Natural Remedies for Leishmaniasis

Oregano Oil
Posted by Amanda (UK) on 03/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Antiparasitic Tincture and Oregano Oil for Leishmaniasis

I developed the same thing this year, except I caught it earlier so it was localised in two places on my face. A sore pimple appeared suddenly above my eye so I treated it with my usual anti pimple lotion and it had no effect. It grew and then erupted into a crusty sore. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life so I knew it wasn't just an acne pimple - this was different. It was also through prayer that I was shown to use Greek oregano oil. I actually wasn't sure whether it was a parasite or this leishmaniasis or what it was, but through prayer I remembered a splash of water or something had gone into my eye on a cycle a few days prior and I remember thinking at the time that I need to do something about that but had no eye drops or anything with me and then forgot about it.

I live in a temperate region but it is still the UK so I wouldn't have expected something like this here, but these strange crusty, painful sores developed and it felt as though something was crawling under my skin - in the same place and so I checked on the internet to see whether my suspicions were correct and they were. The likelihood of it being a parasite was slim but I went all out to get rid of it just in case.

I took a herbal anti parasite tincture including black walnut and used oregano oil diluted in carrier oil all over my face for about 5 days. Completely stopped the horrible movement feeling under my skin after 24hrs and stopped the crusty things getting bigger but I continued until I knew for certain they'd be gone. Unfortunately, they have two left craters in my face and although small, they're not very nice. They are genuine indentations though, so whatever it was, managed to remove layers of my skin.

I suspect it was a sandfly too.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Sherri (Seattle, Wa) on 09/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I developed Cutaneous Leishmaniasis while living Buckeye, Arizona, in 2016. It is 30 miles west of Phoenix and is next to Luke Air Force Base. It occurred after I was bitten by sandflies while living in Buckeye, Arizona. An I.D. doctor in Scottsdale diagnosed me. He was a specialist in Vector Bourne Chronic Diseases.

Classic Leishmaniasis sores developed on my upper back, neck and frequently reoccured just above both of my temples on the scalp. The sores were very painful and oozed goo and debris.

The only treatment that completely got rid of them was a treatment I read about in a Brazilian medical article - applying oregano essential oil, neat, multiple times a day (3-8 applications) until the lesions dried up. If I caught the lesion early I could even prevent it from erupting. If I forgot to apply the oil for 1/2 - 1 day the lesion would start to become worse. Eventually, no more lesions appeared on my skin. I have been lesion free for 3 years.

I was not sure which species of oregano oil to apply so I applied two species: oreganum vulgare and oreganum heracleoticum from Greece. Both oils were very potent and stung. Though, the pain quickly subsided.

Later, I also took oregano oil internally, with other anti-leishmanisis essential oils for months. I am not sure if taking the oils internally did anything for getting rid of the lesions.

I had to take a very potent probiotic at bedtime because oregano oil can wipe out the flora in your intestines.... think "stinky" bottom.

My doctor was impressed that I resolved the infection on my own. I think prayer led me to helpful information.