Holistic Treatments for Leukemia

Coral Calcium, Milk Thistle, Oregano Oil

Posted by Msoptical (San Diego, California) on 11/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing studies on natural remedies for cancer. My husband was diagnosed with bladder Cancer, I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer and my friend with AML. My husband and I are both in remission and so is my friend, All done with natural herbs and supplements. I had my friend with AML [Acute myeloid leukemia] take Coral Calcium, Milk Thistle, and Oregano Oil with carvacrol 70. After treatment with those three things she went into remission after four months! This is no joke! I did the same, and my husband did also but I had him add frankensense oil to his regimen. I'm not a medical doctor so I cannot legally prescribe any medication. I assume no liability. Just wanted to share my experiences with you. If you would like to know how these things work, ask me. I can explain in great detail.