Nail Issues

Nail Psoriasis

Posted by Tm1900 (Suwanee, Ga) on 09/06/2011

Great site, thanks to all who contribute. I have had nail psoriasis for years now (no skin psoriasis) and tried several doctor recommended tratments without success. Ocasionally, the symptoms do improve temporarily to only come back with a vengeance later on. It does seem like stressful times are exacerbating the problem. Are there any remedies that you would recommend for nail (toe and finger) psoriasis?
Thank you!

Replied by Cindy
(Houston, Tx)

My sister has psoriatic arthritis and one of the symtoms is her finger nails and toe nails literally rot off - she went to a specialist and was prescribed methotrexate and humira - I wish I knew something natural but nothing ever worked for her but these meds - she hasn't had any more outbreaks since.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Cindy, has your sister ever tried Colloidal Silver (internally)?

The meds might only be helping her because she is on them but they won't "cure" her only the symptoms.

She also needs to look at mineral deficiencies (colloidal minerals), vitamins, digestive issues etc. Colloidal silver is wonderful for many many disease states (will kill bacteria, fungus etc. Etc. ). Chlorophyl, spirulina, chlorella will cleanse the blood. Only a suggestion.

Neem Oil

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Posted by Lane (New York, New York, Usa) on 10/28/2010

The person in question had it on their two big toes. The fungus was highly yellow near the top of the nails, then a frightening black near the bottom. Candida has been an issue, but is clearing up nicely thanks to MMS, finally--after strenuous yeast free diet and wild oregano, and more failed to do the entire job.

Anyway, we separated the nail from the toe bed somewhat so we could get the neem oil in there. It sounds disgusting but separating the nail really did the trick, I think. The Neem oil settles in there and will stay for days if you don't wash it out. Within a week the fungus and black was nearly completely gone. It was only applied 3-4 times. There is still a dark spot on one nail which is more red than black now, but I feel a couple of additional applications of the neem oil should finish it off nicely. Two thumbs up!


Posted by Lora (Bonita Springs, Florida) on 07/10/2010

Ted, or anyone. Does anybody have a remedy for onycholysis? (nail separating from the nail bed). The doctors and dermatologists tell me it is trauma but I have had this condition for about 5 yrs. And I know it is not trauma. I take Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism and have noticed (on some websites) a link between this medication and onycholysis. I OP and take Ted's ACV and BS remedy every day.

Replied by Karen
(Sacramento, Ca)

This is nail fungus. I had it for 12 years. I tried everything... Wasted $1300 on the pin point laser treatment... The nail lacquers... Nothing worked... I also take meds for my thyroid. It was just on two of my toes. I got so tired of it I went and got the Rx from my doctor... For only $5! 3 months later.. My toes look great and my liver from the meds is fine. Nothing u do.. Will get rid of it... Trust me... I have tried them all.

Replied by Man
(Sojouring America)

I need more information about this nail separating issue. What is Ted's BS remedy? I know what the ACV means, (apple cider Vinegar).

I have noticed recently that I have this painful finger tip issue and they hurt bad. I have put my fingers into ACV and then I dipped them into DMSO and that was a strange experience. I don't know if it helped or not. but I have a little relief now. Anyone with experience with painful finger tips?

Replied by Pakins
(Wilmington, Nc)

Could you please tell me what medication the Dr. gave you for $5

Replied by Reina

Painfull finger tips I have also occasionally and what helps me is to squeeze the finger tips hard. I alternate going from one finger to the other, and do this as often as possible. May hurt a little on the moment but gives relief after. It also stimulates the circulation and with that the growth of the nails.

Pau D' Arco, DMSO

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Posted by Kathie (Houston, Select State/province) on 05/28/2011

In David Wolf's book, EATING FOR BEAUTY, He says to use one-half dropper-full of pau d'arco alcohol tincture on and under the nail and on the first and second knuckle after it has been cleaned. Then "paint" the area with a few drops of DMSO, this helps the pau d'arco to better penetrate. He says that DMSO can burn when used too much. It should take 3 to six weeks to see results.

In the past I have filed the top of my nail to make it very thin and then applied tea tree oil and Thyme essential oil with good results. Filing the nail thin allowed for better absorbtion (much what Wolf recommends but with DMSO).

Replied by Lara
(Los Angeles, Ca, Usa)

Hello everyone. Several years ago, I had an ugly green stain under my thumb nail, which I knew was a fungus. It was very unsightly and I was very motivated to find a natural solution.

Somehow, I heard about Pau D' Arco. I found a bottle of liquid tincture-- I do not remember the brand-- at Whole Foods (in the US) and did the following:

-- I made a "tea" with it by heating up a small cup of water and added a dropper full of the tincture. The taste was a bit bitter but I not bad at all. I made this tea twice a day.

-- I also made a stronger version, much less water and added another dropper full and soaked my nail 1-2/day

--Sounds funny but I also gave the nail "sun baths" as follows: Whenever I was driving under sunshine, I placed my thumb on the dashboard. The sun is a power bleaching agent.

-- I cleaned up my diet: no sugar, flour, etc

I noticed the effects of my treatment within a week: I could see the spot was getting smaller and it disappeared very quickly.... it was gone in under a month.

Hope this helps you.

Pterygium Inversum Unguis

Posted by Alana J (Maui, Hi) on 03/14/2012

I have thick skin under a couple of my toenails. From what I've read so far, it's called pterygium inversum unguis, if you google it there will be a picture to give you an example. It looks very odd to me, although nobody has noticed it, I am self concious about it. I don't think it's a fungus, and it has been this way since I can remember. The thick skin under my nails is sensitive, I believe it has alot of nerve endings, so I can't just go cutting away at this stuff. I was wondering if anyone has a remedy to rid myself of this thick skin! It's only on 3 nails, I believe. Both of my big toes, and one other toe. I just put coconut oil on it tonight in hope maybe it will soften up and recede, but even the thought of touching the skin makes me squeemish. Any ideas, please share! Thanks!!

Replied by Margaret
(Chicago, Il)

I used a drop of bergamot oil (which is supposed to be anti-fungal) under the toenail once every day for about a month and it went away.

Purple Emu Oil

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Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 11/26/2011

I apply Purple Emu Oil to my nails at bed time. It moisturizes them, making them stronger and less brittle.

Smashed Fingernail Remedies

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 06/08/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , I'm in a better mood today, but the spooks are still after the natural folks and it is now world wide. I gonna tell you ATS and then do a simi-rant.

Back in the late 60's, I was working in a paper mill in SW Arkansas. The little town had only two doctors. I smashed my thumb in a car door and naturally it swole up and the pain was excruciating and blood filled my nail. I went to Ole Doc Peacock, who always had a cigar butt in his mouth. He looked at my thumb , opened his desk drawer, pulled out a large paper clip, straighten one end out, heated it with is cigar lighter and stuck it through my thumb nail. Blood went every where. He just took a paper towel, held my thumb over his waste basket and bled my thumb down. These days they would have a medical hearing on such nonsense.

I could not believe the relief, before, , , , my thumb knew every heart beat.... it was that painful. I was now good to go. Can you imagine a snot nose, preppy type doctor doing that this day and time. First, your family doctor would give you a pain prescription and then refer you to a surgeon. Ole Doc Peacock took care of the problem with a paper clip, a zippo lighter, and his waste can.

Now for my rant. I have a health problem that I am addressing. My plan is that if my program shows any set back then I was going to Dr Shallenberger or one other Doctor that addresses your immune system instead of your cancer. Cancer can not live in an alkaline or oxygen environment. Your immune system will kill cancer cells if it can recognize them. The cancer cell is coated with a protein so it is identified as friend, and thus not destroyed.

The other doctor I am speaking, went to Africa and cured the Ebola doctors in a few days with direct ozone shots. He did that so they could then treat the people. What happened? A few months ago the world was coming to an end, now the problem is no longer front page news. Ebola was to be the next big money maker. Ozone shut that money maker program down PDQ.

How did Methuselah live to be 969 years old? One of the reasons is that the oxygen he breathed was not 21%, it was much higher back in those days when the world's forests were still standing and the sheep had not turned half the world to a sand desert.

Dr Shallenberger is a torn in the side of Allopathic medicine and if you research. They have been after him for many years. I can promise you this, , , , , , , there is no reason for cancer, diabetes, heart and dementia to be a problem in this world. It all can be handled with simple natural solutions. The problem is that if you come up with a simple solution then you will be destroyed.

Hell, they are even after poor ole Dr Oz.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, how fascinating about your thumb! I recently had a bad infection by a fingernail and the edge of the finger was all swollen, feelin' the hearbeat and all. I BEGGED them to slit it so the stuff can come out, but they said: the antibiotics will take care of it, they said it's not swollen enough to slit!!! After a few days of suffering, I went to the ER in middle of the night and said: you slit it or I stay here!! Luckily, the surgeon on duty knew me from a different visit and "did me the great favor" of slitting it and pressing out the pus and stuff. THAT'S when it started to get better!

Replied by Joy

Hi ORH, I want to thank you again for your interesting posts, I request that you keep up your writing to EC. Yes, I totally agree thar some of the old doctors from 50's and 60's had a lot of common sense. We had one elderly GP whose evening surgeries were so busy that some of the patients would take flasks of tea and sandwiches as the doctor would not rush with anyone and sometimes people would not get home until late, they sometimes were not given prescription medicines just old fashioned remedies from the kitchen cupboard. Thanks again for all of your postings and good luck with all of your health issues.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
488 posts

Perhaps what we need is a safety net for physicians. Most doctors truly want to help people and dealing with the fact that they are required, by law, to sacrifice the well-being of human beings to support an industry is and HAS been taking quite a toll on them.

They're stuck between an industry that won't let them do what they sought to do when they became doctors and the population of patients who are getting fed up with it and blaming THEM, are increasing daily.

With no support system, it is understandable why the health profession hovers around the #1 spot in suicides. They don't want to take the "social status" enjoyed by their families away from them but they also don't want to hurt people.

We need more dialogue and doctors need some support, pronto.

The pharmaceutical industry is made up of people - and, yes, lawyers ARE people - and it consists of people who, and whose familes, often require medical care and are subject to the exact same dangers as everyone else. Politicians, judges, law enforcement and even the people of the FDA are ALL subject to the same industrial abuses as anyone else.

It is said that physicians are just as vulnerable as everyone else, with most being merely 2 months from bankruptcy. Meaning, that 2 months without income would thoroughly ruin them, financially. Granted, that's not the public's problem, but they're every bit as vulnerable as everyone else.

If doctors had support, they could easily end this mess. They could prescribe what's needed, rather than what the law requires that they prescribe and stand up to the mechanism that is killing them and those they want to help.

Those who work in the medical industry are aware that lives are being sacrificed for the sake of their jobs. To whom can they turn? There is, currently, no one. They are perceived as "the enemy" by both sides.

The pharmaceutical industry isn't the problem. The problem is this society's worship of "social status". A medical professional, some of whom are here, on Earth Clinic, and some of whom have loved ones who visit here, regularly, is unlikely, in a social-status-driven society, to sacrifice the status of his/her family to "doing the right thing" and suicide increasingly becomes the more attractive option because, to one who is stuck in that loop, their personal "social status" loses its priority.

Why not work to "save the doctors"? Both, from persecution AND prosecution? Because their feelings of powerlessness are the only thing keeping the medical machine in operation and they're killing themselves, literally, left and right.

Imagine, if you can, a computer program that diagnoses and treats, charging thousands of dollars. Because it wouldn't take a very complicated program to do what doctors are confined to doing. You could put the whole thing in a Microsoft Excel file and don't think for a minute that unthinking people who are far removed from the audience of watching people suffer and die aren't considering that as a way to get around the problem of the only thing that is an actual threat to THEIR jobs, which is the doctor.

There is no industry as vulnerable as the pharmaceutical industry and there is no greater threat to it than the doctor, himself. With some real legal and public support for doctors, the whole despicable system could be turned around in a single generation.

If you know a doctor and understand what I'm saying, then tell him/her that you believe that his/her life is of more value than anyone's social status - including their spouse's, children's, friends' and parents'.

Smoker's Yellow Stains

Posted by Nina (Marengo, Oh) on 01/24/2011

is there any folk remedies to remove yellow stains on fingers from smoking??

Replied by P.
(Sa, South America)

Yes, there is. Quit smoking! Kidding aside, my heart has a special place for smokers. To quit this addiction has been the hardest thing I ever had to do, and I have achieved some pretty amazing things in my lifetime... I personally tried all methods and prescribed medication out there.

What worked for me was the patch in conjunction with liver detoxing. If you detox right you will get to that state when you first started to smoke where you had to force yourself to do it since it was so nasty (no one was born enjoying cigarette smoke). Juicing along with coffee enemas comes to mind (sort of like Gerson therapy). Also, I ran into this and haven't tried it, but maybe it could help you:

Replied by Ellie
(Evansville, Wi)

have you tried Food grade hydrogen peroxide?? Add 1 &1/2 oz of 35 % to 1-gallon water and soak.. Always dilute H2O2.. Same for soaking feet for athlete'a feet prevention and cure.. Beauty shops use this always use only food grade.

Split Nails

Posted by Patricia (Denver, Co) on 08/18/2011

The nail on my right index finger has been split in two on the white part only, for years. The width of the split sometimes changes, but it never grows together. Needless to say, it catches on everything and is very bothersome and sometimes destructive. All the other nails are strong and well shaped. Can anyone say what causes this and/or how I can fix it?

Replied by Iowama
(Pella, Ia)

Hi Patricia, I know just what you're talking about, as my thumb nail splits in that way. I have developed habits that have helped all my nails stay nice. I found a common unscented lotion that uses coloidal oatmeal and promises 24 hour moisture. It is a blessing. I now keep a container near the sinks, in my bag, and in my car console. I use an emory board to smooth away snags as soon as I can get to them. At times. I've had to keep a dry bandage on my nail for a few days to grow it long enough so that I could clip away the split part and file it. A box of latex gloves sits beneath my sink for dish washing and heavy cleaning. While gardening, I use deer skin gloves, as cloth ones never protect my nails. Another post mentions dipping the nails into coconut oil andI too have found it very helpful. All moisturizers must be massaged into both the nail and cuticle areas. Even lip balm helps in a pinch. Flying is the worst! Drink water and carry lotion and an emory file. One day I must have a conversation with a flight attendant about this. Good luck!

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Reply to Patricia: I have also had a split nail which bothered me for years and had to keep my nail very short to stop it catching. A couple of years ago I started taking selenium on a regular basis as I read somewhere it was really good for weak nails. In a few months the split had healed and there is now only a slightly depressed line where the gap used to be. Lately I have started on homeopathic silica and massaging coconut oil into my nails and they are stronger and smoother than they have ever been. Hope this helps.


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Posted by Cece (Amawalk, Ny) on 04/27/2014

Tonail Fungus SURE CURE. It takes time but it is working. For more than 15 years I have had an extreme case of toenail fungus on both feet & every single toe! My nails were a dark grey color and very thick to the point I had to file them down to fit in my shoes. I am 62 years old and a gardener. My feet are always wet and my feet also sweat. As a woman I would dread having to hide my feet in the summer.

I eat healthy and have good hygiene, and have literally tired everything on the market, from tea tree oil, Vics rub, to every fungus cure oil on the internet and in the drug stores. I even had one laser treatment -- VERY EXPENSIVE! The doctor told me it was a bad case and might not work. It didn't -- I would need several visits and over a $1,000 for each visit.

Finally, my boyfriend gave me the idea to do my own laser treatments with a magnifying glass and the ultra violet rays of sun. For the past 6 months I go out once a month on a sunny day and focus the sun's energy through the magnifying glass. YOU MUST WEAR SUNGLASSES FOR THIS!!! I focus the sun's rays into a little hot white dot over each nail and move it around until I can feel it (almost painfully) heat up. I do each nail twice! You must pay attention because when it hurts, it is working and killing the fungus through the nail! You will know when it gets a little painful to move the white concentrated ultra-violet light all over the nail and nail bed. It is worth it. Let it sting but don't burn yourself. It has been about 6 months using the magnifying glass on the first sunny day of each month. I am noticing that about half of each nail is growing in smooth pink, and COMPLETELY CLEAN. I thought I'd never have nice nails again, because fungus is tenacious, but this is going to be the end cure for me. The best part is that I did not have to spend a penny. I will give an update in 6 more months. My nails grow very slowly, yet each month there is more new nail showing as I cut away the old.

Replied by Michael

Did this work???? I am trying this too! Been a month but I do it more than once a month!

Swollen Toenail Beds

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Posted by Bonnie (Tooele, Ut) on 06/19/2011

I ran 8 miles downhill and now my toe nailbeds are swollen, what should I do?

Replied by Don
(Denver, Colorado)

I'd like to prevent one or two of mine from coming off if possible as I have a similar problem to yours. Did you ever get any feedback as to how to get the swelling down and keep the nail?

Replied by Melinda

A nice warm Epsom Salts soak worked for me. I only had to do it one time and it took all the pain and swelling away.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Jules (Tioga County, PA) on 03/06/2020

Tea tree oil, applied directly in and around the toenail, quickly eliminates discoloring.

Vertical Ridges on Nails

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/02/2013

Vertical ridges on finger or toe nails are caused by lack of hydration, either internal or external. For internal hydration, make sure you drink enough water and eat sea salt with iodine, vitamins and minerals so your body will hold the water, otherwise it will just flush it out and you will remain dehydrated. For external hydration of the nails rub with jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Replied by Anon

Hi Joy, I thought vertical ridges where due to anemia? I am anemic and I have these ridges! I am not dehydrated I know this as my urine is pale!

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

As far as I know by bloodwork, I am not anemic, but taking a full spectrum mineral and sea salt and plenty of water, my ridges have improvement. My next move is the topical oils. I have put coconut oil on them daily for a few months.

Hope your ridges improve also. I googled recently to find some information to treat the ridges on my nails. They have only been there for a year or so, so want to nip them in the bud.

You can have clear urine and be dehydrated because electrolytes are needed to hydrate the body...check out

Replied by Tamara
(Fort Collins, Colorado, Usa)

Hi Anon, I'm not Joy, but I wanted to mention that pale urine CAN indicate dehydration. I know it sounds counter intuitive. When people drink lots of water throughout the day and strive for clear or super pale urine that means they are drinking TOO MUCH water and flushing water and electrolytes out of the body. We need a balance of electrolytes in order for osmosis of the cells to occur. For instance, if we don't have enough salt (among other things) in our blood our cells will not let water in, so it just moves into our kidneys and out the bladder without actually hydrating us! You want a little color in your urine, which means not drinking litres of water a day and making sure to get plenty of electrolytes. Remember, fruits and vegetables have lots of water in them, too. Drink to thirst, salt your food to taste, and eat mineral rich foods (or supplement). Good health!

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Vertical ridges on my nails and toenails were an early sign of an autoimmune disease called Lichen Planus, and is a sign, also, of hypothyroidism. I imagine there are other problems that show up this way, too.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

There is an amazing article with pictures of all nail conditions on hub pages under the heading of: "LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR NAILS TELL YOU" low iron, poor digestion and absorption, poor protein metabolism are associated with vertical ridges on nails.

I can't attach any sites ??? Maybe one of you can bring a connection for the readers here.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I agree: be careful when you open the refridge to get something to satisfy you that you are not mistaking a thirst signal for hunger. Close the refridgerator and get a nice glass of water , drink it, then wait half an hour .... if you find yourself opening the cupboard or refridge again.... get a second glass of water, drink it and wait another half an hour , then you can know it's hunger not thirst.

We eat more than we drink and think we are not thirsty.... overeating dehydrates the body further ...

I drank a lot of water and was DEHYDRATED from lack of magnesium. Low magnesium causes us to be vulnerable to multiple health problems.

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