Anal Itch Remedies

Aloe and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cc (Slc , Utah ) on 09/12/2011

Back in 2008 I had a bad itch not only on my Butt but also on my anus, upper thighs between the legs, both tesicles and the tip of the penis. From what I now believe it was most likely a male yeast infection or some type of severe jock itch. Even though I used tea tree oil and aloe it came back with a vengeance. I then found using 91% Isoproply Alcohol on cotton rounds or on cotton pads applied to the areas that itched took care of ALL of the itch problems. It will burn like Heck and you will question if this should be happening but it is killing either the yeast, fungus or fungi. How if I could just get rid of the white tonuge... But no more burning down below and that was a couple of years ago. It was driving me crazy... G/l