6 Top Natural Remedies for Age Spots

Multiple Remedy Success
Posted by Penny (Salem, Oregon) on 09/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I would consider ACV before lemon juice because there is evidence that lemon juice is a light chemical peel which in time allows the dark spots to return.

My comment is directed to those who would like a natural, fairly inexpensive moisturizer. Have any of you tried Squalane oil? I use it directly under my makeup, if I wear any but I wait a few minutes and give it time to sink in. Squalane is a very light (almost feels like water) oil. It is so lovely, clear, no odor and fairly inexpensive. Many companies sell "cold-pressed, first-pass" olive oil and charge a lot of money for an ounce of it @ $45. But Squalane is a finer oil and very inexpensive, @ or less than $25 for 4 oz's. If you do not like the feel under your makeup use it for a night moisturizer. It is natural, inexpensive and beats any of the expensive ( very expensive) moisturizers I have ever used. I also use it as a carrier oil for other essential oils I may use. And Avocado oil is a most wonderful body moisturizer. It is a little green, and has a slight odor (mildly off-putting, but dissipates quickly). It does not make your skin green. Sure less expensive than lotion, and au -naturalle!

One last thing, I use Frankincense, straight in my nares, and it seems to be clearing my sinus'. You may want to mix it with a carrier but I like it straight. I just put a few drops in the palm of my hand and using a clean finger tip, apply it as far in in a circular motion to cover as much area as possible. My eyes have not looked like soccer balls, and I have not noticed the yellow crystals in the corner of my eyes lately.

Now, I can't wait to try the ACV and one of God's biggest healers to mankind honey. I wonder if a person made a mask of honey ( we used to do it in nursing school) and used the mask after the ACV dried what benefit a person might see with the tone, elasticity, integrity, and effect on dark spots? Sounds good, and there are some very nice tree honeys that are said to be wowsers! Best wishes on our journey~*~

Multiple Remedy Success
Posted by In_Owe (CARSON, CA) on 08/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have a very sensitive skin. I suffered from acne "infestation" in my teen-age years, and left some marks of tiny craters on my face. In short, my pores are visible to others at a few-feet distance.

I have read most of the articles posted here and other websites about brown spots / melasma / age spot. I have been suffering from this skin disorder due to over sun-exposure which happened more than 10 yrs ago. Like everyone else, I have tried a lot of treatments with the exception of laser cure because I can't afford it. I have NOT stopped looking for the best possible therapy that would help at least fade my blemishes which are very visible on cheeks. I am thankful for all the contributions made in this site, and I have tried few of them. I came across this website in May, and since then, became more EAGER to find possible ways, and cure for my brown spots. Knowing that you are not the only one suffering from this skin disorder somehow made me more hopeful than discourage. I've wanted to write and share something since May, but I waited until there was a visible sign of change on my face. This is the account of my 3 months self-therapy:

Every night (as always), I sleep with a clean face. Since May, I have tried using Organic ACV (with Mother) on my face as my toner. On the first month, I diluted ACV with water and apply the mixture on my face using cotton. During the 1st month, my skin peeled off. For few weeks, my facial skin was so tender because of ACV, that it became a mild sore. To my amazement, the portions of skin that were peeled off remained my true skin color without the brown spot after it got healed (from being tender). When my face got used to the ACV, I stopped diluting it. Every night, I still apply undiluted ACV on my face. My friends who didn't see me for at least 3 months noticed that the brown spots were lighter. I also tried making my own moisturizer using Organic at least 98% Organic Aloe Vera, Vit. E, and few drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil, and Lavander Oil. From time to time, I replace the oils with Jojoba. Orally, I am taking Glutatione which is according to my research is considered the best, and mother of all anti-oxidants. I eat as much as possible organic food, and drink ACV tonic regularly 3x a Day (I use the brand _____). If I could, I avoid eating pork, junk food, and too much processed food. I rather eat room temperature food than have it warmed in microwave.

I am also using Juice Beauty moisturizer with SPF 20 during day time. So far, this is one of the best products I have tried with more than 90% organic ingredients. Sometimes, labels say organic, but the percentage is another thing. (This also applies when I am looking for food label. So, be careful). I put on Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation/Powder to matte my oily skin. Some researches mentioned that whatever we put or apply on our body, about 60% or more is absorbed by our skin - meaning that's what comes in our body.

For the last three months, my skin and health has improved a lot. I cannot ascribe the improvement to ONLY one thing. I guess it is a combination of all of the above. I am happier with what I see, and feel. I guess there is no short cut to everything good. We just have to be patient. Most of all, we have to have a positive and good mental attitude. The spiritual side of my life helps me a lot in achieving a positive and healthy attitude in life. Remember, what we see on the mirror is just skin deep. The true beauty lies inside us - our soul and spirit.