Low Body Temperature

Iodine, Tyrosine, Selenium, Iron
Posted by Jon (Australia) on 11/10/2014
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My sister had very low body temperature (about 35.3oC), very cold hands and feet, felt cold all the time, she started taking Tyrosine, Iodine, Selenium and plant-iron, and now is much warmer (36.7).

Here how increased her temperature,

- Tyrosine 750mg x2 daily (morning and afternoon) (1,500mg total /day)

- iosol Iodine drops. 3-7 drops per day (in the morning) /day.

- Selenium, 200mcg /day.

- Garden of Life plant-iron. 1-3 capsules per day.(might have molasses when runs out, avoid regular iron supplements. Rainbow light plant-iron or Garden of life iron are the only 2 good ones I know of.)

Low iron can cause low body temperature and also block thyroid function when iron levels are low.

But check you are indeed low in iron before taking iron because you don't need it if you are not low in it.

Selenium is very important to take when taking iodine. It is such a wonderful nutrient.

Here's a comment which mentions iron increasing temperature...

"After only two days... I had more energy and my body temperature started to rise. Now after 3 weeks, I continue to have increased energy, I am sleeping better, and my hands and feet are warm for the first time in 30 years."

These comments for Tyrosine mention it helped to increase body temperature...

"I use this (Tyrosine) to help with thyroid function. When I use it, my low body temp (~96) goes up to 97.5 and higher, a sure sign that the thyroid is functioning better. L-tyrosine is great"

"(Tyrosine) Worked instantly to improve energy, metabolism, and increased my body temperature. Great for hypothyroidism."

Here's a comment mentioning Improved body tempreature from iosol iodine drops...

"One of the best products I have used for improved thyroid and increasing body warmth. One day I checked my temperature in the morning it was 35 celsius. I got up took 10 drops of Iosol and within an hour it was 36 degrees C. Very quick results. Need to be careful not to take too much as you can get racing heart and over energized, uncomfortable. I gave it to my husband who has ADD and he noticed more ability to focus, remember and think more clearly. Go to the dose which helps and reduce if over-stimulation occurs."

Here's another comment for iosol iodine drops...

"I use to be on medication for my thyroid. Now that I have found Iosol ll I no longer need medication. And my hair stopped falling out. I am not as irritable, and my body temperature is more even."

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