Malaria Treatment

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/28/2021
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I found an article by the Silver Health Institute which stated, “Research has shown that silver is a potent tool for use against malaria.”

Curious about the reference to research, I did some additional searching and found this study published in The Indian Practitioner in September 2010), with the very impressive title, “Silver Sol Completely Removes Malaria Parasites from the Blood of Human Subjects Infected With Malaria in an Average of Five Days: a Review of Four Randomized, Multi-Centered, Clinical Studies Performed in Africa”

In this study, researchers demonstrated that Silver Sol, a brand of colloidal silver manufactured by American Biotech Labs, was able to remove the malaria parasite from the blood of 56 human subjects in an average of just five days.

Indeed, at a concentration of only 10 ppm, the optimal dose was determined to be 15 ml twice a day. That's approximately one tablespoon, taken twice daily.

According to the study, the fastest cure rate was found to be two days, and the most days required to achieve full recovery was found to be 10 days.

According to the researchers:

“Human subjects were found to have no malaria parasites in their blood (as determined by clinical microscopy) after an average of five days of Silver Sol treatment.

No patients suffered any adverse side effects, while 100% were cured from Malaria in an average of five days.

It is concluded that Silver Sol can be taken daily to completely eliminate the malaria parasite from the blood of malaria infected subjects in an average of five days.”

Silver Sol, of course, is one of the most popular brands of colloidal silver in America, with an impressive amount of research behind it.

The prestigious Times of India reported on the above study, stating:

“Small silver nano particles infused with water can cure malaria in just three days, said Dr. B.M. Hegde, former vice-chancellor of the Manipal University.

Speaking at a lecture on energy medicine at the Voluntary Health Services on Wednesday, he said his study published in the Indian Practitioner, a medical journal on holistic healthcare, showed how tiny silver particles infused with water cured malaria in African population.”

Congressional Testimony

And in Congressional testimony in 2005, William D. Moeller, president of American Biotech Laboratories has stated of colloidal silver's ability to kill the malaria parasite:

“In 2001, twelve bottles of our 10 ppm ASAP colloidal silver product fell into the hands of a medical Doctor in Rwanda, Dr. Ewabuhihl Ezechias. One day I received a frantic telephone call from Dr. Ezechias' office that was in Rwanda caring for a group of very young children who were in the last stages of malaria about to die.

Dr. Ezechias was looking for instructions on how to administer our ASAP 10 [colloidal silver] product to these desperately ill children. I suggested to the Doctor that he measure out a teaspoon or two to each of the children, two or three times a day and that he repeat the process until the children hopefully showed some improvement.

He responded abruptly that there was no time for measuring anything – the situation was far too grave for “such niceties.” All of these children had temperatures around 105 degrees, had not improved with conventional treatments and were all about to die.

He asked me if he could simply put the water into their bottles. Knowing of its totally non-toxic properties and sensing his desperation, I assured him that it would not hurt the children.

Days later, Dr. Ezechias contacted and told me that he had put the ASAP 10 ppm water directly into the drinking water bottles of 11 of these children. All 11 of the young children who received the ASAP 10 ppm got better. A week later, the 11 left his clinic alive and healthy.”

So there is indeed preliminary clinical evidence that colloidal silver works against the malaria parasite in humans.

More Documentation

According to the book, Biomedical Applications of Metals, a 324 page medical book, silver has demonstrated “significant activity” against malaria. The authors wrote:

“Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases, and has become a public health problem in many countries. The ineffectiveness of treatment against this disease is the main reason behind its threat.

Current malaria treatment strategies have failed due to drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum (the parasite that causes malaria) and drug toxicity in humans. Thus, the development of effective anti-malarial drugs is something that is needed.

Silver as discussed in the course of this chapter, presents several applications in the medical field, for the treatment of malaria; the form of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) demonstrated significant activity against the malaria parasite called P. falciparum and its vector female Anopheles mosquito.

AgNPS may be a solution for the control of this disease.”

The authors conclude by stating, “Silver has demonstrated inhibitory activity against malaria which is a dreaded disease especially in tropical and developing countries, where public health is still a problem.”