Malaria Treatment

Remedies From Togo
Posted by Meg (Lomé, Togo) on 10/26/2007
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Hi! I read the comment on remedies for Malaria, where Tom in Thailand mentions the weed/grass Ya Ka as a common local treatment for malaria. Can you please provide any more information on this plant, for instance what its botanical name might be or what it looks like? I have the idea to try growing it here, but maybe it already does. I know locally here in Togo people will take citronelle as a tea against getting malaria, and there is a cloudy green-yellow drink brewed by the local women that is called "malaria drink", and it contains a number of different ingredients including citronelle, ginger, and pineapple rinds. People will drink it in the morning, and it makes you sweat! I also know people here in West Africa will take a strong tea of neem leaves each day as a preventative (but it is *unbelievably* bitter so I found I couldn't keep drinking it.) Anyway, thanks for any info you might be able to provide.