Myasthenia Gravis Remedies

| Modified on Mar 07, 2020
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Treating myasthenia gravis involves dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the addition of certain dietary supplements. Avoiding inflammatory foods and other food allergens reverses many of the symptoms of the condition. Likewise, specific supplements support the immune system as well as muscle health to prevent the progression of the disorder.

What is Myasthenia Gravis?

A chronic condition, myasthenia gravis is characterized by expedited muscle fatigue and weakness. The disease typically affects the muscles that control eye movement first and then progresses to other muscle groups.

Noted as an autoimmune disorder, the condition manifests as the body’s natural antibodies attack and destroy the acetylcholine receptors in the body. These receptors aid in the transmission of muscle-nerve communication. No known cause has been identified for the destruction of these receptors; however, many individuals affected by myasthenia gravis also have a tumor of the thymus.

Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Neuromuscular Disease

The treatment of myasthenia gravis requires a multifaceted approach. Incorporating dietary changes as well as specific rest and active periods regulates the symptoms of the condition. Likewise, certain supplements including manganese and CoQ10 serve as effective treatments for the disease.


Manganese is an important component of many enzymes. It aids in skeletal growth and development as well as several other bodily functions. As such, manganese deficiency has been tied to the cause of myasthenia gravis and is an effective treatment for fighting the condition.


CoQ10 is another important nutritional supplement in the body. This coenzyme expedites many bodily processes including energy production and cell growth and maintenance. Used as a supplement, CoQ10 supports effective energy production and relieves muscle weakness.

Myasthenia gravis is a pervasive condition defined by varying levels of muscle weakness. While the condition can be progressive, most cases are effectively treated using natural remedies and support.


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Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 03/07/2020

Hi Vicki.. If you have Myasthenia Gravis then you will generally be suffering heavy muscle weakness throughout your body. Allopathic medicine has decided to call it an autoimmune disease -- where your antibodies are attacking your nerve sites with cause unknown. However, through some remarkable empirical and observational research, it has been found that the thymus gland is heavily involved and may be the main cause of MG. During WWII Dr E K Josephson further discovered that taking higher dose Manganese Sulphate with B Vitamins and a healthy diet helped to cure MG fairly quickly. This research also appears to have been completely suppressed or ignored because the normal way for allopathic medicine to treat MG was to completely remove the thymus gland which, IMHO, is incredibly cruel as well as remarkably dumb -- because that would leave your immune system dead in the water.

You can read all about Dr Josephson's research here:

Posted by Berta (Porum, Oklahoma/US) on 03/04/2013

The best information I've found for Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is at See info. On the critical importance of trace mineral manganese (not to be confused with magnesium) for MG as well as much other helpful info. It also discusses the negative detrimental effects of floride as in florinated water, tooth paste etc. On MG. Thank you to Earth Clinic and to all fellow searchers. God bless!

Replied by Anniej
(Salem, Wisconsin, United States)

Thank you. I will look into this website.

Replied by 2q&learn
(Southern Ca, Usa)
120 posts

TY! I'm going to check out the source you've shared, & if it's as good as you say, I'll be sharing it with my great grand niece!

BTW, the link you gave was just to the site's home-page ... whereas this one opens their article on Myesthenia Gravis: