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Eliminate Coffee

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Posted by Diane (Pa) on 01/30/2018

Had itch for 10+ years. Tried all the creams, coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, etc. Nothing worked. I stopped drinking coffee and no more itch!! It's so hard to give it up but worth it :)

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Stevesall (Renton, Wa) on 03/03/2013

I see many remedies posted on this site regarding anal itching. Some remedies gave good results or temporary results. In my case, I finally figured out it was coffee causing my constant itch and burning. It wasn't because I had a cortisone cream or apple cider vinegar deficiency, the itch was caused by drinking coffee. Fortunately, I drank only 2 cups max a day, so quitting it did not cause the withdrawl sypmptoms when I quit. Because I suspeceted coffee, I abstained for 3 days and the itching and burning disappeared. I wanted to see for sure if it was from coffee so I had a few cups two days in a row and on the third day, the itching returned. I only have one cup of coffee every other day and there's no problem. If you drink coffe and have a constant itch and you want to rid yourself of the nuissance, totally give up coffee for 3 or 4 days. When it works for you, you will thank me. Leave feedback if it works for you. Thanks

Replied by Robert
(San Antonio, Tx)

I took your advice and sure enough, it worked for me. Thank you so much for posting your experience. ROBERT

Replied by Kay

I experienced this itching/irritation from excess acidity too; and I found that switching my coffee to a less acidic version (a milder or medium roast, and/or breakfast blend) helps greatly reduce/resolve this problem without having to give up my morning coffee entirely. I do love the strong dark coffees, so to quell my cravings, a few rimes a week I opt for creole coffee mixed with chickory, also known as Cafe Du Monde; or I add a cinnamon stick or (unsweetened) cocoa and/or carob power for that extra boost!

Replied by Rachel
(San Francisco, Ca)

You could try cold pressed coffee - it's much lower in acidity (pH around 6.5, I think). Then you can still have the strong flavor without the acidity!

Replied by Zac39453
(School, US)

i also have had this problem so I quit drinking coffee and the problem went away completely...unfortunately I am a junior in college so most of the time I end up taking the itchy butt so I can drink my 3 pots of coffee a day to stay awake...whooo

Replied by Vince

Worked for me!

Replied by Ck

Mine was caused by coffee too. I stopped drinking it when I was pregnant and the itching went away. It came back almost right away when I started drinking it again, which is when I made the connection.

Replied by Frank

I'm gonna try this cuz I'm going crazy using anything and everything! Probably diet would help too

Replied by Bumdity

Yes, quitting coffee makes my bum all happy again. I had to ween off it completely, drinking even 1 oz of coffee my bum still itched; I get that headache withdrawal, coffee is an addiction. It's hard to stay away from coffee when others in the house are brewing it (sigh). I want to try cold-pressed coffee tho, see if that makes bum itchy. Still a mystery, because I've had this problem for over 40 years since I was a kid and I didn't drink coffee as a kid. My little brother also had this problem as I remember growing up, he was suffering too. I often wonder if my mom passed Candida on to us. No one else in the family wants to talk about it, such a universally taboo issue. On one hand it's so good to hear I'm not the lone freak :( but on the other it means it's a bigger social health dilemma. I eat VERY healthy, mostly organic, though occasionally sugar-binge. I eat good yogurt every day, have made keefir water for 2 years now, and good BM's. So it's the acidity in coffee, wow.

Replied by Stevesall
(Renton, Wa)

Hey gang, it's me again, Stevesall, the guy who started this itchy, inflamed butt string. I'm glad to see my idea worked for several people. I have more good news to share. I discovered that organic Honduran coffee from Trader Joes, did not cause inflammation or itching, but recently discovered TJs discontinued it at my store - bummer. So I did a search on Amazon and found an organic Honduran coffee - a different brand. I haven't tried it yet, but hopefully it is butt friendly. You know what else burns? A flame about 3 feet high!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Looks like lots of itchy butt sufferers had to stop their coffee. Dr. Batmanghelidj always said coffee made it so you needed more water because it was a diuretic . So when your minerals or water get out of balance your body produces histamine. Histamine can present itself as itching, hives, hayfever, ect...ect… hope this helps some of you coffee lovers...drink more water and take a balance of minerals with it especially minerals salts...salts hold water in place. Takes up to six months to rehydrate a body …..go slow.


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Posted by Anonymous (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 06/10/2013

I suffered with anal itch for more than 2 1/2 years. I went to the doctor was tested for pinworms and parasites. The pinworm test came back negative but I took the medication anyway.

I tested positive for blastocystis parasite. My doctor said that most people aren't affected by this parasite but gave me the medication for it anyway.

I was so relieved that something was found and couldn't wait to take the medication. This was after more than 2 years and 3 doctors.

Nothing happened with the medication. Still itching...

I swear I was going to lose my mind if I couldn't get the itching to stop.

Over time I tried most of the remedies mentioned here. One day I went into a health store to get another one of the remedies mentioned (I can't remember which one). I told the person in the store what my problem was and he recommend garlic suppositories.

I sprinted to the grocery store to get the garlic. Tried it that night and had instant relief. The itching would come back about 2 days after a movement so I did it a few times in a row.

I've had no itching for 3 months now!!!

Replied by Alfonso
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Sir your problem is Candidas: it is a problem with sugar taken over many years, its a yeast infection that has taken over the body, inside, , then it converts to a fungus. Unless you stop eating sugar, or cut back drastically it will never go away. You also have to kill it by eating raw garlic.. There is a candida test you can do in the morning by spiting in a clear glass full of water. Then you can see the strands of fungus holding together. There are many other natural foods that will destroy candida but this takes time six months to a year, if you are strict with this diet. Maybe in three months.. Good luck all of you out there. you should read more information regarding this evil sugar fungus that has taken over your body.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Or you could get some Extra virgin Coconut oil and give the area a good paste after washing. If left untreated the anal itch can last for years. I don't see why you couldn't try a good antifungal cream, like the one used for athlete's foot.

Replied by Pbird
(Everett, Wa, Usa)

Coconut oil works so well for fungal itches that its a bit hard to believe. It takes one application if I start to get a bit of it between a couple of toes.

Replied by Deborah
(Alabama, USA)

Well, I have you all beat! I have been itching for over fourteen years! Went to the Dr. and got worm medicine. Tried that several times with no change. I have scratched and scratched until I have scratched holes in my underwear! Lol! I have tried preparation H which didn't work. I have tried some kinda new pill for yeast infection which didn't work. I have had it! I will try the ACV first thing in the morning. I can promise you that! Along with the coconut oil and whatever else has been mentioned! So thank you'all for your input!

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Ma)

If you haven't already, you could also try warm sitz baths with about 1/8 cup of Witch Hazel added to the water. Soak for approximately 15-20 minutes after each movement. It works! :)

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Milled Flax Seed taken w/ food cleans the Colon and Aloe Vera kills pathogens in the Colon walls.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, TX)

Good news! Arugula salad eliminates Candida!

General Feedback

Posted by Ec (Homesttead, Fl, Usa) on 01/13/2011

This is a horrible, painful and completely embarassing problem. I was horrified to even mention it to my doctor. Thanks for all the great suggestions, will definately try ACV. The only thing that has worked for me in the past is Gold Bond Powder.

Replied by Judyny
(Long Island, Ny)

After using toilet paper, I use a PORTABLE BIDET, which can be bought on-line or some drugstores for under $10. It fits over ANY toilet. You fill it with water, then dump the water right into the toilet. First, I use hot or warm water, then cold and the itching stops. I do this after almost every bowel movement. My mother gave it to me and it has saved my life. For travel, I have a squeeze bottle that suffices. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Donna
(Janesville, Wi)

~Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream~ I know this goes against Earth Clinic natural remedies, but when you have an itch so serve and this was the only answer.... Wouldn't you want it?? I can not tell you how many other "unsafe" things I tried just to get a little relief. It was maddening. Keeping the stool firm, I used anti diarrhea medication as needed. I hope this helps. ~donna

General Feedback
Posted by Jeannie (NYC, NY) on 12/18/2008

I have been suffering since last January. All of a sudden, if I drink coffee I have diarrhea and really harsh burning and itching of the butt. (I have been drinking coffee since I was a child). I stopped coffee and started drinking tea. That was OK for a few months now I can't have more than 2 cups of tea or it starts hurting. Now, tomato sauce, veggie burgers, a glass of wine - anything with high fiber! I went to a gastrointerologist who suggested I get a colonoscopy. Afterwards he said there was nothing wrong except that I had some diverticulitis in my upper left colon. I stopped all the foods that irritate me. Last night I had a veggie burder (I haven't had one in about six months so I thought I'd give it a try). My butt itched all morning and when I went into the bathroom, my butt had "leaked" and there was a mess in my pants. I need to tell you that I am in very good physical condition. I eat healthy food, exercise, never smoked or drank (an occasional glass of wine) - I am mortified writing this message. has anyone else had a similar thing happen and what was diagnosis. Thanks for your help.

Replied by M
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I had a similar problem recently. I would get these horrible itching on my behind immediately after going to the bathroom. The only thing that made it go away was showering, but only until the next potty time...

You can make it go away by taking bentonite clay (preferable), or activated charcoal (in my country it's called vegetable coal). Do your homework before running out to buy it, because there are many ways to take it and a few warnings that you must know so you can recognize side affects and adjust things accordingly. The trick is to use an amount that improves regularity and the "quality" of your movements. Everybody is different, find what works for you.

Good luck!

Replied by Tina

The proper diagnosis, after having checked with a doctor (after colonoscopy, checking for rectal cancer, or worms.. etc... ). It is called "Pruritus Ani". I almost went crazy when it appeared, I couldn't sleep for a few weeks due to the itch (it was horrible) , and the doctors recommendations after the diagnosis are no drinking/eating coffee, teas, chocolate, carbs etc. (which I love). Use cotton underwear and apply some cornstarch powder to keep the area dry. And wash everytime you have a bowel movement to make sure its cleaned well. Wipes do not work for me they irritate the area. When I did all of the above it stopped. But I love drinking coffee etc.... And its back... Now I will have to start all over again... So I was looking at different options. I am glad to hear I am not the only one. It is an embarrasing issue, but please go and check with a doctor first (specialist of the rectum) Not your regular doctor.

Replied by Nicola
(Cambooya, Queensland, Australia)

I wonder if your condition could be said to be caused in part by an improper balance in gut flora? What about considering the use of daily probiotics for a month or two?

Gluten-Free Diet

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Posted by lynn4 (Maryland) on 10/13/2022

Anal itch. Gluten free diet works best.

Replied by moe

A reduced gluten diet is good… but a sugar-free least until a person is cured better.

2 parts that helped cure my itchy bum.
Internally: You must stop eating/drinking anything with sugar. This is coming from the guy who used to devour Krispy Kreme dounuts like cookies. But if you are serious about stopping this itch, then trust me and go sugar-free; at least until you stop scratching for awhile.

Eat Green Food and Drink Green Juice. I had a box of AG1 greens and drunk a pack every day. This will improve your digestive health and gut health. Wheat Grass is also cool.Also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to anything you drink…at least twice a day. I added it to my tea every night in addition to a little bit of coconut oil. It has theascetic acid that provides the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties your body needs.

I also cut a small piece of garlic in half and swallow each one; you can also buy garlic pills but the fresher ones are more potent. And I would eat salads with arugala and it would be nasty because I would not add any dressing or sauce that might have sugar. Google The Strongest Candida Killers in the Anti-Candida Diet for more things you should eat.

Externally: I tried a lot of creams in the anal area to stop the itching including one that costs $50 called pranicura. It did soothe the area in the beginning, but Im not sure if its the cause of a rash I developed a couple of days later. I had to get a prescriptionfrom the doctor for an anti-fungal powder version of Nystatin.

The natural thing that appeared to have worked for me was a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the itchy spot. ACV on a paper towel will burn your butt…but, it will be so worth it afterwards. Follow it up with something cooling like hazel witch ointment or Destin or some kind of cream that you probably have used before; only this time its teaming up with ACV to beat the hell out of this itch.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Bignumbas (Bunadaberg) on 01/17/2018

I had an itchy anus for 25 years from age 40 on until I found out my arteriosclerosis was probably cause by inflammation caused by wheat intolerance. This was after having 3 stents at age 56.

So I gave up wheat at age 60 and went gluten free and the itching stopped and has not come back.

If I ever accidentally had some gluten I would immediately get the itching and also a small sore that hurt when I wiped my rear end.

I have been told that when you go gluten free you become more sensitive to it as you lose any immunity that you had built up.

Coincidentally I found out that Lugol's iodine was used for treatment of arteriosclerosis so I have been having Lugols iodine for the last 7 months applying it transdermally usually about a half inch in an eyedropper every couple of days and found before Christmas that my gluten intolerance has gone.

I no longer get an itchy/sore anus even if I eat gluten.

I am however not going back to wheat but it makes my life so much better being able to eat it occasionally.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Amy (Cleveland, Oh) on 01/02/2012

My Answer for Anal Itch: Go GLUTEN-FREE!

This was my answer after a 2-year struggle with itching in various places. Turned out to be a reaction to gluten, an indigestible protein found in many foods. Fortunately, the market is GF friendly, and there are many, many options. Absolutely worth the switch since itching is just one of the many autoimmune reactions of eating gluten.

Replied by Nat
(Toronto, Ontario)

Thanks for this post! I have mostly eliminated gluten from my diet but can't help but eat it sometimes... I'm a dessert fan. I have noticed recently over the holidays that my skin was irritated in various places and suspected it was due to my eating habits.

Good to read it's not just me. I'll be gluten free for 2012.

Replied by Jw
(Sacramento, Ca,)

I'm not saying it might not be the answer for some, but I didn't get "The Itch" until after I'd given up gluten for several months!

Reading all the good advice, thank you everyone who is posting on this embarrassing business!

I'm now wondering if a new probiotic might be the issue, or just general candida (as many have said) although I have don't have some of the symptoms of that (no coated tongue, no thready morning saliva in a water glass) I do see white, mucus-y clumps in the water with my stools.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Lorenzo (Portland, OR) on 03/21/2007

I had a very bad case of Candida last winter. It was extremely harsh. My crotch and butt were itchy and sometimes burned, my mood was agitated, I was suffering from insomnia. To finally get rid of the ailment, I went on a sugar-free diet and took some medication from my doctor. This was great. It killed all the candida within days. My problem then became a severe flu, as my body was not getting rid of the dead candida fast enough. My body was basically experiencing toxic shock. I took tons of fiber, drank gallons of water over several days. This finally made me feel better. Now, I just take Grapefruit seed extract in water every few days to keep the candida at bay. It is very effective at eliminating candida after it has set in as well, but you should take a diuretic to get the dead candida out of you. For candida, take 5-6 drops of GSE in 20oz of water. Drink in one sitting. Do this once each day for 3 days. May cause heartburn. If so, water down the dosage or use fewer drops (3-4).

Replied by Raff
(Mississauga, Ontario Canada)

Hi there- glad to see that you have overcome candida, my question to you is next:

What kind of doctor did you go see? What kind of medications/doses were you prescribed? I am struggling with candida and have tried numerous natural products. Please let me know asap. I would appreciate your response.

(Tyler, TX)

Arugula kills Candida fast.

Replied by Alfonso
(Los Angeles, California, Usa)

Don't take medications, they don't work... Stay natural... No sugar... Eat raw garlic and other foods that destroy the candidas. It will take time three months to a year. You have to stick to a green diet. And stay away from sugar , sugar will kill you... There is a list of foods you can eat. Look them up in the internet.. Do the candida test... Good luck

Green Olives

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Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 03/18/2016

I've been eating green olives and found that they consistently calm the itch down completely in just a few hours. I will typically eat about 5-10 olives.. that's all it takes!

They are just cheap green olives stuffed with the red pimentos and in brine - not in oil, although I'm sure it works either way. The pimento looks to be just a red jelly really, and I don't think that is important either.

Give it a try, can't hurt right :)

I think this wouldn't help those cases that are caused by worms. Mine seems to be due to some kind of dysbiosis / SIBO.

Hand Sanitizer

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Posted by Tom (Medford, Oregon) on 07/09/2010

Itchy butt got worse turning into sleepless nights. After trying almost everything, I found out wearing suspenders stop the sweat from running down the crack of my butt and then I discovered liquid hand sanitizer took away the itchies on my butt. Sleeping mighty fine again.

Replied by Boris
(Borneo, Aussie)

Don't take this advice! This is very dangerous. Hand sanitizer should never touch the mucosal lining, or else it'll damage it.

Replied by Worriednow
(Tampa, Florida)

My mucosal lining must be seriously damaged then because I have been using Hand sanitizer for a good year now.

Replied by John

Boris, where did you get this information? Please show your source because I can't find any information that putting rubbing alcohol / hand sanitizer on the outside on the anal area is bad for the mucosal lining.

Everyone knows drinking alcohol and alcohol enemas are bad for the mucosal lining, but there is a big difference between taking alcohol internally vs. externally. Everyone also knows that hand sanitizer is not meant for internal use.

The number one cure on for Tinea Cruris, otherwise known as Jock Itch, is rubbing alcohol. Tinea Cruris is the reason many people have anal itching, so using the #1 cure for it make sense.

They have studied if Hand Sanitizer enters the blood stream, and after applying it 30 times in 1 hour after 10 minutes the ETOH level was 0.

30 times per hour is what a typical health care working might do, but for getting rid of Tinea Cruris one or two times per day works. A nurse could be using as much hand sanitizer in one long shift as one would be exposed to in 1 entire year of applying it for Tinea Cruris, and as it takes it away in a couple days there is no need to apply it for 1 year.

Replied by Edwardo
(Port Arthur Tx)

I have a similar itch, a nagging problem, I have been dealing with for years. I had been washing with anti-bacterial hand soap with relatively good, but inconvenient, results. I picked up an old bottle of Watkins "Pain Relieving Liniment". It's mostly alcohol & watel, I think. But it's fine ingredients are Comphor, Capsicum, & Spruce oil. It presented me with a very warm glow down under for an hour. 4 hours later I'm cool as a cucumber, and a happy maggot, me.

Hydro Therapy (Hot Water)

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Posted by Bdb (Kerrville, Texas) on 12/26/2017

Anal Itch - Hydro Therapy (hot water)

Some people seem to be prone to this problem.

First of all make sure that you resolve any intestinal issue like fungus or parasites. In my case, I was clear of all of these things, but still the itch persisted.

I have been a student of natural medicine for many years and so I tried everything with very limited results.

Aloe Vera, ACV, coconut oil, witch hazel, comfrey ointment, all kinds of natural ointments, natural soaps and nothing worked very well.

In a moment of inspiration, I remembered that someone had posted that hot water relieved poison ivy, so I thought I would give it a try.

Amazingly...this worked better than anything else that I have tried.

To do it effectively, you need a good hand held shower head with a strong massage setting. Simply run the water hot but not scalding. You can gradually increase the heat, but don't over do it. Apply the hot water to the sensitive area using the massage jet setting. I do this every morning in the shower, with the best results that I have ever had.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Polysporin

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Posted by Redclary (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 06/25/2011

I have tried all of your remedies and have found #1. Hydrogen peroxide on toilet paper of wipes then polysporin healed fast and had instant relief.

Replied by Roxmysox
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Hydrogen peroxide worked for me too, but it was one of three things that helped. Besides hydrogen peroxide, I used thayer's witch hazel w/ aloe vera toner and benadryl. I'm completely itch free.

I should also mention that it doesn't work instantly; it does take a few seconds for it to start working, and a few minutes to fully work.

Replied by Anonymous
(Miami, Fl)

I have the type of itchy butt that's kept me up at night scratching, which of course, made it even worse. Well, I'm also pregnant so it wasn't letting me get the sleep I need. Well after hours of searching the net, I found this site out of desperation. I just tried hydrogen peroxide soaked into a cotton ball and applied quite a bit. Surprisingly it didn't burn at all, and to my surprise is working SLIGHtly. I am more comfortable than I was a few minutes ago, though the nagging itch is still there. However, I think I can finally fall asleep now.


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Posted by Ss27 (Ny) on 03/24/2013

There is a definite correlation between anal itching and anemia. I had it for several months and tried various topical solutions which only temporarily relieved it, but had bloodwork for annual exam and was low on iron, although not deficient. Once I started taking iron supplements and including more iron-rich foods in my diet the itching was gone and has not returned. Coffee and alcohol are irritants and also deplete you of iron.

Kidney Beans

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Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 03/24/2024

This is an odd remedy! When I eat kidney beans (usually mexi beans) the itchy bum goes away. I only need to eat about 2-4 teaspoons of it a day and it keeps the itch away. Get some mexican beans and give it a try, their yummy so why not (= just make sure they aren't using some other type of bean.

Background - I have diagnosed autoimmune issues, in particular Ankylosing Spondylitis ("AS" .. in remission). Associated with AS are some gut issues like Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. I am not diagnosed with the gut issues but I suspect maybe some mild form.

In my case sugar and alcohol generally make the itch worse, especially at night. However eating kidney beans protects me from both.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City)

UPDATE - so I tried to make my own maxi beans using kidney beans and it didn't seem to work well. The main difference appears to be that the store bought one had maize starch (corn starch) added. That's my best guess, and I've noticed for some time that corn and some other foods with added maize starch make me feel better in general.

It would appear that in fact corn starch is in fact what is helping me! Sorry folks!!

(the beaches)

so you just take corn starch or you added it to your recipe?

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