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    | Modified on Mar 25, 2012
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    Myoclonic Dystonia Syndrome (MDS), or alcohol responsive myoclonia, is a disruptive movement disorder. Myoclonic Dystonia Syndrome results in both myoclonic movements -- jerking motions (typically of the upper body) due to quick, uncontrolled muscle contractions -- and dystonia--twisted or otherwise distorted postures. Symptomatic onset usually occurs in childhood.

    Myoclonic Dystonia Syndrome is a genetic disorder that can be exacerbated by social anxiety. As such, sufferers can be locked into a self-reinforcing cycle that can make them more susceptible to depression, anxiety, OCD, alcoholism, personality disorders, and similar psychological conditions.

    Natural Cures: Self-treatment with alcohol is frequently effective, though it is not recommended as a long-term treatment option for obvious reasons. Relaxation techniques can reduce social anxiety and with it, Myoclonic Dystonia symptoms. Physical therapy (PT), yoga, or general exercise may help.