Nail Issues

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ana (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) on 02/07/2009

Thickened and raised nails: I have suffered with tinea pedis on my left foot following years of illness with endometriosis and low immunity. That was 8 years ago, and I have had only temporary success from conventional applications such as Lamisil, but the nails remain thickened and damaged. I am currently applying 50/50 ACV and 3% peroxide morning and night. I follow with an application of essential oils in a tincture of organic olive leaf extract. The essential oils include Oregano, Tee tree and Red Thyme oil. I have 4 nails affected and thickened. The big toe nail is now separating from the nail bed, being one 5th attached. I have cut it back to half and apply the above remedies using a band-aid to prevent lifting of the nail. Does anyone know if it is likely that when a new nail grows back, weather it will re-adhere completely to the nail bed as before, and also it is starting to scoop upwards due to the separation of the nail bed - is it likely to stay that way?

EC: Tinea Pedis is the medical name for Athlete's Foot.