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Nanoparticles: Cures and Toxicity

| Modified on Sep 04, 2018

Nanoparticles are potentially blessing and curse, offering perhaps near-miraculous new drugs but also possibly creating toxic exposures we can hardly protect ourselves against. Bigger than atoms or even molecules, nanoparticles are of some concern because they are still tiny enough to pass through the physical barriers of our skin, eyes, lungs, blood, etc. to potentially cause damage to our external systems.

However, there is nothing essentially new in nanoparticles. There have always been small-particles. The change is that industries of all kinds are starting to engineer nanoparticles that can be put to use, creating inconceivably tiny "machines". These machines could deliver life-saving medications, but their use might also advance very quickly beyond safeguards that would control them and limit the potential harm they could have on human and other life.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Nanoparticle toxicity is a health concern principally addressed by avoidance. If exposure has taken place, natural cleansing treatments for the lungs, skin, or internal body are an excellent place to start in your search for a nanoparticle remedy.

Nanoparticle Toxicity

Posted by Kristie (Edmonton, Alberta ) on 01/10/2013

I have been reading about this for a couple hours now and am feing very concerned... The concepts surrounding nanoparticle technology and what it all means are wayy beyond my knowledge base.

I am also trying to figure out how would one combat the toxicity that comes with nanoparticle exposure? How do you battle nanoparticle toxicity??

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Kristie, no need to become fretful! As they say: keep the "terrain" healthy, meaning a healthy body and immune system, and stop reading frightening data!!!

Replied by Gg Pat
(Oklahoma, Usa)

Today is Labor Day 2018. I read earthclinic regularly, but have by no means read all of it. But today I came across this topic and thought I would respond. For the past week my car has been getting coated by a fine mist. My first thought was rain mist, except it does not evaporate and when you wipe it, it is slightly sticky. At night when you have other car lights coming at you, it's difficult to see through the windshield because of it. We have washed the windshields and we have washed the entire car. It still keeps showing up. It's there today and we're beginning to wonder if it could be from airplanes. I live directly north of Tinker Air Force base. Occasionally, I see articles about "chem trails, " and I'm becoming concerned. Am I breathing this stuff? When I'm in the yard frequently I eat cherry tomatoes directly from the plant while walking around the yard. Are my vegetables being coated with this? What is it?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U Gg Pat,,,,,,,, no, I can almost promise you that these particles are from a chem trail. A friend got me interested in these trails. The condensate trails are just like your breath on a cold morning...... they disappear quickly but not the chem trails. They last all day and spread until enough of them cover the entire sky.

Our green house is 20 years old and was clear until this past year. Now it has a tacky coating that is blocking the sun. That is also what it was designed to do in the sky, but it eventually falls to earth. Research will tell you that this trail is composed of a colloidal Aluminum compound. We all know what Aluminum does to our brain.

Everyone is trying to outsmart the Main Man and we will lose that contest. He designed a system that works pretty good and we keep trying to improve it. Folks once lived 900 years old. Now we delighted to get to 75.

My suggestion is to write your representatives in congress and tell them to get out of the climate control business. We already have a smart guy that controls that.