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Posted by sarah (los angeles, ca) on 02/08/2009

Has anyone else noticed the huge increase in mosquitoes lately in California? I've lived here 10 years and would usually see about 1 single mosquito per summer, now I have one in my apartment at least once a week! Also- they are HUGE...a lot bigger than I remember, even growing up on the east coast. And they seem to be way more aggressive. I've been wondering lately if there's a trend and if could have anything to do with bio-engineered food we are eating or all of the medications in the bloodstream of the gen pop that they are feeding on? Anyways... it's creepy. It's like they keep feeding on you until you wake up ( I will wake up having 5-6 bites from the same mosquitoe who will literally be attacking me in my sleep and they usually can't be shoo'd away that easy. Does vitamin b help? Used to be one of my favorite things about living in LA was the lack of insects as I am really susceptible to them.

Replied by Kay
(Destin, Fl)

Hawaii was invaded years ago, the primary source determined to be shipping containers full of those lovely little "bamboo plants" in decorative dishes from China. Apparently the mosquito larvea had just enough time to mature during shipping, and when the container was opened for customs/agriculture inspection, the buggers just flew away, established themselves, then started the Dengue Fever epidemic. I still see these plants being shipped in to Florida, and wonder why we allow it full-knowning the many threats & disease vectos it poses... Oh well to late now I guess.

Stinging Nettles

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Posted by Rodica (Torrance, California) on 08/24/2012

my grandmother use, many years ago, in the garden stinging nettles... put in one bucket this plant, cover with water... and let in garden for 3-4 days... after this you can water flowers, vegies... is a very good help for the plant and kill all bugs... not flowers. I think help... because I used and was a good help for me... rodica

Vitamin B

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Posted by Phil (Mt Juliet, Tn) on 09/07/2020


I used to attract Mosquitoes. I had Banana Trees in Kona with big leaves that held rainwater at the leaf stem. When I went near the trees in the rainy season, they would swarm all around me. I used skin so soft to repel them. That works if you put it on your skin every day. I was told about vitamin B and started taking a full complex of vitamin B, two tablets every day. That stopped the Mosquito bites. Some would swarm near, and occasionally one would land. But no bites. After a while, I reduced to one tablet every day. I went about ten years without one bite taking complete vitamin B every day. The only exception was when I was moving recently, I received a mosquito bite before I moved, and after I moved, I received a second bite. Vitamin B is a stress vitamin, and the move was more stressful for me.

Our granddaughter came to Hawaii once a year during the summer, and immediately she was attacked around the Banana plants. We gave her two vitamin B a day for three days. After that, we reduced it to one pill per day. She wasn't bothered again until she went home to Tennessee. After a few bites at home, she started taking vitamin B, successfully deterring Mosquitos.

I know a few tests that have been made discounting the effect. It has worked for me. Good luck.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi there Phil,

My short dissertation on Mosquitoes follows:

- Ocean cruising sailors departing New Zealand were often encouraged to take a B vitamin supplement every day to ward off mosquito bites that could cause Malaria or Dengue Fever up, in and around the South Pacific Islands. Also, to use something on the skin, of course (some of the old lotions/creams had nasty stuff in them though! ). If the night-time mozzies didn't give you Malaria, then the day-time team would give you the Dengue Fever or maybe you could cop a double whammy!!?? Along with the pesky droning, the annoying biting and itching afterwards, it tended to take the shine off that Dream, South Pacific holiday!

From recall, it could have been the B6 OR the B12 that was touted BUT with the B vitamins, I was given to understand that the combination B's worked better in synergy rather than separately. It seemed to work for some people. Old folklore also suggested that the reason that the EARLY Amazon River natives never got bitten, was because they never ate SUGAR and the mozzies were smart enough to be able to tell and were not attracted?! Strange, I thought a lot of sugar was grown in Brazil! Yes, banana plants (not trees please) and mosquitoes seem to go hand in hand.

But if your neighbour likes to have lots of empty flower pots or dishes lying around in their garden, these will collect moisture and be a great breeding ground for them. Especially old tyres. Oh, do I have a thing with old tyres and mozzies!! If my ankles are exposed, boy do they LOVE me! Yet they get greatly confused by my hairy arms and legs - just saying! So, I have a New Zealand made, external use only, product that has Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine, Manuka, (I have posted about this one before and not just for the Honey Bees), Tea Tree (ditto)+ Lemongrass. I am unaware of the proportions (if I knew them I would bottle the stuff) but it is good for Sandflies, Mosquitoes, Midges and Black Flies a/c the label. Safe to use on chn apparently (nobody die), 100% natural -- use sparingly and often. Soothes as well as repels - what's not to like? Oh, and did I mention it smells O.K. too! The Good Oil comes at the end (at last! ). Phew!

Cheers from Down Under


Hi Michael from NZ,

What's the brand name of this NZ oil? Thanks.

(Camp Hill, Pa.)

I agree. And Brewer's Yeast is high in B vitamins. I used to put it in the dog's food and it repelled mosquitoes from her.

Replied by Anita
(Outside U.S./Canada)
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I have always been a mosquito magnet, and get horrible allergic reactions to the bites. Skin so soft is hard to get hold of here, so I'm saving the dregs for special occasions. This past week, I twice found a mosquito in my apartment, swiftly despatched each time. But when I looked for the inevitable bites, I couldn't fine any. This seemed impossibly lucky but now I know the reason - I recently started taking a Vitamin B complex tablet once a day. To say I'm overjoyed is an understatement!

White Vinegar

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Posted by Sabita (Florida ) on 03/17/2022

Hi Trista, that's wonderful that cucumber worked on your daughter's mosquito bites. I keep a small spray bottle of white vinegar in my purse to use on mosquito bites. Very effective also.

Replied by Pam E.
(South-Western California)
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Vinegar also seems to neutralize or be an anti-inflammatory for bee & wasp stings, too! I used to swell up all around the area & turn red & be in excruciating pain for several days ... but no more since using vinegar on stings immediately!

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