Malaria Treatment

Vitamin C and Echinacea
Posted by Sarah (Baltimore, MD) on 03/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I lived 7 years in West Africa as a teenager. My family and I took medication to prevent contracting Malaria but realized after a year that it was doing more harm to our body than good. After stopping, none of us got malaria until 3-4 years later, as far as we know. After that we would get it regularly, maybe 3-6 times a year. We would always cure it with some type of medication, but my point is that we have discovered since then, the BEST way to PREVENT malaria. Malaria seems to 'break out' when the body is weaker, or in other words when the immune system is low. Maybe I have already been beaten by the female mosquito (anophel in French, sorry don't know the name in EN) but as long as my Immune System is high I can fight malaria back, or it stays dormant in my body. How do i keep my I.S. strong? VIT C and Echinacea are the 2 strongest Immune System boosters (that i know of/have heard of). My husband and I recently went back to W Africa for a visit and I didn't take any medication for malaria, i just took about 2-3000 mg of VIT C /day and a good quantity of Echinacea as well. Didn't get malaria, though I know I got exposed more than once. Hope this helps someone!