Lichen Planopilaris Remedies

Feb 26, 2017

Natural treatment for Lichen planopilaris involves a combination of home remedies and herbal supplements which have antibiotic and antifungal properties.

What Is Lichen Planopilaris?

A rare inflammatory condition, lichen planopilaris causes patchy, progressive and permanent hair loss, specifically on the scalp. While the condition most often affects young adult women, it can also affect men. The condition frequently develops in combination with lichen planus, which is a condition that affects the skin, mucous membranes and nails.

Lichen planopilaris often causes characteristic patches of scalp hair loss that appear smooth and white. Additionally, no hair follicle openings are visible at the sites of hair loss. The edges of patches may appear scaly and red, and hairs can be easily removed or pulled out. Other symptoms include itching, pain, tenderness, discomfort and burning at and around the hair loss sites. The condition typically progresses slowly and affects the sides, front and lower back of the scalp.

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planopilaris

While lichen planopilaris is often pervasive and progressive, several natural remedies can help. As lichen planopilaris is an inflammatory condition, using calming oils and treatments often offers relief and treatment.

Castor Oil

Castor oil applied to the hair and scalp can offer relief from the condition and prevent further spread of irritation.

Herbs for lichen Planopilaris

Stinging Nettle and Horsetail are two effective herbs for the hair. Drinking these in a tea daily will help fortify the hair.

Coconut Oil

Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil is another option that can be used directly on the scalp or taken orally for its antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Lichen Planopilaris Remedies  

Posted by Dragana (Bosnia and Hercegovina) on 10/09/2013

Greetings. Coming to you from Europe or more precisely BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA. I am 28 and for 7 years I have alopecia. For many years I have had a diagnosis of androgenetic ALOPECIA, but before only 7 days for the first time I was doing a biopsy of the parietal Most attacks findings showed that I have ALOPECIA CICATRICIALIS (LICHEN PLANOPILARIS) ... Doctor told me that there is no chance that the hair begin to grow again in places where she fell because of roots in these places is dead at least that finding showed but they will try to halt further decline.. He prescribed me an antibiotic that will use the next 6 months and is called DOXYCYCLINE 100mg 2x a day ... Please do you agree with his opinion, and is there any possibility that you can help me is there any drug or anything that you can recomend to me? Than you. Kind Regards Dragana

Replied by Andrea C

Hi, I don't know of any 'Natural Remedies' for this, but that does not mean there's not one. I would go look at 'Youtube' as there is loads of people have cured it themselves. Just type in: 'ALOPECIA CICATRICIALIS (LICHEN PLANOPILARIS)': This will bring up lots of Natural cures. Love Andrea C xxxxx

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Dragana, some people have applied Castor Oil for this.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Dragana,

Doxycycline is, I think, a strong antibiotic, with some serious side effects. Long term use of antibiotics (and sometimes even short term use) can cause all kinds of long term health problems. Are they thinking that a bacteria is causing your condition? There are many things that will fight a bacterial infection much safer than an antibiotic. But you really will want to do your research before rejecting your doctor's advice.

Some things that I would consider using would be Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It is also very nutritious. It healed my son's mono very quickly, when we had been told by a doctor that all we could do was wait it out. You could start with 1 teaspoon twice a day. If that agrees with you, try 2 teaspoons twice a day the next week. The next week, try 3 teaspoons twice a day, and stay at that dose if it agrees with you.

Nettle and Horsetail are both excellent herbs for the hair. You could make a tea with both together (and peppermint for flavor if you like. ) I would try to drink a quart a day.

Blackstrap Molasses is high in nutrients and good for the hair. You could take 1 Tablespoon twice a day.

Rosemary Essential Oil is good for the hair. You could put 10 drops in 1 T. Of Coconut oil and massage it into affected areas an hour before shampooing, ir use it overnight. Oh, make sure your hair care products are free of SLS. You might look at shampoo alternatives here on Earth Clinic. Also, most hair color is very bad for the hair, scalp, and brain.

Ted's Alkalizing Formula, found on this website, may also be helpful to you.

Please do keep us posted about how you are doing and let us know what helps!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jenny
Peyton, Colorado

Are there any hair colors that can be considered non toxic and safe with this condition?

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Jenny (Peyton, Colorado) ---

Jenny, maybe you may want to research HENNA products. They have inbuilt potency re diseases of the scalp. They have paler shades too. It makes interesting reading. Hope this helps.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Diane
St. Paul, Mn

I've started using henna to color my hair. I also add indigo to make it darker. It takes longer, but it's a better alternative.

Replied by Alyssa S
Guilford, Ct

Hello, I see that you posted this 2 years ago and I hope you have found the right balance of medication or remedies, but I've been fighting lichen planopilaris for about 5 years. I was started on plaquenel, then sent to a Dr at Yale and he has put me on doxycycline, and sulfasalazine. These are maintaining the inflammation from spreading. I do have a significant amount of hair loss and no, it will not grow back. We are waiting for this to burn out once and for all.

Replied by Yoly B.

I was just diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris and not only am I devasted, I am so afraid. They claim it's at its early stages and have injected my scalp with Steroids. The doctor also recommended that I apply Rogaine. I have appts with a rheumatologist as well as an autoimmune dermatologist. Any home remedy suggestions? Can the condition be reversed if the inflammation is stopped or controlled?

Replied by Dian

Hi Yoly - I was diagnosed a year ago; although from everything I know now I believe I had it for several years before I was biopsied and diagnosed. My hair is gone around my face and has moved back on my forehead about two inches.... I have lost a lot and it is getting thinner all over. I am wearing a hairpiece now (topper) which looks great and nobody (not even my Mom) knows about my condition. I am curious what your results were with your Autoimmune Dermo? I do know that the steroid shots I rcvd and the medication (Placquenel - I took for about 8 months) did slow my hair loss progress and no more itching.. but that was about it. I am only 49 and have always had long hair.. kind of my signature, but I am slowly realizing that my condition will likely continue to progress. I stopped the medicine because the medicine they prescribe is strong and can cause worse issues and is not a cure for what I have. What I have found is that talking to other people who have this condition and deciding it will not rule my life has been the best medicine for me. I am always checking just to make sure there hasn't been a break through. That is actually why I was on this site. Stay positive - my husband says I'm not losing my hair my pretty face is just getting bigger :)

Replied by Megan

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask about the first symptoms you had because I am Young and believe that I may have this? Don't worry I am not asking anyone to diagnose this but am just asking about the symptoms you first had when developing this? did you have any noticeable inflamation around the affected follicles and did the areas feel different from the non affected part, did they feel more rougher, raised and have a flaky texture with no noticeable flakes but very sore ichy and tender? Sid the patches feel very sore but look normal with no spots at first then develop in to inflamed red patches with noticeable hair loss? Did your hair texture change to dry and brittle? Do you tend to loose more hair on different days the others? Does the inflammation feel worse when you tie your hair up, feel stressed, tired some patches feel worse yet better on different days.

I have been having these symptoms for nearly a year now and been to the doctors about these symptoms and have since been given a medication for these symptoms but am worried about the side efects?

Replied by Carlos
San Francisco

Hi Megan, I noticed my hair turning dry and brittle followed by noticeable hair loss. Then my scalp became extremely itchy and sore. I find that increased stress increases my symptoms. After drinking alcohol or smoking weed my scalp itches intensely. I have read that many people recall a stressful event right before the start of symptoms of LPP, for me, there was a death in the family in Feb and my scalp condition occurred in March. I was diagnosed in June as I continued to insist that something was wrong with my scalp. The Dr's thought I just had a dry scalp. Does anyone else recall a stressful event around the time they first felt something wrong with their scalp?

Replied by Judy M.

I have had LPP and Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia for about 3 years. I have been taking Dutasteride the generic of Avodart for that long. It is working but it is not a drug for women. It is for men with enlarged prostate issues. There are no studies for its effects on women. I am curious for anyone to tell me if they are on this drug and what it has done in their situation. I am 69 so my Dermo feels it is safe. Looking for input!

Replied by Leah

I had a very stressful event in June. Shortly thereafter my scalp was itchy with small bumps forming. For four months now my hair is shedding considerably. I was diagnosed with LPP but not given any treatment. Also my eyebrows have disappeared.

Replied by Venn
Perth, Australia


Hi perhaps try a Pitta or Pitta-Kapha Diet. Apparently LP / LPP is mostly is heat/aggravation in the body. Pitta diet is basically cooling the body and inflammation.

Also I read a bitter taste reduces itching and inflammation.

For Herbs Brahmi might help (I'm making a tea of it).

Aloe Vera juice (external and internal) Rosemary oil, lavender oil, occasional oil treatments with the above in coconut or olive oil for an hour prior to shower (use very mild herbal shampoo).

I've read Borax 1/8 teaspoon in 1ltr water and a paste externally has cured some people of other forms of LP.

Will look into that next myself.

And of course don't stress or worry as that doesn't help.

Replied by Carolljane

Please excuse my writing, this is not my first language.Yes, it can be reversed. I was diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris on October 2016. Doctors told me it was not cure. I found the cure when I found out an amazing Dr who is specialist in autoimmune diseases. Before I saw the the dr, I had already changed my diet drastically, I knew I had a serious problem and needed to do something right away. My diet is base on fruits, vegetables, good fats, supplements and specific medication Dr prescribed me for my problem. It took me four months to see chances not only in my hair but in my whole body. My hair stop falling like crazy, have more energy, feel happy. Every morning I wake up thankful and grateful that I have a second chance. Lichen problem is just a symptom that something else is wrong in your body. Dr will help you to address the root of your problem. I am glad you are going to see an autoimmune Dr. Please, do not worry cause stress and that would not help just be hopeful. Try to get busy doing fun things that would help you (music, spiritual movies or documentaries, etc)to give you the strength. I am telling you, you are going to be ok. Good luck.

Replied by Diane

What was the medication that you were prescribed?

Replied by Venn

Hi Carol!

I've actually been on the same mission as you above. Everything from diet to making sure I'm totally stress-free.

I went to an advanced homeopath (there's various levels of them, I went to a proper one with a big practice) -and did "Electro-Dermal Screening" this machine, linked to me via holding a brass rod, calculated the deficiencies and excesses in my body including Herbicides, heavy metals etc . As well dormant viruses, pathogens etc. like you I took standard supplements as well as homeopathic remedies which had to be varied after a couple of weeks.

The level of inflammation sunk to nearly nil and itch was reduced by half in couple weeks. I'm now working on balancing my entire body. It turned out I was also low in Silicon/ Silica which is essential for healthy skin/ hair.

Horsetail herb is very high in Silica. You can make a tea which must be sitting brewed for 15mins before drinking or get a plant-based supplement (also horsetail derived).

Carol, what medication did you take?

I'm also focusing on health and well being rather than the problem. Like you watching lots of documentaries and fun, spiritual activities- no point focusing on the problem.

look forward to your reply