soon see them totally gone.

Replied by Sindee
(San Diego)

Thank you for sharing Dr. Joel's remedy, heard seen him on Benny Hinn's program but couldn't remember his name. Am going to buy his book asap. God Bless.

Replied by Nancy Russell

I also saw Dr. Wallach. He is amazing. I did not know about selenium erasing age spots, but I took it for something else. I had 2 age spots just below my eyebrow and 2 on my face. The eyebrow ones are gone and the 2 on my face are less in size. I do not notice any diminishing on others parts of the body.. I have pink age spots that look like liver spots but pink. Does anyone have these and do they become brown? They are flat and not raised.

Tanning Bed Skin Damage Remedies

Posted by Jamie (Richmond, Virginia) on 02/24/2013

About a year ago, I began using a tanning bed pretty regularly - I ended up with about 30 sessions in about 4 months. I spent a lot of that time without wearing the goggles out of fear that it would leave a tan line. After about 2 months I began seeing what resembles a tan line from goggles but a nurse practitioner told me it was from having collared eyes. The nurse pract. And an actual dermatologist both said they will be there for life - the NP said the burn was from busted capillaries and the Derm said it was vascular.

*I also began running a lot around this time, and it did snow a lot at first when ran. So the running in the snow may have casued sun damage

IN MORE DETAIL: the burn is just below & between my eyes, with the outline of it resembling the goggles kinda. The inside corners of my eyes are white as can be and never tan now, and my burn is getting worse gradually - more red and bigger, with darker spots popping up. The top corners of my nose between my eyes are the worst spots. Please help!! - I cannot not even focus in conversation now and have developed a stutter/stammer, and my friends think I have ADD b/c I lose focus in conversation ALL THE TIME from wondering if they are staring at my burn. It is causing a lot of insecurty in me but it is warranted since people are in fact looking at the burn when talking to me. And who can blame them - its right around the corners of my eyes.

Any ideas? Would definitely liketo hear from tanning bed users. Surgery, topical treatment, whatever will be helpful would be most appreciated.

Also I have only tried a Garnier Dark Spot Corrector and Olay SPF defense at the recommendation of the Derm. & NP respectively. *The NP and derm. worked at different locations.

Replied by Sassy
(Holbrook, Arizona, Usa)

Use fresh Aloe Vera and D Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E) topically. Can take vitamin E internally to help speed healing. If possible you can tape a small piece of Aloe Vera over damaged skin and sleep with it in place. Sorry to hear of damage, speedily heal!

Replied by Om
(Hope, Canada, B.c.)

First remedy is your own urine by soaking a cloth and covering the burns. You have an antibody in your own medicine that will also prevent scars.

Second medicine: soak a cloth with a solution of turmeric and water one to twenty in strength and keep on the affected parts. Drinking turmeric in whey powder/water may be with honey will work from the inside. It will work but remember, in nature things seldom perform instantly just as it takes a rose to unfold for instance.

Another good remedy is aloe vera if your skin is not dry to begin with. Good luck. Regards, Om

Replied by Toourlady89
(Ca, Usa)

For tanning bed burns, I have seen pictures of Emu Oil treatment where people with discoloration on their face whether from burning from tanning salons, or even birth discoloration faded away in time progressed pictures. It will take time, Emu oil in good amounts needs to be rubbed in well to the area. It could be irritating if it goes into the eyes though. It penetrates deep, several layers into the skin. Its also used for burns, sunburn, chafing, insect bites, bee stings, also for skin moisturizer and many more. I carry it in my purse whereever I go for tons of uses. It is a good carrier oil for other skin treatments as it will drive treatment deeper into the skin layers.

Wasabi + Iodine

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Posted by Was (Abi) on 08/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Wasabi and iodine for dark spots: I washed, then placed a dab of cheap store bought wasabi paste on the dark spots, 30 minutes later wiped it off and put a drop of 5% Lugol's over the spots and left it to dry. It stings a little. A day or two later the spots peeled off, pink underneath. Some have returned and are getting retreated. I applied wasabi all over my cleaned face. It stung and made my eyes water so I washed it off pretty quick. A day or two later my freckled face exfoliated and looked much lighter colored. I also applied green tea, crushed tomato and fresh aloe vera gel at times through all this, but the wasabi and iodine had the most dramatic effect.

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