Natural Remedies for Mycoplasma Infections

South American Herbs
Posted by Holly (Nothern Virginia) on 07/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Myco (rainforest herbs)

I have tried seemingly everything for the past -almost year. I had a series of expensive Rife machine treatments for which I traveled for in another state, high dosages of vit C (I believe Vit C is very good and helped me with some unrelated things), olive leaf extract, high doses of good quality colloidal silver, fasting for long periods of time, vitamin c/salt/mud baths, infrared saunas, etc. I got blood work done after doing this a long while and found no change in mycoplasma levels but a slight drop in eb virus levels. I decided to try Myco (a blend of South American herbs) and after about a month I got retested and have tested negative for mycoplasma. (I still have epstein barr virus, so I am still on the search for a cure for that.) I share this in case this helps anyone else. We are all different, but for what it is worth, it worked for me extremely well. (just one bottle did it)