Home Remedies for Impetigo

Black Salve, Essential Oils
Posted by Cindy (Phoenix, Az) on 08/05/2020

I had a pretty severe case of impetigo. It was only through the hair matting (couldn't get a brush through it. If tangled is a 10, the matting was 100.

Both my legs broke out covering both legs from knee to shin. Oh my!! The itch!! My normal itch cures didn't work. I had to do something, bc I couldn't sleep. I used a drawing salve (Black salve known for topical cancer use. It's an escharotic. You usually only work with small spots—like a quarter. But I had such a bad rash on both legs, I applied at bottom of one leg, covering the size of a US $ bill.

its not for the faint-hearted. I prob spent 4-6 months changing bandages, letting it heal for a few days, and then applying more black salve until there wasn't much, if anything, coming out. Legs are healed. Would never know.

i didn't know about grapefruit seed extract. My legs cleared up just fine. But my long hair was a disaster. I made natural Antibiotics from essential oils. I didn't use the expensive little bottles. Instead, I bought much larger bottles, less expensive —on Amazon of Vitacost. Therapeutic grade.

in plastic veggie capsules, 3 drops wild Oreganol P73, in oli d oil, 5 drops Thieves/Onguard and 5 drops of tea tree/ melaleuca. Spread out through the day. I took three or four months, 4 per day, And then as my hair returned to normal. I discontinued. How ever, Matting just came back. Bleck.

I started the capsules again, and will add grapefruit seeds extracts!!

if anyone knows About help for my hair, I am ever so grateful. Cindy