Chronic Mucus Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Trish (NY, US) on 09/26/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I agree. Do a search for mucus reducing diets.

When I did this, links come up from Ayurveda sites. Not all of what follows is exactly Ayurvedic, but much is.

I learned

1) what foods to avoid

2) what foods were recommended to eat

3) Use Spices! Ginger, Tumeric, are examples. They are anti inflammatory and aid in digestion which is key!

4) I drink 8-16 oz. plain filtered water upon rising, then 10 oz. fresh raw lemon in warm water, then tumeric/ginger tea. You can find that recipe on line.

5) Eat plenty of steamed vegetables throughout the day.

6) very key is letting food digest between meals without snacking. Leave 3-4 hrs btwn breakfast and lunch, and leave 6 hrs btwn lunch and dinner.

7) Wait minimum of 3 hours after eating dinner before lying down! Sit up and read or watch tv, don't recline or put pressure on the belly either.

8) drink water 1 hour, or 30 minutes before a meal, then not again until 1.5 to 2 hrs after eating.

9) Don't eat recooked meats. From what I have read, the oils in the meat go rancid upon the second cooking, and the meats becomes hard to digest and thus inflammatory, causing mucus to form.

10) again, don't snack between meals. Let your meal digest, folks.

All these tips help reduce inflammation and thus mucus. Helps me immensely. Try it for two weeks, you'll be feeling the difference as I did.

Best of health to you all.