Low Body Temperature

Celery Juice
Posted by Dan (Ca) on 06/23/2020

I've had low body temp for 10 years - ever since I had a benign tumor removed from my pituitary. My "normal" temp is 96.2 - 96.7. 2 full degrees below normal. I've tried many things - sauna (purchased my own), iodine, vitamins / minerals, various herbs, GAPS diet, etc. The only thing that really helped was iodine but it was always temporary and might add a degree at best.

I happened upon a book by Anthony Williams called Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal. I decided I wanted to cleanse my liver for reasons other than my temperature. Honestly I've given up trying to correct it so I rarely think about it except when I get cold in conditions where I shouldn't be cold. Anyway, he often referred to juicing celery at the start of his book so I decided to begin with that while I continue to read it. That was 7 days ago that I started.

3 days ago I noticed I was feeling really warm all day. Decided to take my temperature and it's 98.6, three days in a row. I've never approached 98.6 except after sitting in a hot tub for 30 minutes. Then it goes away within an hour. I'm cautiously optimistic and very excited.

I have not changed my diet - the only thing I've done is juice a full bunch of celery every morning on an empty stomach. It's important not to add ANYTHING to the celery juice, and it needs to be juiced not blended. An immediate benefit I'm noticing is I don't feel tired. It's been so long since I haven't been chronically tired.