Multiple System Atrophy
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  • Multiple System Atrophy Remedies

    | Modified on Jun 20, 2014

    Treatment of multiple system atrophy involves a holistic approach that includes dietary controls, activity changes, dietary supplements and other treatment options. Natural remedies including regulating the diet, increasing activity level and supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals aid in treating the condition. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and getting plenty of fluids is also important for aiding in appropriate functioning of the body.

    What is Multiple System Atrophy?

    Multiple system atrophy or MSA is a neurological condition that impairs the body’s functions including blood pressure, heart rate, bladder function and digestive function. Many of the symptoms mimic that of Parkinson’s including slow movement, muscle rigidity and poor balance.

    While there is no known cause of MSA, it is generally associated with deterioration and shrinkage of regions of the brain. Research shows that individuals with the condition have an abnormal protein in the affected brain cells.

    Natural Remedies for Neurological Issues

    As MSA is a condition that involves the function of several of the body’s involuntary functions, treatment of the condition must also incorporate multifaceted treatment. Limiting salt in the body, exercising appropriately and adding supplements are important treatment options.

    Dietary Changes

    Generally speaking, a normal diet is typically recommended with specific considerations. A diet with regulated salt intake and small, frequent meals regulate the system and prevent unnecessary crashes. Additionally, added fiber in the diet prevents constipation and other digestive system issues.


    Increasing activity level is also important for treating the condition; however, exercise must be supportive of the condition. The focus of exercise should include the lower extremities and the abdomen. Effective exercise options include water aerobics and postural training.

    Dietary Supplements

    While maintaining an appropriate level of general vitamins and minerals is important, more specifically regulating potassium levels is important for treating MSA. Potassium regulates the function of the muscles as well as other aspects of body. Using a potassium supplement regulates the system to prevent deterioration of the muscles and muscle function.

    Multiple system atrophy involves the impairment of the autonomic functioning of the body. Effective treatment options prevent deterioration and helps manage symptoms associated with the condition.