Keratoconus Remedies

| Modified on Sep 18, 2023
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Few individuals can accurately answer the question of what is keratoconus. However, the issue is fairly straightforward. Keratoconus occurs as the cornea things and gradually bulges outward forming a cone shape. Characterized by blurred vision and sensitivity, keratoconus typically affects both eyes and most commonly occurs in individuals between the ages of 10 and 25. The condition often develops and progresses slowly over a period of ten years or more.

The experienced signs and symptoms of keratoconus may differ over time as the condition progresses. Nonetheless, common symptoms include blurred or distorted vision, heightened sensitivity to light or glare, issues with night vision, multiple changes in eye prescription and sudden worsening or clouding of the vision. A sudden change in the vision pattern may result from the rupture of the cornea that causes a buildup of fluid in the cornea.

The cause of keratoconus is not known; however, several possible contributing factors have been identified. Factors associated with keratoconus may include vigorous or frequent rubbing of the eyes, comorbid eye conditions including retinitis pigmentosa and retinopathy, a combination of several disorders including enzyme abnormalities and genetic factors and wearing contact lenses for several years.

Natural Keratoconus Treatment

Most cases of keratoconus are treated with glasses or corrective lenses; however, if the condition progresses, a cornea transplant may be required. Some natural keratoconus treatment may be used to slow the progression of and reverse the onset of the condition. Omega-3 fatty acids are an important part of eye health and can be supplemented to treat keratoconus. Additional keratoconus treatment includes supplementing vitamin B, vitamin D2 and vitamin K2. Also, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet that monitors and limits the intake of carbs can prevent further development of the condition. Bilberry and lutein also support overall eye health and can support treatment of keratoconus.

High Dose Omega 3

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Posted by Joan (New York, Ny) on 04/22/2011
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Omega 3 fatty acids. I have had this for 35 years. I've taken a high dose daily of Omega 3's and last year, my doctor was amazed because my eyes had improved dramatically. I can wear glasses now and correct my vision. I am sticking with this for sure!!

Replied by Jordell
(United Kingdom)
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Hi, I'm 22 and I have keratoconus. I was diagnosed with the condition in 2020. The current condition of my eyes right now is that the left eye is worst than the right eye and has been suggested by the doctor to have corneal cross linking on my right eye, to prevent it from turning out like the left eye. My mum has been really persistent and positive about doing things naturally, as she really don't want me to undertake the surgery which is on the 24th August 2023. I have cancelled the surgery about 2 times and I myself don't feel ready to do the surgery. I would like to know if there is any natural treatment/ cure to the disease? Do you know clients/ people who has cured their vision by taking natural remedies and how many? I looke forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Jordell

Replied by Benny
(Brooklyn NY)

Hi, I was wondering if there is any natural cure for Keratoconus. I have done CXL and have stabilized my cornea from getting worse but I would like to restore my vision if possible naturally without surgeries . I read a online review about high dose omega 3s reversing Keratoconus and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or know about anything else potentially?



There are holistic eye doctors using omega 3 as part of their protocol to stabilize or improve Keratoconus.

Check out Dr Edward Kondrot's eye protocols, he addresses this condition and how to treat it holistically, Search the website for the interview and articles about this condition. He also offers free consults. He is a very well known eye surgeon and holistic practitioner with a long list of successful treatments!

His treatment goal is to prevent progression (to avoid surgery) by strengthening the collagen in the cornea and reducing inflammation which both contribute to the progression.

Part of his successful treatment protocol involves:


Daily high doses of Vitamin C, 5-10 grams (Use only the natural form, L-ascorbic acid - not forms from corn or other GMOs. There is research indicating that keratoconus, cataracts and some other "diseases" may be a form of "focal" scurvy of all things. Vitamin C is critical for maintaining collagen which is critical for this condition.


A. Ozone Eye Drops - reduces inflammation, removes toxic byproducts from the eye, increases cellular oxygen, improves cellular activity, etc... Also, it is antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and is a great lubricant. Must make fresh batches of it. Very effective in treating this condition especially when considering the cornea does not have any blood flow.

Go too or go to UTube and type in "Kondrot" to see how to make ozonated eye drops.

B. Vitamin C Eye Drops


Sometimes call FSM - Frequency Specific Microcurrent, It is like a TENS unit used for pain treatment.

Usually used if the disease is progressing though it is also used to radically improve the condition.

Significantly reduces inflammation which is a key issue in this disease. Stimulates cellular activity up to 500%. Activates cellular regeneration, restores some loss vision, reduces pain, etc... It addresses many other symptoms in this disease. It is often used to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma, treats macular degeneration, retinitis, etc...

Results can take a quantum leap.

Need training (Dr. Rowen, Dr Carolyn McMakin, Dr Kondrot, and others).


This is Dr Kondrot's favorite treatment, works very well. Acts as a catalyst to undo the progression or even reverse some of the changes. There are numerous remedies that have been used to treat this condition successfully: e.g., eyebright pulsatilla, etc... See a Homeopath that has treated this condition or consult with Dr Kondrot. Good results.

This includes healthy EFAs in the protocols (e.g., omega 3) which are very anti inflammatory and critical for cellular healing. See his website for the specific diet/nutrition protocol.

Heavy metal test.

Often, heavy metals play a part in the eye diseases. Calcium EDTA (best) or Sodium EDTA (second best) is often used to reduce the body's burden. Would need to see a specialist.

Best regards and wishing you healing!

Keratoconus Remedies

Posted by Nidhi (Delhi, India) on 02/05/2015

I have undergone C3R procedure last year. My vision has improved a lot but the number has continuously gotten worse. My left eye is now -6.50 from -2.50 and right eye is -4.50 from -1.50. My doctor had prescribed me RPG hard contact lenses.

I feel bad about this and I am looking for some natural and permanent solution.

Replied by D.m

Nidhi what about Ayurveda? You reside in India, how come you don't use ayurveda and Siddha medicine? From an eastern point of view, ain't all disease an imbalance within one's energy system? Why not try an adapted diet to your energy type and personality? What do you think?

Replied by Subbu

Hi I am so sorry about that. I am also facing the same problem Had C3R.And power has increased. Now. However many doctors suggested for rgp, rose k lenses. But one doctor suggested me to continue with same power also suggested not to go for high power glasses they will be strainfull. And told me if not comfortable with contact lenses.Better not to use that Am checking for homeopathy or auyervedc treatment .

Replied by Jae
(South Africa)

I have had it for 13 years now vision keeps getting worse, the lenses helped me see, but sensitivity to light is bad, no natural cure has helped, I am waiting for a transplant for a year now. Go get the lenses. Good luck and God bless.

Replied by Behzad

I used contact lenses for 10 years and if you not comfortable with this lenses you can used new hybrid lenses that have soft material and you must use them to prevent lost your vision more.

Replied by Sakshi


I am 24 and I have keratoconus in both of my eyes and doctor has suggested me c3r. I am really afraid of this. It is in my early stage. Can you please tell me what diet should I take to get rid of this? Thanks.

Replied by Ravee

Hi Sakshi,

good that you have chosen to recover from keratoconus through diet. In fact it can be healed pretty quickly as it being the condition of dietary deficiencies. However, doctors choose invasive treatments like surgery!!! , without correcting the underlying deficiencies.

In simple terms, keratoconus is thinning of cornea due to excessive oxidative stress mainly from food (sugars, soda, refined carbs & junk food) leading to deficiency of Vitamin C, D along with A and B vitamins.

One of my family member recently went through the same problem and doctors advised surgery for correction. Since, we were against any invasive treatments, instead chose dietary approach along with Vit.D supplementation. We could reverse / normalize keratoconus by following this simple protocol and vision is back to normal in about 6 to 8 weeks.

a) Vitamin C: 1000mg 3 times a day. As Vit.C is very important for building the collagen matrix (building block for cornea).

b) Anti-Oxidants: 2 ~3 glasses of green / vegetable juices two or three times a day for adequate Vit.A and Vit.B complex and minerals. Any dark leafy vegetable (like Spinach, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato, Gooseberry, Lauki etc list is endless).

c) Vitamin D: We tend to think vit.d is just for bones which is only tip of iceberg. If my haunch is right, you would be extremely low in vit.d. Better to get Vit.D tested by simple blood test. If the level is low (normal being 70 - 100 nanograms/dL), to supplement with:

  • Sun bath 30min/day (between 10AM- 3PM). At times it may be little difficult for various reasons...else,
  • Supplementation with Vit.D3 (available in the dosages of 60k) one or two tablets per week.

d) Castor Oil: 3~4 drops to each eye, 3or 4 times day will work wonders in strengthening the eye and improving vision as it is rich in Vit.E. You will be surprised to see the amount of cellular debris / calcium deposits that would exude after few days.

e) Wellman phama has a multivitamin product "VISION-ACE" specially formulated with Vitamin & Minerals required for eye health / vision. This will speed up your recovery by providing other important micro minerals like Iodine, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium etc.

By incorporating these steps a) to e) along with good intake of drinking water atleast 2-3 liters/day, you will be on your way to recovery and healing.

All the best.



Hi Ravee,

My son is 12 years old and using glasses since last one year (-3.25 in both eyes) and recently went for regular checkup and doctor has prescribed higher power (-4.0 in both eyes). He also did Corneal topography and that is when it was found that his left is in red zone whereas the right eye is fine. Corneal thickness is also good in both the eyes. So the doctor suggested us to get the corneal topography done once again after six months to confirm if it is keratoconus or not. If it proves to be keratoconus then he said there is a non-invasive treatment called Collagen Crosslinking. But I am bit afraid of those medical procedures and searching for natural ways to cure it and found your post.

I request you to provide some more details of your family member's current condition and how it was before following the protocol you mentioned etc. Any additional information would be very helpful. Please let me know if I can get it in touch with your directly as I want to clarify few things before I start the protocol for my son. Thanks, Giri

Replied by Laura


I just read your comment and would like to know how you came up with this protocol? Are you a doctor? My brother has Keratocones and wears the contact lens but has a hard time putting them in, he does not like anything close to his eye. I am a huge reader of Alternative medicine but also like to do my due dilegence before I start a protocol.

Thank you, Laura

Replied by J
(Los Angeles)

Hi Ravee,

I have keratoconus and was advised to have surgery. In the weeks leading up to surgery I took supplements to try to regain as much of my vision as possible before the procedures. It didn't seem to work, but I didn't have much time to work with as I feared I would continue losing my vision. I had C3-R, intacs and CK, as advised by Dr. Boxer Wachler in Los Angeles. He's actually the one who performed my surgeries. It has been over a year since I've had all 3 procedures and my vision isn't significantly better, though my keratoconus looks to have stabilized. I wish I could say I'm healed, but that's not the case.

I experience mental anguish on a daily basis because I feel as though I missed my chance to get my 20/20 vision back, and wasted a ton of money in the process. I'm looking for alternative methods to rectify my vision, and am open to vitamins and eastern healing methods. My fear is that I have squandered my chance at healing away by getting intacs, which I presume would keep the current shape of my eyes in tact even if the vitamins or alternative methods start to heal me, thus negating the potential to be healed. Have you encountered a case like mine before? Do you think I'm still a candidate for healing, even having undergone all of the procedures?

Thanks, J

Keratoconus Remedies
Posted by Maya (Kuwait) on 08/31/2013

I would like to know how to naturally heal or assist in healing of keratoconus case... Thanks

Replied by Steven
(San Diego, CA)

I hear that Dr Boxer-Walchler in Los Angeles uses riboflavin on the eye under UV lighting which strengthens the outer lens of the eye. Anybody had this done?

Replied by Ashwani

Maya, have u found some remedy as some issue started with my son who is 15.

Replied by Louis


First, sorry for my english,

I've done Cross-linking treatment ( riboflavin + UV ) which is a very common treatment for Keratoconus in France.

Each case is different, but for me, it didn't work, my KC is still evolutive, maybe slower, but it's not a real cure, it's just fixing your KC like it is.

i don't want to do a graft, it's why I choose Cross-linking, but if you are looking for a real curative solution ... I'm afraid this is not ... But maybe for you it could work!

Bon courage!

Replied by Nitin
(Bangalore, India)

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in March 2015 (age 24). I've been visiting doctor regularly since then and couple of weeks back my doctor suggested me to undergo C3 treatment. The power in my right eye is -4.5 and left is -1.5. My eyes have grown very sensitive to bright light sources. I'm planning to heal naturally. Could you please elaborate in detail the process. It would be of great help to me.

Replied by Deedee

I have keratoconus as well. My physician recommended this procedure also informed me of cost (which is not covered under medical insurance) and I they also informed me that it is extremely painful for the first few days. they also told me that it would not reverse any damage done by the disease but would prevent my vision from getting any worse. Needless to say I have yet to have that done. its refered to as Cornial Cross Linking.

Replied by Vidit


Yes I have had the same treatment in India, it stopped the progression of keratoconus in my eye. But it has not improve the vision.



Replied by Holly's Mom
(United States)

I believe keratoconus is viral. My eyes improve a lot when I take antiviral supplements like raw garlic. I saw a big improvement with monolaurin.

(San Francisco)

Very interesting, never heard of that. Have you kept up the antivirals and How are you doing now?


And what effects did you get after prolonged use of monolaurin?