Measles Remedies

| Modified on Jun 20, 2014

Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 11/09/2012 66 posts

Old Arabian medicine doctors warn of giving measles patient honey.

They advised to give him daily 5-6 pieces of fig fresh or dry. They said that honey keeps the rash inside the body which dangers especially for the liver, but the fig helps to take it out side to the skin.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/15/2011

An interesting article of a study:

There is a lack of convincing evidence that aspirin causes Reye syndrome: it may be one of many possible factors but many cases currently reported are probably due to inborn errors of metabolism. It is unclear whether restricting aspirin use by children has a favourable risk/benefit ratio.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/14/2011

My mother always gave us crushed aspirin in honey when we were little and none of us ever got sick but usually got better. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that there is no PATENT on aspirin.

Reyes Syndrome has no known cure (surprise, surprise) so need more and more money to help "CURE" it. As we all know on this website, many diseases are easily cured but money talks.

I am just saying you need to be mindful of these so called syndromes that have no cure as long as they can get money from the public or the Governments.

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 06/14/2011

It is called Reye's syndrome. Here is a snippet from the National Reye's Syndrome web site (

Reye's Syndrome, a deadly disease, strikes swiftly and can attack any child, teen, or adult without warning. All body organs are affected, with the liver and brain suffering most seriously. While the cause and cure remain unknown, research has established a link between Reye's Syndrome and the use of aspirin and other salicylate containing medications, over the counter products, and topical use products. In 1974, the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, a health advocacy organization, was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charity, whose mission is to eradicate the incidence of Reye's Syndrome.

Posted by Nancy (Tacoma, Wa, Usa) on 06/14/2011

I can't recall just why, but pediatricians always say "DON'T GIVE ASPIRIN TO KIDS!"

Posted by Tanya (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) on 06/14/2011

Hi EC and Ted,

Ted mentioned curing Measles in one day via Aspirin. My 2yr old has a rash and diarrhea (but is otherwise fine - eating, drinking, playing, no fever) and we visited the Dr today, who diagnosed possible Measles (albeit a minor case). He is not immunised. I was just wondering why the internet says quite strongly that Aspirin is dangerous for children under 12 and if I wanted to try the remedy for my 2 yr old, how much should I give him? Thank you kindly.