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Posted by Kari (Fort Worth, Tx) on 07/24/2015

So, I've had impetigo in a BAD area for 4 months. It's been just awful! I have been through 1 gallon of peroxide (no joke), GSE (internal and external), coconut oil, tea tree, lavender, heat - all with no relief, only spreading and more suffering. This rash has been the most tenacious thing I've ever seen. NOTHING stopped it. My life was pretty much on hold and all I could think about was the itching. This darn thing even woke me at night several times.

Then, I was googling and found a website site for children and he mentioned betadine. I didn't have any, but I did have Ludol's solution iodine. I cleaned the area with peroxide as usual and then applied a liberal amount of iodine on the area. 2 hours later, I noticed a difference that I couldn't put my finger on. It's like I was no longer constantly aware of the rash. By 12 hours, the itching lessened by 70%. 24 hours later, the weeping stopped, the very defined spots disappeared into just an allover red area and the mess dried up. It's been almost 48 hours and I'm still applying iodine twice a day and the itching is all but gone and there's absolutely no weeping. It's dry as a bone.

Hope this helps y'all too!

Ivory Soap

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Posted by CINERGIFox369 (Oxnard, CA) on 02/18/2024


When I was 15, I discovered I apparently have an allergy to the practically invisible pests known as “noseeums”. When I slept with the window ajar, I woke up with welts over ALL my exposed skin. 😱

After several rounds of antibiotics- to no avail- I think it got worse- I was a walking, weeping, constantly-cracking, giant scab!! I had to have Senior pictures taken while my face was one big yellow scab. 🫣

My general practitioner finally pulled me aside and told me to go buy a single bar of IVORY soap- no dyes. He told me to shave/grate the soap and then soak it in water until it became malleable. Once the soap had softened, I was advised to cover the weeping scabs with the glop and allow it to dry naturally. I reapplied more mush once a day for about 3 days 😉 I covered the wounds on my extremities with gauze bandages (the glop they soaked up was not appealing 🤢), while leaving my face open to breathe- I slopped a fairly thick layer of the soap on and let it dry into a slight whitish “crust” (which actually felt way better than the scabs 😉).

Aside from the little trails of Ivory soap I left in my wake, this was AMAZING!! NO ITCHING! NO WEEPING! NO CRACKING SCABS!! The “Ivory patties” drew out the infection and desiccated the wounds so they could heal 🥰

I have since used this same process for brown recluse bites and suggested this remedy to friends who have been afflicted with abscesses throughout the years 🙏🏻♾️💖

I pray this provides relief for someone like it has for me 🙏🏻♾️💖

Replied by Vera

Thank you so much for your old recipe with Ivory soap. Amazing! :-)

Ivory soap used to be old-fashioned soap (just fat transformed by lye into soap). No longer. Now it's a detergent bar. Detergents damage the skin barrier. Old-fashioned soap bars can still be bought in health food stores and farmers markets.

Ivory Soap
Posted by Tonya (Statesville, North Carolina) on 03/31/2013

I'm 42 year old female. In the last 3.5years I've had impetigo every 3-5 months... I went through mupirocin, keflex treatments, but it always comes back. Sometimes, in early stage I can wash it off with antibacterial soap, and that spot will go away. It seemed like a never ending war... Until I got rid off all body washes, bath foams, ets. Now I use ivory bar soap for all my body and life is beautiful. Regret very much that had not try it before. A very simple solution for such drastic skin problem.

Lard, Sulfur

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Posted by Crashlady (Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania) on 05/08/2010

cure for impetigo: to stop the itch and dry the lesions use 1 pound of pure lard and 3 oz. sulfur compound. can be found at your local pharmacy. it dries the lesions and the fall off and the itching goes away. my grandmother used this formula for both chicken pox and impetigo. its great. really does the job.

Replied by Dookie
(Kutna Hora, Cz)

So, do you mix all that up and slather it on your face? Give some details on what the process is.

Replied by Jamie

My grandmother also used this but she mixed it with Vaseline or Coconut oil and it always worked. I get the sulfer from a Mexican store in powder form. Have used it on myself, my children and grandchildren when dog days come around here in the south and impetigo shows up..


My doctor said impetigo shows up more in August because of the heat (dog days! ). We used salt water on the wound and it dried up.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JAMIE, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , yep, using the term, DOG DAYS, dates you and I promise you, the millennials have no clue of what you speak. I have not heard that term in a long time so I looked it up and it has a bit more history than I first thought. Stuff grows in heat and high humidity and that's the reason you can hang meat in hospitals these days.



Manuka Honey

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Posted by Ria (New York) on 08/14/2016

Hello, I wanted to discuss my struggle with impetigo and worked. Basically, I used the strongest power of Manuka Honey I could find (I think it was 550+) and it basically cured me. That, in combination with fresh turmeric paste (you have to buy the root- it looks like fresh ginger but orange inside). Cutting out sugar and wheat is a must. Sugar feeds staph.

I put the manuka honey directly above the staph on my chin, so the honey would trickle down onto the affected area. If I put it on the area directly, for some reason, it wouldn't work right. So I say put it above where you have staph. I was also delighted to find it helped with acne.

Replied by Alyson
(North Carolina)

Hi! Thank you for this information. I was just wondering how often you applied the honey and turmeric.?

Manuka Honey
Posted by Diane (Co) on 06/19/2016

I had impetigo on my legs as a result of eczema. At first, I tried Manuka honey 10+ and that did not work. Seemed to spread it if anything. I then bought the 20+ and sad to say that it did not abolish the impetigo. I did it for one week, applied it day and night. It seemed to slow down the pussing but did not seem to make the impetigo go away.

Replied by Ammer
(Stonewall, La)

For Impetigo, try Colloidal Silver. One TBS by mouth every morning and every evening. Wash affected area with soap and water. Rinse very well. Blot dry, careful not to rub to other areas. Put Sovereign Colloidal Silver on cotton ball and blot generously on impetigo sores. Use several cotton balls, carefully discarding contaminated ones. After applying Colloidal Silver, take a q-tip and apply Coconut Oil and leave it. Both Colloidal Silver and Coconut oil have antibacterial properties and work great. You should start seeing healing! After impetigo "rash" is gone, continue Colloidal Silver orally for about a week to boost immune system! Hope this helps! I did this for my 3 year old grandson that developed this all around his nose and upper lip. It's working!!!

Replied by Lina
(San Gabriel, Ca)

On the sores (impetigo)after you blot it dry do u use the colloidal silver dietary supplement

Or the sovereign silver first aid gel? Thank you

Manuka Honey
Posted by Kirilly (Australia) on 08/03/2014

Hey folks I have great news, after battling with impetigo for the last year or more my friend passed on some awesome advice: MANUKA HONEY! I had some 15+ Manuka Honey in the cupboard and put some on the impetago on my face and within hours my friend and I observed my face healing. I've been putting Manuka on my face for 4 days now and almost all of it has gone. I'm so thrilled I wanted to share with you immediately. Get some Manuka honey on your impetigo now. Btw, I have long hair and it's a bit sticky on my hair but so what, I'll take sticky hair over impetigo any day. Good luck beautiful people. I hope this helps you.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Maxine (Providence, Ri) on 01/17/2018

I have been struggling with impetigo for 6 months or more. In the fall/winter of 2016 I had strep back to back, and my theory is that the bacteria laid in waiting and slowly broke down my already weak immune system, aka my microbiome, and has become very resistant to antibiotics as I see is the case with many people whom have issues with recurring impetigo.

It started out as what I thought was a small, re occurring spot of acne on the bottom left side of my face between my chin and lower lip. As the months went by it would grow a bit more every time it came back, then recede. I really thought nothing of it until about three months ago I had a cookie baking party with some friends one night, ate WAY too many cookies, and then the next morning I woke up with four huge blisters on my lips, two on each, that broke and oozed everywhere.

I ran straight to the walk in clinic where I was given the standard topical antibiotic, mupirocin, which seemed to rein it in and I thought all would be well.
After a few days I could tell the cream wasn't working as effectively, and it started to flare again.

Back to the doctors I went for an oral antibiotic this time, which yet again, seemed like it was helping at first, but as time went on it began to spread again. Back to the doctors and she gave me prednisone since I had just come off of a run of antibiotics and she didn't want to start another immediately, hoping that if the inflammation went down then it would have a chance to dissipate on its own.

Yet again, looked great and like it was improving, yet as soon as I started tapering off the pred as instructed it started flaring again.

BACK to the doctors again for a strong 500 ciproxin prescription, yet again, never fully went away. It would clear most of the way but the skin would be slightly pink and texturally different in that SAME spot on my chin. At this point I gave up on what modern medicine had to offer me. After all, they're just taught to throw a prescription at it.

As far as controlling it spreading and peeling, ESPECIALLY at night I used honey! I purchased a honey gel made with Leptospermum honey on amazon for pretty cheap and it has been a HUGE LIFESAVER! It helps with wound healing however, I could tell that while it helped control it and heal the skin, I could still feel the bacteria was thriving, the redness was still there, etc. It helped the surface issue but the real problem was much deeper, with my gut flora.

I started reading everything I could on impetigo and it's resistance to antibiotics. I realized that my impetigo was heavily tied in with my dietary choices. Carbs and sugar=unhappy gut=unhappy immune system=no ability to fight off this little ----.

I started taking a strong probiotic, after reading a lot about them. Most probiotics don't ever make it past your acidic stomach, so I chose one that supports the immune system and uses time release to make sure it gets DEEP into the gut where it can actually help. You can feel it, hear the gas, and really know its working! First couple of days I did experience a herxheimer reaction, flu like symptoms of an elevated heart rate, nausea, and fatigue. But as the days went I paired this with lots of cruciferous vegetables, and clean mostly vegan meals overall. Tofu veggie scramble, lots of fiber, low sugar. I cannot stress enough how much diet affects this terrible condition! I also towards the end started to use grapefruit seed oil, adding 10-15 drops to my water 3x a day and sometimes topically, however it did seem to add a bit of redness or irritation, I'm not sure if this effected my healing process because it was added so near the end when it had mostly all cleared up. I will continue to eat well, take my probiotic daily, and also drink GSE and Golden seal water now as well, to hopefully stave it off from coming back!

I have now had a few weeks of relief and a normal looking face. The discolored spot on my chin is now flat and very very light pink, dead skin is coming off every day as it fills in and heals, hopefully completely and for good! Good luck to any and all of you suffering from this, the western modern medical community is blind to this and other antibiotic resistant bacteria's' on the front line! Stay strong and eat your dark leafy greens!

Replied by Ali

Oh yes. Diet is crucial.

Most of these comments are about people trying to treat it with external remedies, but often they are only temporary because few realise that whatever shows in the skin is usually triggered by what is going on inside the body.

The skin is the largest detoxification organ - especially when certain toxins cannot be eliminated very well by the normal channels.

You have done well to make the connection between your diet & the Impetigo. Dumping highly refined, nutrient-stripped wheat & sugar & adopting a natural, unprocessed whole food diet can make a big difference when it comes to healing the body from various ailments & diseases, including ones often assumed to be ‘irreversible'.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by R Johnson (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/03/2017


Greetings. I feel compelled to share my harrowing journey about this dreadful temporary illness. About a month ago I noticed that I had a strange outbreak of eczema on my face, neck, and ears. I did everything I could to counteract it. I was going through a tremendous amount of stress as my youngest son was about to move into his own apartment and I was embarking on a whole new life of my own in another part of town.

On moving day I then noticed sores on both sides of my mouth. I was horrified and continued using essential oils, avoiding dairy and gluten, and whatever other things I could think of. Nothing worked. It eventually spread to two thirds of my entire face and I could barely open my mouth without it bleeding on the corners. I realized that I would have to miss work since I work in the schools. I went to the allopathic doctor and he had no clue. I talked to a holistic doctor over the phone later that day and he was convinced that I had shingles-and that although I couldn't remediate them I could possibly ease the symptoms to ride it out. I then scoured the internet and especially this website for remedies.

I tried cayenne pepper, L-lysine, vitamin C, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and nothing worked to help ease the symptoms. For some reason my shingles were not behaving like all other people's shingles. They were only on my face (both sides) and itched like the devil. I resorted to wearing a hospital face mask in order to leave my house so that I would not scare the people. After a couple more doctor visits and being out of work another week I got another diagnosis. Impetigo!! I have now been out for my third week from work and I want to share what I am using to help out.

Now I will first state that nothing is worse than itching. Pain is a relief in comparison to itching and what I used gave me definite relief. Don't take my suggestions blindly. Take my word and research it yourself. Better yet pray or meditate on it to see if it resonates with you and your symptoms before implementing any of what I say. I went to the health food store and the woman working there was helpful enough to suggest that I get Bee Propolis (alcohol free) and Calendula Gel.

In addition to this, I purchased some good quality coconut oil. The coconut oil I had been using, although supposedly organic from the grocery store, was worthless. I also purchased some Colloidial Silver and Grapefruit Seed Extract pills.

In order to relieve the mind numbing itch I first take a shower with very warm water. This allows the crusted gross stuff that oozes out of your pores to be gently washed off. Do not use a wash cloth! Use only your hands and wash them right after you touch your face. Every time you touch the oozing skin to another you are spreading the disease and will get another outbreak. However, since it will itch like you've never itched before, this will be very soothing. Heat has a way of giving definite temporary relief. Also, I have noticed that it is mainly the dead skin and the dried up puss that is one of the main things causing the itch. After getting out of the shower do not use a towel on the affected areas. Use a hair dryer directly above it, being careful not to burn your skin. Again, the heat will soothe the itch and will make the oozing dry up faster. I then placed the propolis on first, then the coconut oil, then the calendula gel, being sure to wash my hands between each step. Expect it to sting, but this sensation will give definite relief. I did this every few hours or when the itching returned. There will still be some itching. My skin felt like ants were crawling under the surface of my skin and this is horrifying if you don't have things to distract yourself with.

Now unfortunately, I had to return to a doctor because after missing this much work things could really get ugly. The dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic, Cephalexin 500 (generic for Keflex) and I totally got wigged out. I've read so many horror stories about antibiotics it's ridiculous. So after doing some research I decided to take the antibiotic as prescribed BUT I do take it with decaffeinated green tea containing cayenne pepper. There have been studies that this will enhance it so that it actually works. I'm also cutting out sugars while taking it. Additionally, I'm also eating raw ginger in the mornings which will also kill the bacteria.

So I take the antibiotic four times a day, taking two grapefruit seed extract pills three times a day in between with my green tea mixture. I also am continuing the propolis, coconut oil, and calendula directly on the affected area. You could take a half dropper full of colloidal silver a couple times a day. Do not expect any of this to taste great. It will not, but it could give you the relief that you need. When I am done with my course of the antibiotic I will be taking a good quality probiotic. Taking an antibiotic with a probiotic only confuses the body and encourages bad results. Take it after the antibiotic and continue to eat high quality foods, cutting out sugar as much as you can. I will also take baths with apple cider vinegar to kill any possible yeast infections and eventually use raw aloe vera on my face.

I will be returning to work next week, thank goodness, because I finally look human again. I know this was a really long post but I hope and pray that it gives assistance to those in need. God Bless.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lynn (Ma) on 01/23/2016

Hey guys,

I believe I contracted impetigo from a college roommate. She thought her sore was a cold sore and I didn't think anything of it as I get them too. That being said it has been a struggle.(13 years later) This year has been the WORST! It seems to be a constant lingering. I have the topical cream from the doctor and that has held it at bay for a while but not this year. I don't know the triggers. This year I have gone in the direction of allergies as the doctor said this virus its in your nasal passage. I thought ok ya my allergies are so bad in the spring that I almost have to get a week off as I dope myself up. Allergy eye drops, Zertec, and nasal spray. Check. But my allergies seem to be all year and animals are an issue. SOO. here I am through fall and winter..I fostered a dog. Full fledged walking dead face. Dog was relocated and I got on antibiotics. Confession. I drank on them but I read the whole pamphlet and it didn't say anything about not drinking. Kicking myself now cause I am on the verge of another walking dead situation..but on my groin!! Long story, let's get to what has been helpful!!

1) GOLDENSEAL root drops. I read about GSR and found goldenseal. I have been mixing a saline solution with a few drops of goldenseal and doing like a "nasal flush" 2x a day. This cleared up my stuffy noes instantly. But bacteria is still attacking skin and so I put drops on red marks that I continued to get around mouth. They were gone!! .. but came back eventually. I was also drinking a hot cup of water with goldenseal and this has really helped my skin as it has been super red and dry. Cleared me right up. I stopped drinking it and soon enough red dots around my mouth. **I continue to douch nose as needed and started to drink Goldenseal again. I also put GSR on red marks that pop up** I also bought the pills to take oral but it look like there is a difference in the goldenseal "root" and "herb". the pills come in both and I read articles after, that said you want the root and the one says "herb" only has the leaf and flower and not the root. You want the root other part of plant are not effective. I will go back and get the other one as the drops seemed to be effective. Keep in mind and do research as you are only suppose to take this for a period of time, but acts as antibiotic.

Apple Cider vinegar - I don't know what worked here but I applied this to my mouth and noes a few times and this has been effective for 5 days. Dried it right up. NO new issues on face. Tried on new red spots on body and I have not seen any instant magic. I am going back and forth with antibiotic cream/ ACV/ and GSR*above. It is holding off the itching.

Grape Seed extract pills- Tried this but didn't notice a big effect. I will continue to use the bottle. Thinking the liquid might be more effective.

I liked the guy's article below about the "antiviral". I have a new rash around my groin and am thinking of calling the doctor on Monday. I don't want to go back on antibiotics ..I have a low immune system and know that this will destroy the good flora in my gut which is your bodies immune system essentially. I have a candida issue and have done cleanses in the past. This is my new approach. I thought I had been doing a good thing by drinking a lot of Kombucha and making it. I thought this would boost my gut flora but there has been a contradiction on "fermented foods and candida". but its suppose to be probiotic??? not sure if its due to yeast content ...sugar that turns into yeast? It is a mushroom that eats the sugar to ferment. But the actual sugar content at the end of fermentation is low... I will read up on this. Does it promote good bacteria or does the yeast in the fermentation destroy the health benefits? One article states that its fine because of good bacteria and low sugar. It said I would flare up as part of the healing process.. I have flared up! Waiting for healing process. I will end there. Conclusion. I need to figure this out. Goldenseal is helpful and I will continue to use it. I will also get probiotics and work on my good flora in digestive track. Depending on how my groin looks I think I will go to Doctor on Monday and maybe get antibiotics. Then really focus on good flora and do a Candida cleans...Sorry for the ramble.

All the best to those who struggle with this. It is a nightmare and I would not wish this on anyone.

Replied by Leanne

Try using phisohex from the chemist. Use it to wash with in the shower. That is what worked for me.

Replied by Janie K
(S Dak)
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I just used Betadine ointment, a thin layer, and it starts to dry down. Put on several times a day.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jessa (Paris, France ) on 01/04/2015

I read every post in this thread. I have gotten impetigo twice on my chin from already aggravated eczema. I went to Disneyland twice and it was super busy both times, despite frequent hand washing and being winter and almost completely covered I contracted it twice!

The first time I went to the doctor because it started as a small itchy bump and spread. I put tea tree on it as it's my go to, but the tea tree I had wasn't great. From there I covered with a bandage. The bandage irritated my skin and it spread as bumps that then burst and formed scabs. The doctor put me on an antibiotic for staph and strep skin infections, and bandages infused with silver. It was itchy and I cleaned it with an antibac soap but it continued to spread for a week. I finished my antibiotics and the original spot was healed but I had it up the side of my face. And throat. I bought better tea tree, grape fruit seed extract oil and a tincture for internal use. It itched like crazy even though I mixed it with aloe and eventually jojoba. I also took turmeric in warm soy two times a day for the last three days. It cleared up taking a total of three weeks.

Fast forward three weeks later and after another day at disney I saw the same red splotch crop up and I went directly for tea tree and gse Internally and the oil on the area. It started to spread with another part popping up so I waged serious warfare as I can't live like this for another three weeks.

My methods-

Wash wash with medical grade antibacterial solution in early stage- wash affected area, and wash around the area. The soap is really drying!

While it's still wet, pour hydrogen peroxide on it, let it bubble. It itches and stings but it works. Pat dry, no rubbing! The first time I soaked and scrubbed off the scabs and it spread like wildfire. I found actually washing less and just disinfecting helped it be contained.

After the hydrogen peroxide, I covered the areas affected in pivoine iodine, with separate cotton pads, then the area all around with yet another cotton pad.

For the dried itchy areas without sores, I rotate between calendula, jojoba and coconut oil.

On the sores, I initially started with gse, iodine, and black walnut tincture. They seemed a little effective but then I found the thing that seemed to help the most-

18+ manuka honey. Really expensive but a little goes a long way! I put too much on just as a salve and it started dripping. For bed I covered again the sores and around the sores with iodine, then made a bandage our of gauze, applied a thin layer of honey to the gauze and then apploed to my face with the aid if sensitive skin bandages, since last time the irritation from the bandages gave me pimples which in turn got infected by the impetigo. I used coconut oil around so the bandages didn't stick so well, but it was just for sleeping with.

During the day I alternate between manuka and coconut oil on the sores, and continue to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide and iodine.

has it worked? The difference on healing between the doctors prescribed methods and my home remedies has cut two weeks of healing and suffering. I have scabs and no spreading or bumps or pimples, and the areas appear to be getting smaller. I'm on day three and I'm taking a teaspoon of manuka honey also on an empty stomach and eating a diet of organic foods and lots of veg and little sugar. I hope my story helps someone!

Oh and for references am a 30 year old female, both times I caught impetigo were really cold days and my immune system was low from just having been sick both times. I am a lifetime eczema and allergy sufferer, and I recently started taking algae supplements for suspected low thyroid function. I take a tincture of gse in water daily but have upped it to two times daily due to the impetigo. I'm going to get food allergy tested to try to cure the eczema so that my immune system can be stronger to fight these nasty bugs!

good luck to everyone!

Replied by Rachel

hi Jessa, it's been years since you commented but was just wondering if you've managed to find relief for your lifelong eczema and allergies. I'm also having lifelong eczema. One thing I noticed is that you're taking daily GSE tinctures. You might want to look into that because eczema is related to gut dysbiosis and constantly imbibing antimicrobial supplements, especially one as potent as GSE, may not be supporting your gut to grow beneficial microbes. It might actually be hindering. Commercially available GSE has also been found in some cases to be tainted with antibiotics, but you mentioned tincture so I'm assuming it's homemade. Anyway hope this helps, and take care! :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sls (Wayne, Pa) on 02/03/2014

I am 15 year old female and have been suffering from impetigo for about 6 years and since last year I have just been thinking it was acne. So I went to many doctors that could not figure out what it was so finally one doctor I went to came to the conclusion of impetigo and they gave me mupirocin. This helped it only a small amount but it makes my face look incredibly greasy (the impetigo is all around and in my nose) and makes it unbearably itchy. So usually it just runs its course then goes away for a month or so then comes back. Now that I'm in high school I can't have this all around my nose! I cover it up with makeup everyday it's so embarrassing even though it takes a lot to get it just barley covered I keep doing it so it's not as red looking. I don't know why it keeps coming back. It is usually worst after I kiss my boyfriend but he does not have it on his face or body, but every time after we kiss it becomes horrible and recently nothing is working to make it better. I just found this website and it has good suggestions but everything I try doesn't work. How long is it supposed to take for the GSE to start woking I have been putting it on for about 3 days now and have not noticed any change at all. Should I be putting it into my drinks? I have also tried coconut oil which takes away the itch but thats it and tea tree oil and it just burns like crazy, I have also tried hydrogen peroxide and that also does nothing. I really need help I don't know what to do and my mom refuses to take me to the doctor because we already know what it is but this time it's not going away I've had this outbreak for about 2 weeks now and nothing is working. Please help, I'm completely lost on what to do.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Sls,

So sorry! Six years is a long time to be dealing with this!

Impetigo can really hang on, but you should be able to treat it naturally. I have treated this a couple of times in my children.

Take turmeric, internally. 1 teaspoon twice a day. You can take it in milk or take 4 capsules twice a day. This helps so much! Even when you notice improvement, continue taking for at least a week after it is healed and even keep taking it a few times a week as a preventative after you heal.

You can continue using the GSE. It may just take a little longer to work.

Did you use the tea tree straight? If you haven't tried diluting it in the coconut oil, try that. Get a little dab of coconut oil and add just one drop of tea tree to it. Use this several times a day if it doesn't bother you.

We used a colloidal silver spray topically on the impetigo, several times a day. (Not at the same time as coconut oil, though.)

Your make up could be reinfecting you, depending on how you are using it. (If a brush touches your face and you put it back into the make up.)

Garlic, internally, is a great help, but not great when you are going to school...on the weekend if you will be home, you can take 1 clove of crushed garlic in some honey 3 times a day.

Plenty of water will help your body eliminate infection better. Avoiding soda and white sugar will help your body to heal faster.

Please let us know how it goes. I hope you are healed very soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Sls from Wayne,

Re the Impetigo: You report the infection has been with you for six years and only recently diagnosed as Impetigo...which is either staph or strep in causation. I read that a MRSA form can also cause Impetigo which is more stubborn. If the current antibiotic fails to work, I'd consider using Colloidal Silver topically and the herb Echinacea. There are other anti bacterias; tea tree oil, olive leaf oil also.

But one note of caution; If I'd had this a long time, as you report, it may be in your system, if this were me, I would take oral Colloidal Silver for six months, orally...two tablespoons a day. I'd also keep applying topically for many months.

I ran across a recent case of a person who was hospitalized and as a normal precaution the hospital did a swab of the nose and the patient did have MRSA in her sinus cavity. She was not in the hospital for that but the nurses took extra caution after discovering that she was MERSA infected. The hospital did not treat the MERSA and a day later she went home and began swabbing her sinus cavity with Colloidal Silver. A follow up visit to the hospital a month later ... same hospital.... and another MRSA swab, found NO MRSA. She concluded the CS killed the MRSA.

Replied by Dookie
(Kutna Hora, Cz)

That is a very good post. Everything I've seen of collodial silver is a spray or tincture. What is best form of it to apply inside the nostrils? You mentioned olive leaf oil. I already take that in a pill, but is there some type of topical form also?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Podtree Holistics (London, Ontario, Canada) on 12/29/2012

For impetigo I use Manuka honey straight onto my face as a face wash and then a salve. It kills the bacteria, sloughs off the scabbing naturally without irritaion and provides a barrier from it spreading. You can get varying strengths of Manuka Honey, I use Active 12

Do not try to use regular pasteurized, store-brand honey. It does not contain the antimicrobial properties that Manuka Honey does and will not work. To boot if you have used antibiotic creams they have a side effect of creating a fungal environment when used too long and regular honey not having the properties to kill this will only feed it and make it worse.

At night I use a carrier oil with essential oil blend in it specifically for Impetigo.

Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil (Close to skin sebum)
Buriti (Use 10% max in carrier mix, as it stains)
Rosehip Seed (Antiscarring)

Essential Oils (Add 4-8drops of each to 50ml of oil):

  • Lemongrass (Antiviral, Antibacterial, Astringent)
  • Tea Tree (Antibacterial, Antifungal)
  • Eucalyptus (Antiviral and Antibacterial)
  • Lavender (Antiviral and Antibacterial, Soothing)
  • Ravensara (Heals Scarring)
  • Helychrysum (Heals Scarring)

Carrier oils that are good to use are Organic Cold Pressed (Use one or all together)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by J (Farmington, Nm, Usa) on 03/30/2012

I get occassional impetigo outbreaks on my chin and recently on my cheek. The first time it happened, I assumed it was a zit that got infected.

Because I don't have insurance, I have to treat non-serious health issues at home. The last outbreak was pretty scary as I developed large clear blisters on my cheek which never happened before.

I use a combination of things to treat an impetigo outbreak:

1. I wash the area with a medical grade sterile wash.

2. I then dab some rubbing alcohol, then dress the area with sterile bandages and Neosporin.

3. 2-4 times a day I will soak a paper towel in vinegar and hold it on the infected area up to 20 minutes.

4. 2-4 times a day, I will make a paste of garlic cloves and leave it on the affected area as long as I can stand it.

5. Generally, I keep the area bandaged until it scabs over.

6. If I even suspect I might get an outbreak, I start rubbing a cut garlic clove on the suspicious area and do the vinegar treatment. It saved me from getting an outbreak about 1 month ago.

I will have to try the grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver sometime. Thanks for the tips.

Replied by Quiet
(Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Usa)

@J from Farmington, Nm, Usa: Regarding touching impetigo with rubbing alcohol--that is something I quickly learned *not* to do. Rubbing alcohol 70% was so irritating to my itchy blisters that they would immediately swell up even higher and itch more ferociously. I think the consequent swelling helped them to spread, not really what I wanted to see happen. I switched to using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) between washing and before applying topical oil treatments. It is much more gentle on your skin and the oxygen is good.

Olive Oil and Garlic

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Posted by Ivy (San Gabriel, Ca) on 09/29/2011

I got impetigo for about a week. I had no idea how itchy it was going to be. Researching online for alternative cures, I found that using virgin olive oil with freshley chopped garlic did the trick. I first used a pad of witch hazel to clean the area. Then I applied the olive oil and chopped garlic with a cotton swab on affected area. If it was really itchy, I would also add hydrocortisone cream only if needed. If it was a bit itchy, I would only pinch myself on nonaffected area to take the itch away. I hope that it will work for all you impetigo sufferers.

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