Detox from Mercury Poisoning

| Modified on Jul 06, 2021

The single most effective treatment for mercury poisoning is detox. However, this step can be achieved in a variety of manners. Many natural supplements deliver detoxifying benefits when used frequently and in accordance with suggested dosing.

What is Mercury Poisoning?

Mercury is a naturally occurring substance found in a variety of forms; however, the most concerning is organic mercury. Found in large amounts if different types of fish, organic mercury or methylmercury can cause alarming health conditions including mercury poisoning.

High levels of mercury affect individuals of different ages in different ways; however, several common symptoms of poisoning include learning delays, short attention span, memory deficit, delayed speech and language skills, impaired coordination and lack of motor control. In general, mercury poisoning is caused by overexposure to organic mercury. This substance is found in the highest concentrations in shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish.

Mercury Detoxification

Eliminating the overabundance of mercury in the symptom is the main goal of detoxification. Several natural substances aid in this removal process including garlic, cilantro and Brazil nuts. These elements possess unique characteristics that chelate the mercury out of an individual’s system.


Garlic is a natural herb known for its pungent flavor and aroma. It aids in fighting mercury by delivering sulfur and several other nutrients to the system. The sulfur in garlic neutralizes mercury and carries it out of the body.


Another herb, cilantro also aids in the fight against mercury. This substance actually binds to mercury in the bloodstream and then filters it out of the system. Combined with garlic, this herb is considered a superfood for its potent ability to fight mercury poisoning.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a food akin to that of a natural supplement. Complete selenium and several other powerful mineral complexes, Brazil nuts natural neutralize mercury toxins and expel them from the body. A mere handful of these nuts each day is enough to fight mercury poisoning.

While a balanced diet incorporates a variety of different fishes, eating too much fish can lead to a toxic amount of mercury in the system. Natural neutralizers like garlic, cilantro and Brazil nuts, however, neutralize the compound and prevent overexposure to the element.


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Posted by Eve (Sydney, Australia ) on 07/05/2021 15 posts

I was very ill and dying in hospital from what was eventually diagnosed as Crohn's disease. I was released from the hospital when I was allowed to have high doses of probiotics that got my bowels working again.

After searching for a cure over many years, I found an orthomolecular practitioner who did some hair analyses. She found that my bowel was saturated with mercury, likely from my amalgam dental fillings.

I went on a strict mercury detox including lots of lemon water (quarters of 1 lemon in a large bottle of Evian water daily) and a special diet. I also had my amalgam fillings replaced by resin fillings.

I eventually rid my body of the mercury and was totally cured of Crohn's disease. This was 20 years ago. Since then and today, my bowels are perfect.

Posted by Amy (Colorado) on 08/05/2013

I went to a bad dentist over 20 years ago and after a really few great dentists looked at my teeth, they all said that the first dentist gave me fillings because my molars are deep but it was unessesary and I did not have any cavities. I have not had any cavities ever since.

I wanted to make the mercury filligns fall out naturally and then remineralize my teeth naturally. I did chip my front tooth and my really good dentist muscle tested me and put on a compatible and flouride free composit on that tooth, which I do not want to fall out.

Is there anything that I can do to make the mercury fall out?

Replied by Jcee
(Ca, Usa)

If you're having problems with mercury fillings, you may have a methylation cycle block which can be unblocked. Start researching it. I started at a site called B12 methylation FAQ How I recovered by Eric.

I ordered the two kinds of methyl B12's and methyl folate (metafolin). 45% of the population genetically have a problem of utilizing regular B12 and folic acid and need a more available form (the methyl form). I've been on it for a couple weeks and already my body temperature has increased by one and a half degrees to normal! Hasn't been normal in years.

If one has any reaction on these, it is highly likely one has the block. I reacted strongly at first and needed to titrate very slowly.

Very briefly, methylation has to do with detox. If one's glutathione levels are low then they can no longer protect the fragile B12's from toxins, infections, stress. Oddly, at first, this can Not be corrected by increasing one's glutathione and doing so can actually make things worse (has to do with the sulfur cycle).

Families with chronic fatigue, FM, MC, crohn's, alzheimers are suspect. Also autism.

Replied by Jcee
(Ca, Usa)

In response to... "Is there anything that I can do to make the mercury filling fall out?" Possibly oil pulling, especially if the filling is defective in any way.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Jcee; concerning getting rid of your mercury fillings... Unless the situation requires immediate removal... The way I got rid of mine was every time over eight or ten years I had dental work done and the filling needed "patching" I requested the Dentist replace the whole filling with a non mercury filling. And requested that he use a "dam" to contain the remnants of the filling to keep it out of my system. After six or so such filling replacements all the mercury was out of my mouth. I recall one MD (Mercola I believe) talked of having all his mercury replaced and it was not done by one who was experienced in such replacements resulting in too much mercury being released into his system.

The slow method that I outlined didn't let too much mercury into me so as I would occasionally detox my own system from the little released over time and thus it never accumulated. Nor was there a big release of mercury at any one time from a multiple filling removal.

Replied by David
(Central, Sc)

Dave, Is your dentist you worked with in the Fountain Inn area still practicing? Am asking because I have some fillings that I planned on doing the very same with that you did, and I don't live too far from your neck of the woods.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Dave (from Central), I'm the Dave from Fountain Inn you wrote about having the mercury fillings removed. Lots of dentists now know how to take out the fillings using a dam so the debris does not get down into your throat. Email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to refer the dentists to you... in Greenville, SC. Make sure you say in the subject you are "Dave from Central" so we will know you are not a legal matter. Look forward to hearing from you.

Replied by Amy

I guess I'll try oil pulling. Is there anything other suggestions for making them fall out? I heard people who did the Gerson diet had them fall out but I was hoping not to go that extreme, colonics, etc and I am a meat eater. I have not had any major problems from the fillings, I just don't want mercury in my mouth.

Also, other than the fact that they are mercury (which is crazy to use), I don't think they are defective, so I hope oil pulling will still work. For this particular thing what would be the best oil to use?

Replied by Tammy

My 2 cents would be to start the detox with a colon cleanse before anything! To avoid die offs and healing made a huge difference for me. I used to have very high mercury levels (big fish eater) with candida and I had really scary memory and coordination issues...Zeolite was one option that was recommended by the candida experts group, although they explained that it had to be combined with other herbs in order to support the entire heavy metal removal cycle. After about 2-3 weeks into the process, I started to feel much better. My tests after 4 weeks showed my mercury levels were dropping. It took me about 4 additional months to get them to the normal range, but at least I was feeling great so I didn't mind to keep doing the cleanse

Replied by George D.

You should read the book It's All In Your Head by Hal Huggins. He has a protocol that he used when he was alive (d. 2014). He was a dentist who was against mercury. Also read The Root Canal Coverup by George Meinig. GREAT books. I had my mercury amalgams and root canals removed by the Huggins protocol. However, there are only a few people in america who follow his protocol. The one I went to was in Scranton, PA. Dr. Grube

Posted by Artemisis (London, United Kingdom) on 12/02/2012

Could anyone help me with identifying whether amalgam lodged in my upper jawbone is causing eruptions on my cheek.

I had botched root fillings 15 yrs ago and later found out the amalgam (yes people, he used amalgam as a root filler! ) had been forced through the root into the jawbone. 5 years later another hopeless "dentist" attempted to remove the amalgam from two locations; first above the root of upper left 5 and the second lump around upper left 6. Result: upper left 6 removed wilth huge abscess attached and huge hole drilled above upper left 5 but he missed the amalgam and it is still in there. However, I have a huge gaping hole and masses of bone loss.

I have been on H202 for various reasons and suddenly, lesions appeared on the cheek right above where the amalgam would be. They are not infected but are inflamed. SO unsightly and florid and livid. I thought perhaps they may be a reaction to H202 on the mercury? I tried working out the chemistry but my brain can't do it as I only got O level chemistry many years ago! I don't know if I should leave off the H202 and stop all de-toxing so as not to disturb the amalgam. There is no way I can have more invasive surgery; there is no bone left there to excavate, although I'm sure I could find another sadist dentist to make more mischief there. Nothing applied topically helps the lesions; they just run their course and have got worse as my dose of H202 has increased (up to 10 drops twice a day - but stopping that and inhaling through the mouth 3% 3 times a day).

Many thanks, bcbg75

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Artemisis, I'm so sorry for what you've had to endure. I don't know if you have seen my post to "Root Canals and Tooth Abscesses" It is an interview with an esteemed dentist who is known as the father of mercury free dentistry. He was and is still a maverick in this field challenging standard procedures and commonly accepted practices. You will find it chock full of pertinent information to some of your queries. Here is the link of the interview:

Another one of interest to you would be his site where he has articles on topics about amalgams and mercury. His Institute also will answer questions by phone and help you find a Dr. practicing his protocols. The only thing is, I notice you are in England so, not sure if they have connections there. Here is that link:

Hope this helps. Again, so sorry you have had to suffer with all this. Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Searchlight
(Dayton, Oh)

Please read a book by Dr. Jerry Tenant (he is one of the founders of laser surgery for the eye). The book is called Healing Is Voltage. He states that any dead cells in the body cause infections. A tooth with a root canal is a dead tooth-it will cause infection. Therefore he states its better to remove the tooth than have a root canal.

Replied by Maureen
(London, U.K.)

So does an implant work in the same way. Would an implant cause infection. I was thinking of chelating and was wondering would it be better to get the two teeth I have with fillings out and replace them with implants.

Replied by Anonymous
(Seattle, Wash)

My holistic dentist extracted both root canal and removed all five mercury fillings. Some people may choose to this all at once, some may not. The next step is the urinalysis, pre-provoked test and the post check it will check level of merury in the urine. The new mercury test is called Mineral Derangement test a method of hair analysis that compares toxic metal levels to one's mineral levels this test apparently gives a very accurate reading. Blood tests are not recommended according to my MD he is specialist in this area I had the Clifford test which determines what metals chemicals you are allergic too, The cost for all tests, chelation and out of pocket for all dental work was $16,000, fair considering the work. Replaced everything with ceramic porcelain even the screws are porcelain NO metal at all! I'm drinking fresh cilantro juice and chorella to help detox.

Replied by Anthony
(Philly, Pa)

Holy moly.... $16,000. I want to get metal out of my mouth to? Insurance didn't pay for any of it? My hair analysis indicates mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium. Jeez, that's a lot. How do you feel? Thanks for your story.

Replied by Anonymous
(Seattle, Wash.)

Sorry I should of mentioned, we choose to pay out of pocket for dental, so that we can have concierge type of medical insurance.

Just call your holistic dentist office, tell them what you would like to do and they will call your insurance carrier and they will find out the yearly allowance for root canals extractions and the allowance for replacing heavy metal filling and resin composite fillings. Some people will do this over a couple years to save money. I did it in one sweep.

All heavy metal are detrimental to health, even what looks like a white crowns may have aluminuim, nickel, mercury, silver and even the gold ones are mixed metals they are rarely 100% gold. My dentist says. " one of the most deadly combination is nickle crown over mercury. " The condition of your gums underneath the crown tells all.

Have the dentist office give you a breakdown of fillings and crowns chemical composition. I did and I know for a fact that the porcelain I paid for is 99.99% porcelain. You do not want porcelain mixed with any metal at all.

Our holistic dentist does root canal extractions and implants he also uses ozone. If you can find a dentist that injects ozone at the site of root canal extractions and infected sites . Ozone is amazing it kills any and all types of infections. You cannot have ozone injections if you have mercury in your mouth, mercury cancels out the effects of ozone. Think this process before your begin.

According to an expert in chelation. You cannot have chelation if your health is comprimised in any way, it will cause a devastating effect to your health. The reasons are too many reasons to list here. There are many natural chelators, cilantro juice, choleralla, NAC, and alpha lipoic acid, after some research it seems many authorities are in disagreement about if these are the safest methods.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I used cilantro pesto when I was feeling pretty ill, and I felt amazing after that! Also used chlorella. I would have to disagree with you.

Replied by Yekara
(Boston, Ma)

I just got 2 amalgams removed, after being told that they might be making me sick. She was not a holistic person, did use a dental dam and high volume evacuator, but that was it for protection. I feel a lot more tired since she did it, and someone knowledgeable said absolutely do not have a non holistic removal.

I feel much more tired since doing it, I was tired before also, must lay down numerous times daily, but do not fall asleep. I feel so tired. The person also says not to detox from mercury til all fillings are out, but I cannot afford a holistic dentist. Is this accurate?

Also have very bad pain in neck, feels crusty inside and gravelly and neck jerks. I don't know what to do, any ideas on how to safely detox?

Could you be very specific, as I feel overwhelmed with all the info. and have a hard time processing all the info. Thanks, Yekara

Replied by Timh
2064 posts

Y: Two easy methods of HM detox are "Detox Foot Pads" which are placed on feet bottoms before retiring and remove upon waking. You can buy these wholesale prices on Ebay 50 or 100 counts. Method two is "Sodium Thiosulfate" whole body hot baths. 1/4 to 1/2 cup will neutralize most heavy metals in the body. More than one bath may be necessary.

Do have a hair analysis for HM's to be sure on what or how much to detox.

Hope this helps you and waiting to hear your update.

Replied by Mamama

Hello Yekara, I am also in MA. Go to EAV testing (approx. $200)will tell you if any of your teeth/fillings are making you sick. I have the same symptoms as you and was totally overwhelmed. I had a crown done at a regular dentist a few months ago. Then I got so sick and fatigued that I had to quit my job. I couldn't function normally.

Replied by Ellen
(Eureka, Ca)

You referenced EAV ..??? Is that a test I can order and take at home? . Or? I have Traumatic Brain Injury and have problems with comprehension .. Thank you for helping.

EC: Hi Ellen, the poster Mamama was suggesting to Yekara, another poster who lives in Massachusetts, to check out a particular service offered at a Groton, Massachusetts dental clinic. This wouldn't work for you in California!

Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 05/21/2012

Hello Ted, Bill... Anyone??? I am doing a Mercury Detox right now because I have 3 amalgam fillings... But, I also have BRACES... Is it okay to do a Mercury or METAL detox when you have BRACES on your teeth??? I just want to make sure I don't damage myself... ANYONE PLEASE??? Joyce

Replied by Dave
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Hi Joyce, It is not a good idea to do any chelation while you still have mercury amalgams in your mouth, it can cause more mercury to be deposited in your brain. Chelation needs to be done correctly or you can make your health worse - I suggest you check out for good advice on how to proceed. Dave

Replied by Shelley
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

I am a dental hygienist but no longer practice. However I have dealt with the amalgam issue. What I did was find a biological dentist, for me this meant going to Indianapolis, but the man was incredible. He had acceptable solutions for root canals and crowns also. As to removing mercury from the system, I now use bentonite clay and very effective. There is also another clay, zeolite, which I used for a while. It is extremely powerful, absorbing about 500 times its weight in water.

(Louisville, Ky)

Shelly in Fort Wayne, I'd like to know who you recommend in Indianapolis, too, please. There's no one around here who is so thorough as what you describe.

Need Root Canal extraction and really want it done right after all the bad interventions trying to save the tooth. Thanks

Replied by Robert E
(Washington Dc)

How do you use bentonite? What do you do with it?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U ROBERT E , google and you will get 1,100,000 answers.


Replied by Lela
(Merrillville, In)

Question for Shelly Fort Wayne. Please send me info on your dentist in Indianapolis. would greatly appreciate it.

Replied by Wydo

Hi, I've been looking into mercury detox and researching it lately. It seems the usual means of detox listed in EC just stirs it up and it resettles in the brain. The premier researcher on this is Dr. Christopher Shade PHD. He says that there is 3 phases of detox. If everything is working right then the liver filters it out and puts it into the intestines but it just gets reabsorbed. There are products that you can take that will mop it up in the intestines so you will eliminate it from your body and that is the final phase. It is best to have a dentist that knows this procedure or a Naturopath that can guide you along and test you. You can go to his website to find the nearest dentist or Naturopath to go to. You can find his lectures on YouTube just do a search there of Chris Shade and you can find many video lectures.

EDTA, chlorella, cilantro and other things just stir it up in the body so you need to know the other 2 phases of the detox. Anybody that does work in a lab knows how sticky mercury is and the trouble it takes to get it off the lab equipment. About 12% of the population has a problem of the natural process of removing mercury from the system. You also need to know how to get it out of the brain. Be careful with this as is can lead to many more problems. If you have candida you will have biofilms that the yeast and bacteria has collected up and stored to protect itself. Good products like Nattokinase can break up biofilms but will release mercury so it can be reabsorbed into the body where it can re harm you. So you need to study how to do this or get help.

Replied by Melody

PLEASE Help Me... I have 8 mercury fillings in my teeth and having bizarre symptoms, metal taste, losing brain functions, and feeling sicker.

I keep reading that even if I eat garlic and cilantro it can make mercury poisoning "worse" in detoxing?

Please, please tell me HOW to help my body not be as sick... I don't have thousands of dollars to get holistic dental help, so I'm stuck with the mercury. But I could at least try to detox it enough to where it won't take over me?

Please tell me of cheaper ways to slow down the mercury poisoning? Thank You so much.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Melody ... I have plenty of fillings too. Any leakage is so slow it shouldn't give anyone noticeable symptoms. You shouldn't have fillings removed because that would release a lot of mercury in the drilling. What you describe must be something else. But to get rid of mercury, and other metals, take the chelator EDTA. Take it with cilantro which is said to release mercury in the brain. It worked for me. I had an actual mercury poisoning.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Melody, read up on drinking clay. Pls start WAY lower than any suggested dosage.

Replied by Jordan

Bob: did you really just say that the leakage is slow so it will not cause any symptoms? That's a bunch of crap. Especially if the fillings are going bad which will cause them to leak even more. Mercury poisoning from fillings can cause a wide range of symptoms, many of which affect the CNS like she is describing. I would suggest finding a biological dentist who follows the IAOMT protocol and getting them removed safely. And then start detoxing after. I get mine removed in 5 days and plan to detox with zeolite among a few other natural remedies. If that doesn't work, I will give Andy cutlers protocol a shot. But please stop spreading misinformation. Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean she won't. Please do more research.


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Posted by Kjasmooth (Dallas, TX, USA) on 01/15/2012

Hello I have had mercury poisoning or should I say discover that I have mercury poisoning a few months now. I tried chlorella for the first 3 months, did major research but chlorella disbursal to help. My symptoms seemed like they got worse. Facial and body hair is falling out. Hands and feet are tingling. I have a metal taste in my mouth, increased in saliva, and my teeth seem to have changed it's texture also. There more sensitive, I read and have done major research and some sources say that I can even cause teeth to fall out. So now im taking HMD which stands for heavy metal detox. Ive only been taking it for 5 days. I've done research on it and Im concerned about my health, but
Not really worried because I've been in prayer. What can cause teeth to fallout from mercury and is there any thing I can do to prevent this from happening. I definitely need my teeth I'm only 24 years old. The mercury as also caused my blood pressure to rise as well. Thanks for your help

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2064 posts

Kjasmooth, I just read a newsletter from Jon Baron Baseline Of Health promoting a metal detox of specially formulated Cilantro & Chlorella to be very effective metal removal; at any rate it seems quite important to use Cilantro in combination with Chlorella.

Replacing needed minerals is almost always the case during metal detox, so consider detox one week and mineral supplementation the next (rotation). You also need to boost your Glutathione (NAC Vit-C is a good G booster) as well as all other antioxidants. Calcium D for the teeth although the Vit-C alone often can stabilize the teeth.

Lots of purified water and maybe some Marshmallow Root for Kidney support.

Hope this helps, report changes.

Replied by Birdie
(Calgary, Alberta)

I didn't have any benefit with chlorella for my mercury (dental) poisoning. I got my old "silver" mercury fillings out and replaced with white composite, in 3 sessions. Two hours after the first session, I suddenly felt a great "lift" in how I felt. More benefits followed after getting the rest of the teeth done. Then I used Olive Leaf Extract Capsules, worked well to displace the candida which usually accompanies mercury.

Then I tried a full fledged heavy metal detox, powdered Zeolite (cliniptilolite) from _____ brand. I could feel the difference within a couple of hours, I put a heaping tbsp in juice twice a day. I felt better and better, my nerves calmed down nicely, my personality (aspergers) got a whole lot more congenial, I don't get as upset about stuff anymore, I am physically not oversensitive anymore. I don't wake up feeling like I want to leave planet earth ASAP anymore.

I am convinced that a lot of anxiety and depression in people is nothing more than heavy metal poisoning, found in vaccinations and fish, and sprayed as a fungicide on fields of grain. So as long as "they" are injecting it into you, feeding it to you, etc., "they" continue to line their wallets later on when your nerves are so frayed you run to your Dr.and get anxiety medication or antidepressants. Great way to keep their profits flowing, eh?? Even if you dont have mercury fillings; if you were born to a mother who had a mouthful of "metal" fillings, you are very likely to absorb her mercury in utero before you were born, hence the "runs in the family" syndrome, so you still have an overload of mercury. Aspergers is also called super male brain, ie strong choleric personality, very stunting socially....

Replied by Neighbourly
(Winnipeg, Canada)

My understanding of mercury removal is that any mercury pulled out of the cells must be processed by the liver. So, your liver must be non-congested and fully functioning. I would see to that first if it was me. Best to you!

Replied by Colin
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Please Google Dr. Chris Shade on Mercury Detox. His information is essential for all who wish to detox heavy metals. His bottom line: chelation alone, with chlorella, DMSA, DMPS or whatever is useless, even harmful, unless the elimination pathways are opened via right use of cruciferous (sulfate conjugation) vegetables. Otherwise, one just recirculates the metals, causing more problems. His insights are a revelation.

Replied by Amy
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Hey, I too have mercury poisoning. Firstly make sure u have no metal in your body. Be it in ur mouth or any other part.. In ways of screws been put due to a broken bone or something's of a sort. NONE et all. After that have lots of vitamin c liposomal is good as body absorbs abt 99% of it. After that try dmsa. But just 4 mg every 4 hours for 3 days in continuation. If you have any side effects like rashes, constipation... Discontinue and reduce dosage. else wait for 10 days and start again with less dose of it .



Posted by Kimberly (Winston Salem, NC) on 07/08/2013

Please help me find a doctor that will detox the mercury out of my body.

Replied by Teresa M
(Greenville, Sc)

Kim Capelle w/ Raphel's Nutrition out of Greer, SC is wonderful in helping folks detox.

(864) 879-1528


Posted by Margo (Dry Ridge, Ky) on 11/18/2013

Amalgams: Hi, I wanted to ask about the iodoine in its use for Mecury removal. Does this actually remove mecury from the body or prepare it for removal? Should I be taking something with iodine in order to help remove mercury?

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Karla (Winston Salem, Nc) on 11/09/2017

2 weeks ago, I had a mercury filling removed and replaced. The very next day, I noticed that I had left arm pain (the muscles, not the joints) and the left armpit stunk to high heaven. I immediately started charcoal and chlorella and epsom salts baths for detox. It's now at the 2 week mark and I still have the pain and stinky pit. What else can I do? I assume the stink is detox?


Posted by Donna (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 02/07/2012

I read your article on Aspergers/ Autism and mercury poisoning. I live in Australia and am concerned about my 3 yr old granddaughter. She has always been a very hyper child since young, but she was always happy and listened and very good. Since October, 2011, something happened, and she has had terrible behaviour problems, anger & rage, defiant and disobedient, nightmares, crying for nothing, screaming, temper tantrums, things like that.

My daughter took her to the doctor, and she said this is not a normal behaviour for a 3 year old, as a lot of 3 yr olds go through this, but my granddaughter is acting differently than just your normal temper tantrums. My daughter took her little one to see a child psychologist, and he wasn't too concerned at all, and told my daughter that the little one needed more sleep.

However, after reading your article, I am wondering WHERE can a person go to get a toddler tested for Mercury Poisoning? My daughter went to the local GP to get a test, but the doctor told my daughter that they do not do testing for mercury in children. So WHERE AND WHO can we contact to get this poor child tested? I am suspecting something is really wrong with this child and need to help her. Do we need to go to a naturopath/homeopath? I heard of a UPPS, something like that, a urine test to show levels of mercury. Is there no blood test? Hair analysis? What do we do? Can you suggest to me WHO OR WHERE we should go to get her tested for mercury poisoning? Thank you for your help. Donna

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Donna, vaccines contain mercury which is probably why they don't test for it. I think all kids (and adults) need to have their bodies detoxed after they have vaccines. If you look at a mineral interaction chart, iodine will displace mercury. You need to buy some lugols iodine. You can find it online. With iodine you need to supplement with magnesium, vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) and selenium (1 brazil nut should be enough per day for selenium).

Iodine will also displace bromide from the body (bromide is in all the breads these days).

You may want her to go to a naturopath or even a biomedical Doctor. There are some in Queensland that you can google. There are other things you can do to detox her body. Epson salt baths (magnesium sulphate) a few times a week will help to detox and also to raise her magnesium level. Magnesium also has a very calming effect on the body so it will relax her.

Keep her away from processed foods as much as you can because they contain MSG and aspartame which kill brain cells among other things (google excitotoxins). MSG is in all processed foods.

Google GAPS diet (some great youtube videos) and also google GFCF on youtube. A lot of people have reported that taking kids off dairy and gluten have given them their children back. Spend some time on youtube and you will be amazed at the stories from people there.

Replied by Neighbourly
(Winnipeg, Canada)

I have bought product from a company called Osumex (I'm in Canada) and I see that their mercury/heavy metals test kits have an Australian distributor. At least in Canada the owner was very good to deal with.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Debbie, most of us have to buy the Brazil nuts shelled and those seem to have hardly any selenium. I now buy walnuts in the shell.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2064 posts

Donna, if I may suggest a homeopathic formula by Barbara Hendel called "Homeopathic Detoxifier" and "Environmental Defense" that I have had noticeable results with only occasional use. It should bring immediate relief to your granddaughter, and maybe able to completely resolve the issue. Will also not interfere w/ the other recommendations posted for you.

Good luck and please post results.

Replied by Travis M
(Kelowna, Bc)

I had severe mercury poisoning a few years ago and used the Cutler method with great success.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Also, read up on homepathic cures for the liver. There are some great articles with detailed descriptions on the various homeopathic cures tied to exact symptoms. Look up health benefit of Nux Vomica and go from there. Liver problems create mental and emotional problems along with anger.