Natural Remedies for Mycoplasma Infections

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 04/22/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Glad to find this wonderful site. I am also hoping to learn more about Borax and hydrogen peroxide use. About 15 yrs ago plus I was teaching el. school when I became very ill...had to stop teaching and my life fell a part. I did a ton of research and did not give up. I found Molecular Med. They did blood work on me and found me positive for the mycoplasma. I also have high titers for ebv...and others. My entire life took a change while teaching kindergarten,minding my own business, great hubby and kids...well, it all happened during the first Gulf War. I do anti biotics when I can tolerate it...and a truck load of the rest of us. What has really worked for me? Tumeric, natural anti bacteria/viral olive leaf...and many like herbal treamtent. The best ever so far tho is when I have hydrogen/dmso IV's...from our doc/ he is natural and medical. Most reecently in the past few years is this...and changed me a lot...the transfer factors for mycoplasmas and ebv viruses. ...and most wonderful with it is, beta glucan at several in the am. and afternoon. has given my life back...but never like it once was way back when. I hope this helps someone and maybe you can help me...with all my heart I care and wonder how in the world did this all happen to me...when and where...and was I at the wrong spot at the wrong time. It doesn't matter goes on and if it wasnt' for sites like this and care from other great people...I wonder where I'd be. Many thanks for Ted and his work...and YOU all out there. Debbie