Anal Itch Remedies

Posted by Naturehealth (Valencia, Spain) on 08/29/2012

Thanks for all input to this great site.

I tried aloe vera and tea tree oil applied to itch. Then ate raw garlic first thing in morning, as per advice on this site. This, combined with applying cider apple vinegar, cleared it up in a few days.... after months of discomfort.

Posted by Naturedoc (Los Angeles, California) on 01/15/2012

I too found much of the feedback on anal burning & itching very funny.. Though I know its very a very personal & distressing problem. My experience is that its usually due to

a. general acidity of the system:

this can be remedied quite quickly by drinking plenty of raw vegetable juice made & drunk right away.. Especially carrot with a green apple & a little fresh ginger added. And, an enema with warm water with a 1/4cup of liquid chlorophyll added.

You'll be amazed how 'miraculously' the burning will disappear.

b. worms

Believe it or not, worms in the colon (large intestine) are more common than one would imagine. In this case Before breakfast, 3 cloves of raw garlic, chopped well & left to sit out on the chopping board

for 15mins, then swallowed down with a glass of water.. (3 Beanos tabs taken with will prevent gas)

then eat a bowl of oatmeal or toast for breakfast.

The garlic taken as above every morning for 7 days will kill any invaders, & help to lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Plus its a marvelous anti fungal, anti viral & anti bacterial. Again, take the warm water enema with the added 1/4cup of liquid chlorophyll once a day (I recommend Dr. Jensens liquid chlorophyll). Topically I have found applying a warm moist wash cloth to the rectal area followed with a good smear of wheat germ oil is very soothing. As another person mentioned Virgin Coconut oil is also very helpful

..However, alkalising the system with fresh vegetable juices (not fruit), & relieving the bowel of some of its waste with a simple natural non painful enema (as mentioned in the Bible) is THE solution in my opinion. (one can buy the hotwater bottle with enema attachments at any big pharmacy)