Nail Issues

Posted by Leslie (Austin, Tx) on 04/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely cured my case of toenail fungus with garlic. I'd tried using tea tree oil, applied with a small paintbrush, twice a day for 3 1/2 months with no improvement (no worsening either though) when I thought about the anti-fungal property of garlic. So after trimming my nail back pretty far, and removing as much yellow "crud" as I could (I actually used a small pocket knife and sharp-ended tweezers for this), I sliced across a clove of garlic and simply rubbed it against the end of my nail forcing juice and some pulp underneath it. I cut off the corner of a plastic baggie to cover my whole toe and secured it with medical tape (mainly to contain the smell). I did this at least once daily, slicing the garlic fresh each time, always keeping it packed with juice/pulp and always keeping it covered. After two weeks, the skin around my nail started to peel-no big deal-and I once again trimmed my nail, scrubbed it thoroughly with a cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide, and lo and behold, my nail fungus was gone!

By the way, garlic will also kill a wart- just put a new sliver-ONLY the size of the wart-on daily &cover with a band-aid. It will blister, then look like a blood blister, then scab over and eventually just come right off.