Anal Itch Remedies

Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 04/12/2017

Bidet for anal itch.

Yes this works. You can use a squeeze bottle filled with water also, and use that after using toilet paper (or instead of paper, or just use the paper to dry up). Also a long hot bath will help too when it really acts up.

This addresses the topical irritation caused by dysbiosis (bad gut flora). However since the root cause is in the gut / flora this can also be addressed by using 8+ strain probiotics; avoiding sucrose - especially at night; and also by getting both more rest AND exercise. Addressing the symptom is fine, but getting to the root cause is even better.

Aloe and Witch Hazel
Posted by Lsck (Ontario, Canada ) on 04/03/2017 1 posts

Cure for chronic Anal Itch:

So many ailments of mine have been cured by things that people have taken the time to post on here. So it's time for me to contribute!

I've been suffering from severe anal itch since I got pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. It would go away temporarily but then would always come back. I tried EVERYTHING. From trial and error, I finally discovered something that works for me. Hopefully it helps somebody.

Here it is:

Soak mini cotton balls (not q-tips) in witch hazel/aloe combo. Shape them in a skinny-ish narrow shapes. If you can't find little ones, break them in half. Put in freezer. Once frozen, insert whenever needed. I tried coating with coconut oil to help ease them in, but I found that the oil caused more irritation. Sorry for TMI but you kind of have to apply a bit of pressure to get in. But once in, oh my gosh it is COLD. I urge you to grin and bear it because it instantly relieves the itch, and after a minute it is extremely soothing. Leave in for as long as you can, but I don't recommend overnight because it will start to bug you. Use these whenever needed until the problem is resolved. It took about three days for my problem to go away completely.

The frozen factor relieves the swelling and irritation, which I believe was THE key to curing my problem. Keeping the swelling and irritation down so that the area had a chance to heal.

I tried frozen ACV cotton balls first, but I believe that unless you have some sort of infection in there, the vinegar is too harsh for that area and will slow/prevent the healing process.

Hope this helps somebody!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bob (California) on 04/01/2017

Worms maybe?

Hand Sanitizer
Posted by Edwardo (Port Arthur Tx) on 03/18/2017

I have a similar itch, a nagging problem, I have been dealing with for years. I had been washing with anti-bacterial hand soap with relatively good, but inconvenient, results. I picked up an old bottle of Watkins "Pain Relieving Liniment". It's mostly alcohol & watel, I think. But it's fine ingredients are Comphor, Capsicum, & Spruce oil. It presented me with a very warm glow down under for an hour. 4 hours later I'm cool as a cucumber, and a happy maggot, me.

Banana Peel
Posted by Davey But-itchi (Seattle Wash ) on 02/04/2017

Banana peel the inside with the white part just rub on the effected area and a little sting then the itch is gone ...cures anal itch.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jo (Columbus Ohio) on 11/18/2016

I've had itchy rectal area for several years. When I stop using hot spices it goes away- when I go back to hot spices it comes back. I think the spices inflame hemmoroids and fissures and cause itching and pain. I use wet wipes to clean the rectal area after using the bathroom and that helps. Vinegar helps somewhat. My pharmacist told me to use hydrocortisone cream for the itchness for a few days (around the outside of rectum only)to heal and lay off the spices.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Colorado Kris (Colorado) on 11/16/2016

Ok, so I has a VERY itch butt. There was small white little crumble discharge, that was the itchyness. It had been going on for a couple months. I was gonna try some natural things first, then last resort, the doctor. I'm a believer in apple cider vinegar. It work like a charm on acne! I was reading all the itchy butt refleif stories, so I thought I would give it a try. I soaked a cotton ball in organic apple cider vinegar with the mother( actually with a little of the mother on it)i put it just right inside the hole for 10 min-that's were I believe I went terribly wrong! It burned like crazy the whole time! I took it out and immediately horrendous pain!! The worst pain I believe I've ever experienced. I could barely move or breath the pain was undescribably. I thought I was going to pass out but knew if I did I would most definitely rip it more and wouldn't be able to get up of the floor. I filled the bathroom sink with warm water, coconut oil olive oil, tea tree oil and tried my hardest to sit in it because the bath trying was impossible to get back it( I could lift me legs up that high because of the pain.

I began searching this site for doing some kind of relief. I tried extra virgin olive oil, aloe Vera from the plant and the bottle- I was too far gone.. I some how barely made it on my bed in the worst position ( the only one that wasn't so painful. I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call the ambulance with all the noise I made for so many hours. I was sweating and exhausted. Luckily I remembered I had some left over pain pills from a old surgery! I feel like that thing saved my life! I tried all the other natural cures that I had ingredients to at my house.

Anyways I was not able to view the damage I did to myself until I woke up the next am. The taint, or the little flap of skin in-between your vagina and anus burst in a couple places and where I put the soaked cotton ball, shredded inside and outside it! Puss everywhere and a little blood. I called out to work that day and slept the whole day until 9 pm( 24 hrs later) I've been doing a couple sitz baths with olive oil, coconut oil, epsom salt then pour olive oil all over it after each bath the last two days, still lots of puss and can hardly walk . I guess I drew out the infection, man it was rough! I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, especially since I did it the wrong way. I am still a believer in the apple cider vinegar remedies, just not for me down there in the booty department. Sorry to be a complainer, I think this site is great and tell people about it when I can. I should have read more carefully.

Avoid Peanuts, Use Coconut Oil
Posted by Geoff (Australia) on 11/12/2016

This guy is correct! I tried the same experiment months ago and problem gone in two days; and not returning. Doctors should know this. There must be so many medications and concoctions prescribed for peanut lovers exit pipes. I still eat peanuts, but about 1/4 as many. Easy!

Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils
Posted by Deborah (Phoenix Az) on 08/25/2016

I had anus yeast and the doctor ordered Nystatin Cream and Antifungal Powder with Miconzole Nitrate. Neither one was productive. The itch got worse. I read about tea tree oil which I had. I also had peppermint oil. Accidently I started using the peppermint oil mixed with water. I used a very little amount of oil and a good amount of water. At first it burned but a few minutes later the burning went away as well as the itching. I never seen this remedy for yeast but it worked for me. I used a spray bottle to put it on and avoided contact with the vagina area.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 08/16/2016

Apply some virgin coconut oil to the area. Avoid coffee and peanut butter. Eat oatmeal the next day. You need fiber!

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C
Posted by Sadia (Uae) on 07/24/2016

Hi Zander, may I know the brand & where did you buy this liquid Msm with Vit.C. Thank you.

EC: We're guessing it's this eyedrop product on Amazon.

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C
Posted by Zander (Columbus, Oh) on 07/23/2016

Liquid MSM with Vitamin C

I bought this formulation for my eyes. It is a liquid combo which can be used as eye drops. Well, it sure came in handy elsewhere on the body as well in my case. Due to repeated use of moist wipes after using toilet paper, I created a damp condition which worsened into what can best be likened to diaper rash. It was very painful, itchy and irritating. I tried ACV & paramicrocidin and got some relief. I tried olive oil and got some relief. I tried straight DMSO and got some relief [after some increased pain such as occurs when applying DMSO to the site of a burn.] However, the best, most long lasting relief I experienced was with the MSM & Vitamin C formula. I wonder how many crying babies wish they could ask for this? I'll tell you, it hurt enough that it made me want to cry like a baby, too ~ very annoying.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Valérie (Nanaim Bc ) on 07/22/2016

Do you know what caused the itchiness in the first place? Do you apply Apple Cider Vinegar every night? I've been dealing with mine for years.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Consider (Somewhere Out There) on 05/20/2016

If tea tree oil did work, and alcohol is worsening your condition, it's definitely the yeasty beasties. Tea Tree Oil is a godsend for yeast.

Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 04/06/2016

Probiotics can also help with itchy bum. I find it works very well for the duration that I am taking it. Different strains may work better - I use multi-strain probiotics, usually about 8 or more strains.

Should help if you have an underlying gut flora imbalance that is causing the itch, as seems to be frequent with people who have other inflammatory issues (asthma, dermatitis, eczema, allergies, etc).

Probiotics won't help, however, if your root cause is worms/parasites.

Green Olives
Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 03/18/2016

I've been eating green olives and found that they consistently calm the itch down completely in just a few hours. I will typically eat about 5-10 olives.. that's all it takes!

They are just cheap green olives stuffed with the red pimentos and in brine - not in oil, although I'm sure it works either way. The pimento looks to be just a red jelly really, and I don't think that is important either.

Give it a try, can't hurt right :)

I think this wouldn't help those cases that are caused by worms. Mine seems to be due to some kind of dysbiosis / SIBO.

Anti-Candida Remedies
Posted by Jsruby (San Francisco) on 03/11/2016

I tried nearly everything on this earth clinic list for anal itch for about a month. Sometimes the itch would stop for a bit but just continue. It felt more like crawling rather than itching. In my case it is yeast. The only thing that stopped it was prebiotic suppositories for yeast infection. It says it's for vaginal but I used for anal in the morning and at night.

I also took a 9 multi-strain candida formula to drink 1 tsp morning and night. This stopped it immediately!

It also helps to follow an anti-candida diet, no starches, breads, sugar, alcohol. Look up 10 best foods to combat candida. There are also teas and supplements to fight yeast.

Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 02/19/2016

Funny illness this. Anyway, I started having the sore/tender anal itch a month ago after I overdosed on probiotics(am cleaning out candida poisons from my system). Massaging wouldn't do it, though it felt good, ahhh. Worst thing is I couldnt see a thing down there to make a proper exam(Who can??). I just figured out reading this that it is due to overdosing the probiotic supplements that caused all the mayhem down there. Who knew some good old bacteria could do that?

Anyway, I decided to take 4 comfrey tea teabags daily last week, and that worked. The open sores and tenderness are gone a week on, though some itching still remains. It's not so bad.

Comfrey plant is a true healer. It healed me very quickly of the internal pain after candida came out last year. I guess my gut was in holes after 30 years of candida infestation.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jasper (Long View, Ca) on 02/14/2016

I too tried everything from essential oils, acv, etc. Only colloidal silver helped. I put it a small piece of toilet paper and just kept it up there for a day, results were immediate relief.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mark (California) on 02/13/2016

Jay Jay in Australia, can you tell me what supplement to buy, which has Black walnut, Chinese Wormwood, barberry, ginger, gentian, thyme oil, cinnamon bark oil in it?

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Ck (Indiana) on 01/26/2016

Mine was caused by coffee too. I stopped drinking it when I was pregnant and the itching went away. It came back almost right away when I started drinking it again, which is when I made the connection.

Anti-Fungal Creme
Posted by Jg (Minnesota) on 01/13/2016

I tried a lot of different things, nothing seemed to help until I tried Lotrimin AF (the orange one for athlete's foot). This is 1% Clotrimazol, don't use Generic and don't use the yellow Lotrimin. Get the orange Lotrimin AF. This stuff worked like a charm. Apply 3 times a day until itch is relieved. I think I only had to do this for 3-5 days.

Other product I've used is Balneol, which helps reduce irritation a lot. It doesn't take away the itching, but it can prevent some of the irritation, which causes the itching.

Good luck.

Onion, Garlic and ACV Enema
Posted by Jennifer (Tx) on 12/27/2015

Your doctor probably couldn't help you, because there is no such thing as a "mold virus."

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Lorica (Indiana) on 10/15/2015

Anal itch:

I got this problem after a bout of diarrhea and lots of toilet paper use therefore. I tried extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil with and without turmeric, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, Neosporin, Noxzema, all to no avail. The problem got worse after several days. I prayed and the word "silver" came to me.

I sprayed folded sheets of toilet paper with colloidal silver to remove all traces after a bowel moment. I also sprayed the entire outer area 3X a day with c.s. About 5 minutes after the spray I applied Neosporin to keep from getting dried out in that area.

In less than 24 hours the difference has been dramatic. I feel an occasional mild itch, that's all and assume the problem will go away with more of the same treatment. It was awful before and really interfering with my sleep so much that if I had had some alcoholic beverage around I would have been tempted to get a little drunk so I could sleep!

Btw, I used homemade c.s., which you can make cheaply with distilled water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Larry (Shingletown, Ca Usa) on 08/26/2015

I wet a cotton ball with ACV and stick it at the anal opening. It will sting a bit at first. Leave it there for a minute or so. Relief is almost instant. If it has a blood stain on it, when you remove it you probably have a hemorrhoid. You will have to repeat as necessary. But works rather fast for me.

Vitamin E
Posted by Jean (Wheeling, Il) on 06/18/2015

For anal itch, pierce a vitamin E caplet and apply the contents liberally on the anal area. Immediate relief.

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Vince (England) on 04/04/2015

Worked for me!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Richer (Colorado, US) on 03/29/2015

How did you use the ACV to get rid of the itching?

Colloidal Oatmeal, Mineral Oil
Posted by David (Thailand) on 02/17/2015

The most common cause of anal itch (Pruritus Ani) is the continual rubbing and irritation of the sensitive skin with toilet paper. The simple solution is to clean with water, not soap, and the most efficient way to do that is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. It will go away and stay away. See

Dietary Changes, Probiotics
Posted by Cured (Oklahoma) on 02/02/2015

I had really bad burning and itching in my butt for years. Made me insane. It was so bad to even walk or sit. I had an application by the doc (I think you can get it over the counter though) of methylene cured it right away but the problem came back later. Finally found out it was candida causing an infection. Did a lot of candida research, what worked was a regimen of supplements such as aloe vera (orally), grapefruit extract, olive leaf extract, caprylic acid (the best one) and a couple others, rotated about weekly and cutting out all sugar and bad carbs like white bread and crackers, etc. Don't cut out all carbs like some say to do, you'll feel horrible and stop the treatment. And it's not necessary. Just eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, and take the supplements, about two or three at a time, rotated to keep the candida from getting immune. Also you're killing good bacteria as well as bad, so you must, must take a probiotic to repopulate. I highly recommend kefir. Also, the only thing that worked for the itching and pain was tea tree oil lotion I got from natural grocers (I'm sure it's other places, maybe even just use the oil). Clean well (don't itch or scrub! ) and apply as often as needed, also helps slightly inside the anus. It helped so much, I would have gone nuts without it. I kept up the regimen for several months, you have to stick with it and do it long enough to kill all the bugs and fix your body's balance. I've now been cured for about two years, no new problems!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Penntony (Erial, Nj) on 01/19/2015

I have had this itching problem for about ten days. I called the Doctor and she sent a cream. I have used it for about 5 days and it has shown some relief. Today I got some apple Cider Vinegar. It helped but, then I put some more and left it there for a few minutes. When I took the cloth out, it had some surface blood on it. I dried the area up and have checked several times since without seeing any blood. So, I guess that you have to be careful about using this.

Onion, Garlic and ACV Enema
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 12/29/2014

I found a great remedy for anal itch, mine is caused from a mold virus.

I cut up half an onion a few fresh garlic - I use lots of garlic, I then soak these two in apple cider vinegar over night, the next day take an enema with this solution and you will see great results. Do this as often as you feel the need to do so. Because I have a mold virus I saw an awful lot of puss or inflammation coming out onto the floor. What a big surprise but also a huge relief. The sad part is not one doctor can or could treat me. I ended up handicap because of the lack of. But the best results is I feel a whole lot better. God Bless.

Eliminate Coffee
Posted by Zac39453 (School, US) on 11/05/2014

i also have had this problem so I quit drinking coffee and the problem went away completely...unfortunately I am a junior in college so most of the time I end up taking the itchy butt so I can drink my 3 pots of coffee a day to stay awake...whooo

Posted by David (California) on 11/02/2014

It's very common and natural and called Pruritus Ani. Too many people suggest it's because you need to clean more but they are wrong and actually that makes it worse if you clean too much. It's the constant rubbing with toilet paper that removes the body's natural oils and irritates the sensitive skin. The best solution is to clean with water and little or no soap (as soap can dry the skin out also) and stop the wiping with toilet paper. Water is cleaner anyways and healthier too. The most convenient and efficient way to clean with water is not to take a shower every time or jumping up on the sink but with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. They locate right at the toilet and require no new plumbing. The itch will go away and not come back.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 10/03/2014 2063 posts

Milled Flax Seed taken w/ food cleans the Colon and Aloe Vera kills pathogens in the Colon walls.

Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 10/02/2014

If you haven't already, you could also try warm sitz baths with about 1/8 cup of Witch Hazel added to the water. Soak for approximately 15-20 minutes after each movement. It works! :)

Posted by Deborah (Alabama, USA) on 10/02/2014

Well, I have you all beat! I have been itching for over fourteen years! Went to the Dr. and got worm medicine. Tried that several times with no change. I have scratched and scratched until I have scratched holes in my underwear! Lol! I have tried preparation H which didn't work. I have tried some kinda new pill for yeast infection which didn't work. I have had it! I will try the ACV first thing in the morning. I can promise you that! Along with the coconut oil and whatever else has been mentioned! So thank you'all for your input!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dwayne (Merika, US) on 09/02/2014

I used coconut oil and almost instantly felt better. And now my a-hole smells like macaroons...bonus!!!

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