Malnutrition, in Elderly
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Malnutrition in Elderly

Jul 28, 2015

Malnutrition in the elderly is a serious problem, especially for those who aren't receiving careful monitoring by a family member. How can you help a family member who appears malnourished and underweight? Please let us know your natural remedies to help malnourishment.


Posted by Patty (Houston, Texas, US) on 11/21/2014

Any thoughts on how I can get a traditional medical sytem(hospital, doctors) to accept that malnutrition( admitted by the doctors )might by be helped by real nutrition (not cake, white bread, etc) and also at least a b vitamin supplements..she has weakness, disorientation and all other symptoms of malnutrition. Please help...have talked to the doctor and he agrees to give b vitamins (she also needs HC1 also and vit e, c, etc. but he has not done anything along those lines to couldn't hurt as she will probbly be going to a mental facility (she's 79 and very sick now) please reply if you can...think I might give some vitamins without drs consent if possible...thanks for your knowledge ad God bless you and your associates

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Hi Patty,

This is a formula that was developed to provide excellent nutritional benefit to people who are on feeding tubes, instead of the high carb, basically junk food they have been given. In addition, it is also sold as a meal replacement, and as you can see, is derived from excellent food sources. It would be a good addition to the diet of the person you mention who is malnourished.

Best wishes.