Membranous Glomerulonephritis Remedies

| Modified on Jun 20, 2014

Natural treatment of membranous glomerulonephritis involves identifying and treating the underlying issues causing the disorder. As this condition is often caused by protein in the using natural supplements such as zinc to lower the protein concentration helps treat the issue. Additionally, alkalizing the body increases immunity and further treats the condition.

What is Membranous Glomerulonephritis?

A disorder of the kidney, membranous glomerulonephritis involves the welling and inflammation of the kidney. More specifically, membranous glomerulonephritis or MGN involves the inflammation of structural elements of the kidney that results in kidney function.

MGN can develop as a primary kidney disease with no known cause; however, the condition more often occurs as the result of underlying health conditions. Exposures to toxins, consumption of certain medication, contraction of infection or skin cancer and the development of a comorbid autoimmune disorder are known causes of MGN. While symptoms vary, common symptoms including swelling in the face or extremities, fatigue, foamy urine, excessive urge to urinate, weight gain and poor appetite.

Natural Treatments for Membranous Nephropathy

While there is no cure for MGN, many natural treatments offer extensive relief and can reverse the progression of the disease. Zinc and magnesium citrate fight infection and reduce the amount of protein in the kidneys. Additionally, apple cider vinegar alkalinizes the body increases immunity and decreases the number of bacteria colonies in the kidneys.


An essential trace element, zinc is a metal that is necessary for human health. Its immune boosting capabilities treat the bacteria that is often associated with membranous glomerulonephritis. In turn, the amount of protein in the body is also reduced.


A key mineral in the human metabolism, magnesium is also an effective treatment option for MGN. Magnesium functions in a number of ways to treat the condition including reducing inflammation, attacking the bacteria in the kidney, balancing immune function and eliminating protein in the kidney.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The alkalinity of the body play’s a large role in the body’s defenses. Apple cider vinegar taken orally raises the alkalinity of the body and reduces bacteria colonies. Essentially, the apple cider vinegar has an antibiotic effect on the body.

Issues of the kidneys can be particularly concerning. However, membranous glomerulonephritis can effectively be treated using natural remedies and lifestyle treatments.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback

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Posted by Patricia (Montreal, Canada) on 08/24/2007

I am 22 and have membranous glomerulonephritis. I have had it for 6 years. I have been on TONS of different medication and nothing has worked. Recently I decided to go off all of my medication, since it wasn't working anyways I figured whats the point of me being on it then.I see a naturpath and homoepath and am very into natural health. My protien levels in my urine are the problem, I am now at around protein a day in my urine. Over the past few years I have gotten better and better with other symptoms (water retention) and the oil pulling which I started about a month ago has really helped my energy. I am now able to work part time. A couple of years ago and I was taking 2 naps a day. It is just the darn protein! I had severe stress in my life before I got this, for sure this was the cause. Do you have any advice to get my protein in my urine down? Thanks! I love your website!

Replied by Yash
(New Delhi, India)

As per report I have been suffering from Membranous glomerulonephritis with diabetes 2 losing protein 2-3 gms daily. My report is: there are 22 glomeruli. One of them is selerosed while all others show diffuse thickening of the basement membrane. The glomerular capillaries are patent and there is periglomerular fiborosis in one. THE TUBULES ARE UNREMARKABLE. Rest immunofluorescent studies were positive with C3 AND WEAK POSITIVE FOR igG AND igM

I have been feeling very weak-unable to walk. I DO NOT GET ANY ENERGY FROM food. FOOD IS NORMAL. THERE IS a fatty lever also. WEAKNESS IS coming gradually. I HAVE VERTICAL HERNIA ALSO. I am 65 years old.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I am very sorry to hear of your condition.

Please take the time to read about the "Gerson Therapy" many degenerative conditions are reversed with their protocol. It consists of juicing large quantities of fresh veggies through out the day, replenishing the body with specific nutrients and coffee enema to release toxins in the liver.

Your body then begins to heal its self

You also mentioned Fatty lever but I am assuming you meant Fatty Liver disorder? If so, you will need to reduce consumption of all meats to a minimum and increase spinach in your diet on a daily basis - mostly raw or if cooked, no longer than 1 minute as all of the nutrients begin to cook out of the leaves.

Your diet should consist of mostly raw vegetables and no longer any store bought juices or sodas.

An herb Chanca Piedra, indigenous to India where it is called Pitirishi or Budhatri will help reverse Fatty Liver disorder. Drink this as tea 2 times a day for 3 months.

I hope this helps. Get well soon!