Chronic Mucus Remedies

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 06/05/2015
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Hello TonyB

Re; Cough and Mucus from Respiratory...

You ask for other natural remedies since the ACV hasn't worked. Any time I experience chronic cough and mucus I know I have a bronchial infection. I use colloidal silver in a "steamer-inhaler" and breath deeply for three or four minutes three times daily. After three days of this I find the infection is stable and usually has stopped. After a few more days of using the steamer with CS, I find the infection is gone. For long running infections I drink two tablespoons on empty stomach three times daily for a few months to make sure any infection left in my body is gone. Oh, and I also give myself an "irrigation" in both sinuses and ear canals which combined gets to the Eustachian tubes. Don't be surprised if when giving the irrigation the sinuses will sting when you squirt the CS deep into the recesses of the sinus cavity. I find that sometimes a sinus or ear infection will be feeding the bronchial infection. For the irrigation I use an ear syringe. Far superior to a Netie Pot.