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Clogged and enlarged pores ordinarily are not a dangerous medical condition, but they can certainly be a nuisance. With time, the effects of make-up and dirt, skin secretions, and the work of bacteria on the sebaceous and sweat glands throughout our bodies, pores can become clogged with oils as well as dead and living materials. These clogged pores can become more easily visible and unsightly (particularly on the skin on our faces) when they enlarge, take on colors other than that of our skin, and become deeply pitted.

Gentle, proper cleaning is ordinarily recommended as the best recourse to remove unwanted material from our pores, allowing the pores to shrink and our skin in general to take on a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Marthanyc (Nyc, Us) on 01/05/2012

I have been drinking ACV (a couple TBS diluted in water) a few times a day for about 10 days. I am hoping to alkalize my body and lose weight. I haven't seen any weight loss yet but I have noticed that my complexion is clearer and the enlarged pores on my nose are getting smaller. In fact, today I noticed that the little bits of solidified oil that previously sat inside the pores were all sticking out of my skin. My nose looked a little like a porcupine. So I kind of scraped the tiny oily "sticks" off. It was like my pores had just expelled their contents on their own. After I cleaned all that stuff away, I could see that my pores were noticeably smaller than they had been in decades (I am 42). It was not something I was trying to do or an effect that I was looking for, so you know it had to be pretty real and dramatic for me to notice this anyway.

I would not bother to put ACV on my face. It's acidic until you metabolize it and then it has positive effects. Not sure I want to put acid on my face. But the alkalizing effects of having it course throughout your system once you digest it definitely affect and improve your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Reeses (Hays, Kansas) on 04/12/2010

I tried the ACV, and it worked pretty well. I washed with an all natural soap at night then applied the acv, then in the morning I would wash my face again then moisturize. It didn't completely shrink them yet but they are a ton smaller than before!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Suzie (BSB, Brunei) on 07/15/2009

Dear all,

I have read user comments raving usage of ACV for face pores. I happen to have a bottle in fridge and decided to give it a go treating the visible pores on my T ZOne area (Forehead, Nose, Sides of Nose). No doubt that my skin feels softer this morning but my pores were SO VISIBLE and now it upsets me wondering what have gone wrong.

As for my application, I apply it directly to my wet face after cleansing, followed by a blackhead solution (T zone area), and then a whitening essence for whole face, then lastly a moisturiser.

I am wondering if this is only a short term effect. Whats the cause of this unwanted result? Does anyone out there had experienced the same thing? Please kindly share/ advise.

Replied by Tim
(LA, CA)

Hi I am not sure, but often ACV and other remedies that are being talked about on this forum can react to other lotions etc. we use after using them. I would reccomend first to use ACV and othe stuff alone and then if there is not adveres reaction then use othere lotions one by one.

Replied by Tas
(Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

well, i have been going to the derma for boils treatment and i was given roacutine and the doctor told me it is becoz of this medicine the pores open but i have stopped it becoz firstly it dint work on my boils at all,but i still see large pores on my skin,specially the places where i have hair. and this luks bad coz it spoils the luk of my face. iam getting married in the next month and sincerely dont know what to do with all these weird problems which i never took care of earlier and now want to get rid of it asap.

does anyone know how shud i get rid of the following problems please help me:-
1) Hyperpigmentation- i have dark skin in my underarms and inner thigh area, boils have also left dark marks on my body and specially bikini area. what to do
2) boils- i get red boils which are damn painful, and then they turn to puss but the lump remains there and again after sometime another boil recurs in the same area again and again. what to do. iam currenly having a blood purifier syrup named safi.
3) large pores and facial hair- as i told before that i have been using this medicine, my skin all of a sudden has turned dark and pores are so visible. i am thinking of using ubtan(an old indian remedy used for getting a glowing healthy skin at the time of marriages) for dark skin..

if you have any gud things to share please write.

i wud be more than obliged if i get some good remedies from here. but fast and effective please.

Replied by Houston
(Houston, Tx)


Your question #2. Boils are very painful and I feel for you because I fought with them for 2 years thinking they were some type of bug bite. I found by putting hot water in a cup and holding the cup on the boil (as much as possible, don't burn yourself) helped to draw out the poison/infection. Be very careful to keep the boil covered. It will spread to other areas of your body if you are not careful. I washed my sheets everyday and never used my bath towel twice.

I found alot of information on the internet under MRSA Infection that helped to resolve my problem. I hope this information helps you.

Replied by Pitakid
(Phoenix, Az)

I used apple cider vinegar and have had the similar result of larger pores. I think this is the result of the pores being cleaned out, and the vinegar has dried and toughened the small area at the edge of the pore. I've read some articles from doctors etc... That suggest exfoliating. There is a good clay that you can get at mountainroseherbs -- Rhassoul clay. It is especially exfoliating.... I am going to massage with lavender oil prior to the clay pack.

Replied by Sunvalleygirl
(Vancouver, Bc)

The Apple Cider Vinegar is much like a glycolic peel so it should actually be rinsed after applied and left for a few minutes or it will cause irritation. I apply with a cotton ball, leave on for 3-4 minutes and then rinse the first time with warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda as the soda neutralizes the vinegar. After this I then rinse with cold water and pat dry. The face is a touch red however the pores are tight in the AM as opposed to larger and crusted over. I learnt this after experimenting and consulting a doctor as I want all natural.

Another thing to remember is, no matter how natural anything is... If it is oily, it is going to clog out pores. I had used a tea tree essential oil for sometime wondering why it was not helping much when I remembered... That it is still another oil regardless of how pure and natural it is. When I do use any type of essential oils on my skin now (never on face though) I always mix a few drops into a spritz bottle that also some witch hazel as the Witch hazel counteracts the oil and has a bit of a drying property to it but again it is all natural.

As for the boils... Sounds very similar to MRSA... Washing sheets daily, never using same towel are great ideas as well as you can not use the same deodorant more than once nor the same razor, washcloth etc. ANYTHING that comes into contact with that boil or sore SHOULD NOT be used more than once. Most boils are highly contagious even if it is not MRSA. Unfortuantely with MRSA... It is a virus so once you have had it and it goes untreated for too long... Your body will ALWAYS have the MRSA antibodies. It is good to perhaps have your boils surgically drained to ensure that ALL INFECTION is removed prior to wound closing and healing over.

Just some food for thought people! :)

Replied by Nurse
(Indianapolis, In)

I just wanted to respond to the person who said that MRSA is a virus -

MRSA stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Staph is a type of bacteria (not virus) that commonly causes skin infections. It is important to distinguish because most viruses will clear on their own or will go into a dormant phase after awhile, whereas bacteria often require antibiotics. MRSA is a strain of Staph bacteria that has become resistant to many strong antibiotics and can only be killed with very powerful antibiotics. People can be colonized (usually as normal flora in the nasal cavity) with MRSA without having any symptoms, and many people in the community will never even know they carry it.

When MRSA gets into an area that should not have any normal flora, like under the surface of the skin or in the blood, infection can be very difficult to treat. If you have a MRSA skin infection, you will need antibiotic treatment. If MRSA is suspected, your doctor can take a small sample of infectious fluid and find out what kind of bacteria is growing there - known as a "culture". This can help determine what antibiotics would be most beneficial. Care should be taken not to allow the infection to spread - not reusing razors is a good suggestion if the razors come into contact with the boils, etc. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap frequently and do not touch or pick at the boils. Very important - do not attempt to pop or squeeze the infection out!!! This will not only encourage the bacteria to spread, but can actually allow a pathway for the infection to get into your blood stream as capillaries rupture. This sounds extreme, but I've seen more than one patient die from severe infections that started out as boils!

Steaming to open the pores before cleansing isn't a bad idea, but ultimately, you need to see your doctor and get started on antibiotic therapy.

Sorry this post wasn't really about reducing your pores - just wanted to correct some misleading info.

Replied by Howol
(Bc, Canada)

The idea behind earthclinic is to share natural remedies to eliminate ailments. Why advocate antibiotics here?

Replied by Donna M

Because a staph infection is treated with antibiotics and warm water compresses 4 times a day. Ampicillin or amoxicillin, as nearly as I can recall. The medicine kills the staph, and the warm wet compresses bring the boil to a head as it dries out.

I know a man who had 2 boils as a child. This is what the doctor did, and it worked- boil gone and healed over in 10 days. The "head" of the boil looked like an open pore the diameter of a #2 pencil lead. It was the color of pus, but there was no seepage. The skin around the boil was a dark red, about 4" diameter. After 8 days, the child pressed down on the skin around that open hole, and a hardened core, resembling an apple core, popped out. Then the site healed.

(Wilmington, NC)

FYI ... antibiotics are over-prescribed and after awhile can weaken the immune system.

A good quality Colloidal Silver is a natural, non-invasive antibiotic alternative.

Replied by Metta
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

I'm having quite the same problem. While some comment shows that applying ACV as toner can help shrink pores, mine is the contrary, the skin pores look so large n clearly shown. Is there anything wrong in the way I apply it? I diluted 1tsb with 2tsb water n apply using cotton ball :(, tq

Replied by Meli

I use straight Apple Cider Vinegar with thyme soaked in a cotton ball... Put on then moisturize. Wash in the morning. No irritation but everyone is different. Didn't know you could drink it for better skin. Who knew.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dixie (NYC) on 02/07/2007

Hi, I found this site and am amazed by what I am reading. My mother always told a story of how in the thirties, my uncle was a little boy and desperately ill. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong or how to help him and finally told my grandparents to prepare for the worst. Apparently all he kept asking for was vinegar (my mom never specified if it was ACV) and when things looked really bleak, they decided to let him have it since he never stopped asking for it and since there was no real reason to deny him, however bizarre it seemed to give it to him. He apparently struggled to drink it, but got through a whole bottle in a few hours despite his weakness. The fever suddenly broke and he fully recovered, and to this day no one in my family really understood how. Now I'm getting a clue as to why! So, I thought I would try the honey/water/AVC drink three times a day- today is day 5 and while I didn't see any real weight loss until today, today my jeans are suddenly loose! Also been using it as a toner and guess what! No trip to the dermo like I planned because my pores are getting smaller on their own! Depression doing a lot better too - though the jury is still out on that since today I was a bit down after a few up days - will check back in and let everyone know- but WOW! I'm amazed! My little uncle was really on to something, clearly!

Replied by Judith
(Brighton, Ont, Canada)

What is the proportion used in the water, honey, Apple cider vinegar cure for large pores?

Replied by Eny
(Orlando, Florida)

Wanted to know the portions needed to take of honey/water/& apple cider vinegar for large pores.

Replied by Andrea
(Selden, NY)

can you tell me the amounts of water,vinegar, & honey for the large pores???

Replied by Navae
(Portland, OR)

The apple cider vinegar (acv) drink is about 1-2 Tbsp ACV, 1 Tbs of raw (unheated/unfiltered) honey (or agave nectar) and about 8 oz. of Water. Drink that 3 times a day.

For your skin - I do about 4 Tbsp. ACV to about 2-4 ounces of Water. (dilution depends on personal sensitivity) I put it in a jar. You can add a little lavender/vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel as well. Just shake before each use and apply with a cotton ball.

Voila! Beautiful skin!

Replied by Terryberry
(La Mirada, California)

Do you rinse off the avc after you a while? Or do you leave to dry?

Replied by Rasha
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Is it ok to use ACV on the eyelids as well as around the eyes area ? Of course I don't have large pores on the eyelids, but the skin on my eyelids and around the eyes could do with the other benefits of ACV like (mild?) peeling. I am 38 with neglected skin over the years, with a lot of age spots and tiny wrinkles.

B5 Vitamin

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Posted by Ale (Madrid, Spain) on 12/05/2023

B5 Vitamin for Large Pores

I once read in a book on Cosmetic Acupuncture that enlarged pores are a sign of vitamin B5 (Panthotenic Acid) deficiency and that supplementing it for about 15 days should fix the issue.

I can confirm that this remedy works incredibly fast, at least on me, so I use it everytime I find that my pores are even slightly enlarged. I guess this is why some people commented that a vitamin B complex also worked for them. I just thought I'd share.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Tara (Las Vegas) on 12/07/2006

Washing with baking soda twice a day is an inexpensive way to clean out and minimize the appearance of large pores. Splash warm water on the face and lighty exfoliate with a substantial amount of baking soda. By the second washing, one will see a noticable difference! I began doing this at the age of 21 and I have not bought a facial cleanser since. I am 26 years old. I always get compliments on my complexion and some believe I am wearing foundation when I am not!

Replied by Beth
(The Woodlands, Texas, USA)

I am wondering if you are washing your make-up off with this method, or is this a washing for a face already make-up free?

Replied by Lucy
(Anacortes, Washington)

Just a question. Do you rinse off the baking soda?

EC: Most definitely!

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 11/29/2007

Shrink Large facial pores: I drink coconut oil 2 teaspoons in the morning with my breakfast, and my facial open pores have shrunk completely. Sometimes I drink 2 teaspoons in the morning with breakast, and 2 teaspoons in the afternoon with my lunch.

Replied by Treva
(Springfield, La)

I just have a question about the coconut oil. Is the kind you buy at grocery store in the cooking isle?

EC: Typically the best brands of coconut oil are found at your local health food store, but you might also find at your grocery store. Our local grocery store (Publix) started carrying a great organic brand of coconut oil recently (in the salad dressing aisle).

Replied by Shishir
(Bharuch, India)

Hey sandy, I am also having open pores or pitted acne. Will it work for me? It's from use of OTC product retin a. Plz help and suggest me how to use coconut oil.

Frankincense Oil

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Posted by Vicki (Ms) on 06/17/2017

Large pores:

Another good remedy for the skin is Frankincense oil. It smooths out the skin and helps with discolorations. It doesn't work overnight but you will see good results the first time. It also tones the jawline. It tones the skin around the eyes too. I don't dilute it with a carrier oil but you might want to until you know if you are sensitive or not.

I use apple cider vinegar and baking soda on my large pores and I have found that to help. If you enjoy the essential oils, other great oils for your skin are sandalwood, helichrysum, and neroli. Argan oil is also good for skin and hair.

Lemon Juice

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Posted by Joyce (Houston, TX) on 09/01/2008

I have found a very simple way to remove freckles and even out skin tone..Before going to bed at night I would take a lemon and rub the cut lemon over clean skin where the freckles are or uneven skin color is..I try to saturate the skin and let it dry I do this every night it is a slow process but after two months almost all the freckles that covered my chest have faded away..If you use it on your face it helps shrink larger pores too Try this on elbows, knees and heels of feet.. It has made my skin look younger and at age 52 many people take me for wbout 10-15 years younger.

Replied by Cass
(Phoenix, AZ)


I am a licensed aesthetician and would like for you to know that while the lemon juice will most definitely fade your pigmentations, you have to be VERY careful that you're not creating new ones in the process. Citric acid is a very strong photosensitizer (that means it makes you sensitive to light) and if you're spending ANY time in the sun with lemon juice on your face (even a couple minutes) you are DRASTICALLY increasing your existing sun damage, freckling, pigmentation spots, and wrinkles. Just make sure to only do this at night, or wear a minimum of SPF 30.

Replied by Jessica
(Ottawa, ON)

Do you wash off the lemon juice after it dries?? or leave it on all night? Thanks!

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)


I also used to do this - but with lime juice. I would clean my face and neck and then rub the lime juice into my skin. It made my skin very soft and also eliminated age spots and seemed to help with fine lines too.

BUT - be very careful about applying lemon/lime juice or essential oil and then going out into the sun! Usually, if you apply it and leave it overnight - and wash it off the next morning you will be fine. But one time I evidently didn't wash it all off and my skin became very sensitive to the sun and I could tell it was going to burn. Luckily I got out of the sun before it happened - but I have read about people getting very bad sun burns from this - and also having new spots form because of the photo sensitivity that lemon/lime juices causes to skin.

Just make sure you wash it ALL off before going outside!

Pure Shea Butter

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Posted by Diana (Vinings, GA) on 01/06/2008

I have been using pure shea butter on my hands and cracked feet since the weather turned cool. I also apply it around my nose to help cracked, peeling skin from contact dermatitis. It is one of the few moisturizers that doesn't aggravate the condition! Well, recently I ran out of my expensive Q10 face cream and decided, it being winter and my skin being dry, that I would use the shea butter on the rest of my face. So I took about a dime size from the container and rubbed it in my palms, (it is solid and needs to be "melted") and then massaged it into my skin. The next day I noticed that my pores were visibly smaller! I have continued to do this each night to see what happens.. I wake up in the morning with my face glowing and it is not my imagination, my pores are smaller. I really massage the butter into my skin with small circular movements -- my face gets a little red from the increase of circulation from the massage. I am not sure I can keep using shea butter in hot summer months (too oily) but certainly during cool weather! My bottle of shea butter cost about $4.00. I will let you know if my forehead creases disappear. So far, the lines around my eyes are less noticeable, but no such luck on the forehead!

Sour Cream

Posted by Maggie (Chicago, IL) on 03/19/2009

Large pores: Has anyone tried using sour cream to shrink enlarged pores? I've heard this is a popular remedy used by Russian women in the 50's used like a mask.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Maggie, I know nothing about using sour cream for large pores, but I have heard of the Chicago Face Lift that was quite popular several years back. It was so popular that those with hemorrhoids couldn't find Preparation H ointment for their hemorrhoids. I really laughed when I heard about it but it stands to reason that anything that would shrink, moisturize, heal mucosa should work pretty much the same on the skin and that is what the ladies were doing, smearing it on their faces and leaving it on for several hours before rinsing it off.

Ted's Remedy Reader Feedback

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Posted by Boris (Vancouver, Canada) on 11/15/2006

My staph problem is clearing up with a topical application of clindoxyl, however I did want to comment on Ted's suggestion of zinc and manganese supplements for oily skin. Oily skin can help create conditions for stubborn bacterial infections for the bacteria feeds off all that excess sebum. Prior to Ted's suggestion I had been supplementing with 75mg of zinc gluconate with 10mg of tin oxide for about a month with perhaps the result of clearing up seborrheic dermatitis around my nose, eyebrows and ear folds. I still had very oily skin on my face and scalp though. As was recommended, I've been supplementing with a cup of soy milk along with 50mg of chelated manganese for six days now and my face is noticeably less oily. I've also been taking in 150mg of flax lignan, which I've read also helps. At any rate, something here is working. I'll continue to supplement with the manganese for another week, as per Ted's suggestion. Perhaps this info could be cross-posted to the acne page as well. Thank you!

EC: Click here to read Ted's recommendation to Boris on the MRSA cures page.

Vitamin B Complex

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Posted by Arlan (Midland, MI) on 11/07/2008

I became alarmed as my pores seemed to get bigger and bigger, accompanied with oily/dry skin....I took injections of b complex (available at a farm supply) and within a matter of 2 weeks my skin looked much better.

Replied by Cass
(Mt. Sterling, OH)

Just wondering where you inject the vitamin B Complex. Is it still working well for your skin? Thanks.

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl)

I used to have real bad acne, and everything that goes with it; oily skin and of course large pores, lack of confidence, there were days when I didn't want to go out and be seen. What took care of my acne (that I had been suffering since I was a teenager until I was about 48 or 49 when somebody told my about this) was large doses of Pantothenic Acid. Do some research on this. There is a site where you can buy them specifically for this problem, but EC won't print it (and I have no personal of financial interest on this company whatsoever). But if EC gives you my e mail I will gladly share this with others. (I am afraid of posting my e mail because of junk mail) I am so thankful that I found this. I am defenitely more confident. I occasionally get a pimple with my period but it doesn't last long and for my this is a blessing!!

Replied by Tee
(Chicago, Il)

I wanted to know if anyone can tell me why I have spots from pimples I dont pick with? Am I missing a vital nutrient? My skin never seems to just heal on it's on. Also I can squeeze oil out from under my skin for days. Seems like the only way to get rid of whatever it's called. It's always smelly and hard. It's not like pus. Will the b5 help help with that?

Replied by Jill
(Gold Coast, Australia)

Hi Tee, I used to have a dreadful skin. It cleared when until I started taking 1000 mg vitamin C a day.

Replied by Tee
(Chicago, Il)

Thanks Jill! Was it ascorbic acid or something else? To earthclinic I wanted to know is it possible to post pictures of certain conditions because I was reading the Perioral Dermatitis post and I think my situation might be that.