Ingrown Hair Remedies

| Modified on Jul 15, 2015
Oil Pulling
Posted by Carlsbad (San Diego, Ca) on 08/09/2009

Hi. This is my third week of oil pulling, and the oddest thing has happened. I've had ingrown hairs for years. Suddenly when I woke up this morning, those ingrown hairs were no longer hidden beneath my skin. I pulled them with no problem. What in the world does oil pulling have to do with ingrown hairs?

By the way, other results so fair: the whites of my eyes are particularly white. They're usually off-white, even yellow; mucous drains at the back of my throat when I pull (this just began happening a few days ago); my skin is suddenly baby-soft; and facial pockmarks are lightening up.

Oil pulling has become a very peaceful exercise for me. Love it! Thankfuk for the knowledge!

EC: Thank you for the feedback! Would you mind telling us what type of oil you are using?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 01/21/2008

re: ACV for anal warts. A few months ago I was horrified to find out a huge wart in between my butt cheeks. Soon later two more appeared as well very close to my anus. This intrigued me since I had tested negative for HPV on the year before (I am VERY paranoid about safe sex and such). I couldn't tell anyone about it because I couldn't explain how a guy can get this kind of stuff. So I searched online for natural cures (I'm all against Big Pharma , so a natural solution was a must). I searched online and found about ACV to be used topically, so that night I placed a huge moist cotton ball with ACV against my anus and went to bed. The next day was a bit uncomfortable as things got swollen, but I went on with it for another night. On day 3 I woke up and took a shower, and to my surprise the big one just fell off right on my hand! It was all black and seemed very spongee. But after two nights things were burning a bit, so I waited for everything to go back to normal before proceeding with the treatment.

Results: they were all gone by the 3rd application and haven't returned. Since then I have been using ACV on my face and I no longer have ingrown hair problems or razor burns. I also take it internally, 2tbsp with water and blackstrap molasses (I love it! Beats having a pop). My skin is great, BO is not an issue anymore, and things just seem to be going well. Thank you all for posting your comments and saving me from a very embarrassing visit to the doctor that would result in expensive and ineffective burns/freezes. It's nothing short of a miracle.

Ingrown Hair Remedies
Posted by Hermiticwonderer (Usa) on 08/29/2013

to 07/30/2013: Arin from Ohio -

I would try Rosehip Seed Oil for your scars.

You can also try a combination of the Rosehip Seed Oil with Jojoba Oil or Argan Oil. Some people think raw Argan Oil smells unpleasant but if you add an essential oil into it as well, it will mask the smell.

However, Rosehip Seed Oil by itself is phenomenal for scars and can help with: anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, repairs scar tissue (including acne, surgical, and burn scars, stretch marks ), deep wrinkles, UV damage (sun spots), radiation damage, hyper-pigmentation, brittle nails, dry and damaged hair, dermatitis, eczema, psoraisis, and all types of skin diseases

Add it to your daily regiment as a face / body moisturizer. You can apply multiple times during the day and I would definitely do so before you go to bed. I think you will definitly see some improvement :) Thanks! :)

Oil Pulling
Posted by Carlsbad (San Diego, Ca) on 09/15/2010

When I wrote that email last year, I was using EVOO. Eventually, my teeth began to go from that new found white to a scary greenish tint, so I switched to unrefined coconut oil. White teeth days are not consistent, BUT my teeth have shifted a bit; my bottom row used to be terrible crooked; it's noticeably straighter now. Is that possible???

Another long-term result: I do not break out in adult acne (which was a big part of my life before)unless I skip three days straight. Oh, and I can't remember the last time I had flu-like symptoms. I used to be some kind of sick all of the time! EC is a godsend!

Ingrown Hair Remedies
Posted by Arin (Ohio) on 07/30/2013

I was burnt all over (3rd degree) so I have sensitive skin, I always have ingrown hairs on my inner thighs and buttocks and need a quick solution for the fact that I'm not fond of them nor is my fiance. Also, I need a way to lighten my scars asap. I'm 23 and have had my scars for 7 yrs. Yes I am fond of my unique look but really need to at least lighten them as they're on 67% of my body. Thank you.

Ingrown Hair Remedies
Posted by Sheetal (Mumbai) on 05/10/2015

Hi Arin,

I just came across ur post, I know its almost 2 years that you've posted this but I hope I get a reply on this.

I have exactly the same problem. I was burned overall (3rd degree) as a child, 70% of my body was burnt although I don't have too much of scars left besides my chest & stomach area & my skin is very sensitive. Every time I wax my hands & legs I suffer from in growth hair & it's really embarrassing as I'm very conscious about my body & also I'm looking to lighten my scars. Please help if you've found a solution to these problems.

Thank You.

Posted by Mrsg (Jupiter, Fl , Usa ) on 02/05/2013


My daughter had a nasty ingrown hair on her thigh that grew into a big red bump. I tried mashed garlic, put it into an empty tea bag, tied the tea bag with a string, and taped it over the infected area overnight. The next morning, the bump was gone, but the area where the garlic tea bag covered made the skin look like it was burned. Next time I would suggest covering a smaller area, and perhaps not keep it overnight.

Posted by Assaf (Tel-aviv, Israel) on 06/24/2012

Hello, I have had a problem with ingrown hairs on my beard area for now about 6 years. I have some scarring from that. I've found that talcum powder on the ingrown hair, resolves it in about a day. I usually use it in the morning and in the evening. I don't put in on regularly, just when I have an ingrown hair.

Talcum makes the skin smoother, and has magnesium in it, I think, which helps the skin, or something. Perhaps some drying or protecting effect, too. Anyway, this really has shown itself many times to work very well.

Posted by Nathli (Jacksonville, Fl) on 05/22/2014

Well, thanks for the advice. In my opinion, one should apply Manuka honey to the area where the ingrown hair are grown. Though applying talc help to cure them but it is a temporary solution for it. To completely solve the problem of ingrown hair, people should consume Manuka honey daily. An individual should apply royal jelly on the affected area.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jane M (Arlington, Virginia) on 01/27/2011

I love this site and I use it all the time for most smaller health problems! EarthClinic has introduced me to the usefull properties of ACV and Garlic, so benificial! I'm writing because I noticed that your section on ingrown hairs (a problem I have had in my underarms and bikini area since I started shaving, and since then) was very small. I've used a few things to help, though none have really completely fixed the problem for me, but for less severe cases the asprin may be just the trick.

the first thing I tried to get rid of my ingrown hairs was neosporin. The goshdarn things were painful. I don't know about you, but I usually have about 3-5 individual hairs coming from every follicle (is that what the pore is?) and when I get ingrown hairs it gets very inflamed and hard to extract every individual hair or even know if I've got them all. So my boyfriend suggested neosporin and I tried it. I guess it helped with the pain a bit and I'm sure it didn't hurt by preventing infection.

then I went to google, and went through thread after thread of people with the same problem. I found a lot of people had found relief with an asprin mask or tonic made with witch hazel. The same thing has worked for me in the past for stubborn acne, so I was happy to try it and had the uncoated asprin in my medcine cabinet ready to go! The first thing I did while getting ready to make the tonic was put two of the asprin in my hand and added about 5-6 drops of water till they turned into a paste. I just put that directly on all the affected spots. It gets pretty flakey as it dries and if you put it on your face be careful around your nose it REALLY irritates for some reason if you inhale it. I noticed relief right away after it came off. It seemed much calmer. I put it on (either the mask or tonic) about twice a day. This CLEARED all but the most stubborn ingrown hairs within a week and most within a few days. I was very happy, as the asprin cost a dollar from CVS.

So then I was left with a few very stubborn ingrown hairs. At this point, I was fairly desperate. Every time I shave I get lots of tiny ingrown hairs that mostly resolve themselves in about 3 days with exfoliation in the shower and such, but usually a few are left if I don't treat them with the asprin. Even with treatment when I shave I'm usually left wth at least one I have to extract manually after the area calms down, and even then- problems. Not cool.

I see with further googling that somone suggests putting deoderant on the area. I thought that was a bad idea, so many chemicals in such a delicate area (bikini) is just asking for trouble. Or something. But I was desperate, like I said so I tried it. I hate to even include this one as it's not really an "earth" remedy, but it worked. Amazingly. It got rid of all the ingrown hairs after a few days, with results right away, after 30 min no more pain, no more inflamation. The hairs just worked out of the skin so quickly. If I put some on right after shaving and right out of the shower for a day or two I can shave up to twice a week without having problems, And even then minimal! Now it makes sense to me why my armpits never had the same trouble my bikini line did, even though I shaved those every day! I also plan to try oil pulling, I'll keep an eye out for if that helps!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sajanana (Shaker, Ohio) on 03/08/2012

I'm going to use your remedy... Not trying to put it out there- I shave it into a mohawk it's like I only get razor bumps on the side and I'm really afraid to have sex with my boyfriend. Due to the fact he might thinks something's wrong so I'm going to reply back next week and tell you if it work! -Thank's lots

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Briannahasit (London, Surrey) on 05/02/2012

Does it matter what form the deodorant is in? I. E spray or roll on. Also, can it be applied to the area (mine bikini specifically) daily to completetly prevent the formation of the ingrown hairs? :s Thanks :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jeffinerd (Pennsylvania ) on 07/15/2015

Wowzers! Thank you so VERY much Jane M for the deodorant suggestion! Like others I have tried plenty of ways to prevent/treat bikini area razor bumps. This one WORKED! I'm so excited and sharing with all the women in my life:) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shea Butter
Posted by Jenny (Perth, Australia) on 11/21/2009

My whole life I have had terrible dry skin and little bumps on my legs and arms (which I later discovered are in grown hairs). I was so self conscious about it I would not wear shorts even in summer. I now dry ex-foliate regularly and apply pure shea butter over my whole body every two or three days and the results are amazing.

Shea Butter
Posted by Shan (London, UK) on 09/15/2010

Dear Jenny

Please let me know after how many days did you get amazing results? and by amazing results do u mean your skin is without any bumps and completely clear?

Shea Butter
Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/15/2010

I love shea butter. I just purchased some shea butter soap and also some pure shea butter for my face. I had to go out of town to purchase it. Do you buy yours locally or on-line?

Shea Butter
Posted by Aquines (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/11/2011

hi sells shea butter and other essential oil and soaps for you like coconut oil, she butter soaps, eucalyptus oil.. Ect.. Hope that helps you plus they offer great deals and discounts... You might even be able to find an amazon coupon code online by typing in mazon. com coupons.

Shea Butter
Posted by Valentina (Philadelphia, Pa) on 07/15/2012

You can also buy shea butter and other natural products from they run a fair trade market with a small town in Africa and their stuff is great quality and it helps a good cause. They deliver quite fast too.

Shea Butter
Posted by Hermiticwonderer (Usa) on 08/29/2013

I also had this same skin condition although my skin is not super dry. Both my mother, sister and I get these little red bumps on the back of our upper arms and front of our upper thighs.

I do not have them anymore except for the occasional ones on my legs (which I think are inflamed when I shave). I got rid of them by eliminating meat 10 years ago and going completely vegan 2 1/2 years ago. It really really improved the overall health of my skin. Also, drinking more water helped to flush my skin out as well.

Also, exfoliating with a loofa in the shower really helped and using oil instead of lotion as a moisturizer. Try Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, etc. If you shave in the areas where you have problems I would stop shaving for a bit to give it time to turn around.

My mom and sister still have them. They did not change their diets. :)

Oil Pulling
Posted by Helpmealot (Denver, Co) on 09/08/2011

what is ec? I am very interested I have horrible teeth.... Ingrown hairs and a wart that has grown quite alot recently and become quite hard. What do I do???

EC: EC=Earth Clinic

Salicylic Acid
Posted by Kathy (Stanwood, WA) on 07/18/2009

I used to get razor bumps and ingrown hairs along my bikini line where I shaved. I found that applying a small amount of product containing 2% salicylic acid prevented them. You can find products like this in the acne or psoriasis treatments at the local drugstore. Just read the label. I preferred a light lotion rather than liquid.