Hyperparathyroidism Treatment

| Modified on Jul 20, 2024
Posted by James (Florida, US) on 08/27/2014

I suggest anyone who has a parathyroid problem to look into "boron parathyroid ". Boron controls the parathyroids. The highest concentration of boron in the whole body is in the parathyroids, and without it you will have hyperparathyroid. Do a simple google search of " boron parathyroid ". Extensive information not told to you by ENT doctors. Instead they want to cut them out. Real smart! Also vitamin D3 plays a part in parathyroid, as well as magnesium. And lastly iodine is needed for the thyroid to produce calcitonin. Calcitonin controls blood calcium cells. Look into this aswell as hypothyroid is another cause for elevated blood calcium. Oh and dehydration, if you're not getting enough real salt can raise serum calcium. Give these a shot but boron is number one! It's a mineral!

Posted by Michelle (Texas) on 11/24/2015

So I have been reading that Boron, magnesium and D3 are the best remedies to help regulate the glands and to help prevent bone loss and weakness. For elevated levels of calcium, what are the recommended doses?

Posted by Gwen (Massachusetts, US) on 01/24/2015

Have you ever known a case that hyperparathyroidism to be cured using boron?


Posted by Nicole (Rochester, Ny) on 07/30/2016

Borax for Chronic Laryngitis (Voice Loss) and Difficulty Swallowing

Following a severe chronic illness from which I have otherwise fully recovered, my singing voice was lost. Although I am a trained vocalist in both soprano and alto ranges, I was only able to sing tenor for seven years. In addition, I experienced a difficulty swallowing such that I would frequently have to try twice to make a single bolus pass my epiglotis. I never connected these two problems in my mind, but after a week of very conservative borax use I have experienced relief from both. I have most of my singing voice back, but for a slight artifact on a few notes, and my swallowing has become normal again. I suspect that the cause of both of these problems was a swollen set of parathyroids, which correlates with hyperparathyroidism, which is known to be a possible result of boron deficiency. While by no means conclusive, I think I have a fairly good explanation for my experience and I would recommend careful use of borax to anyone willing to take the "risk".

Posted by James (Florida) on 04/09/2015

It's well established in the medical literature that the highest concentration of boron in the human body is within the parathyroid gland. Deficiency of this mineral will cause over production of pth causing hypercalcemia. If you have hypercalcemia with normal pth chances are something is causing bone breakdown in your body. This is why being bedridden is a cause of hypercalcemia. The bones break down from not being used, calcium is released into the blood and your body can only rid of it so fast so it builds up causing hypercalcemia. Other things can cause bone breakdown as well, usually deficiency of some sort. If you guys have hypercalcemia, get your pth checked. 24 hour urine isn't necessary as the body is of course going to dump as much of this calcium as it can through your urine, and try to recycle some of it back into bone. This test just states the obvious. You want scans done(checking for an adenoma although not always accurate), and pth testing. Its a tough thing to figure out as they make you wait and suffer while they try to figure out whats going your problem. If the tests comes back not showing anything, welp, oh well for you. Sorry. That's how it goes, and its sickening. My advice, the most important things for this are of course boron, magnesium, Vitamin D3 ( HAVE THIS CHECKED AS WELL, THIS CAN CAUSE THIS HYPERTHYROIDISM ), and lastly your BONE HEALTH. If you're deficient in something required for bone integrity and you don't have it what do you think is gonna happen? Bone breakdown, rapidly. Where does this calcium go? The blood. Your body can only get rid of so much so fast. It essentially get backed up causing blood levels to rise. Usually this bone breakdown is a vitamin c deficiency as it creates the collagen needed for bone structure, as well as fatty acid deficiency (PARENT OMEGA 3 -ALA). I hope I helped in some way. Good luck ladies n gents.

Posted by James (Florida) on 05/03/2015

To Rose:

First off, your mother's pth is so incredibly high that it's 23 times the highest end of the reference range. Now, the job of pth is to stimulate the release of calcium from the bones to maintain proper blood calcium levels. Your body cannot fight that high of a pth level. This is why frequent urination is a symptom of hypercalcemia. Your body's forcing you to urinate, and doing everything it can to excrete this calcium sent to the kidneys by the action of calcitonin. What I would do is have her blood calcium tested, and her D3 level.

The next thing I would do as soon as possible is find a parathyroid specialist. Dr Norman in Floria is the best parathyroid surgeon in the world. You can call this number (813)-972-0000 which is their center's number. Tell them your mother's story. He does minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, and he knows how to do the proper tests.

When you took your mother to the ER , they don't know what they're doing in there. They'll do an xray and say all clear. A pth level that high is not all clear. In the mean time ( getting her blood work done and contacting the florida surgeon ) you WOULD want to give her potassium, and magnesium to help lower this blood calcium level. The problem is she's on dialysis, and too much of these minerals can be very dangerous as the kidney's regulate these minerals. The fact her kidneys are not working correctly , taking magnesium or potassium could be very dangerous for her. Due to this, I would suggest being very quick at getting this done as she most likely feels incredibly sick.

As far as her kidneys btw. Most people don't know this but on each kidney sits the adrenal gland. These control the kidneys neurologically. What do you think happens when these shut down? What is running the kidneys now? Your mother has sever adrenal problems. My suggestion for this would be to contact Dr Robert Morse, also in Florida. He is a kidney expert, and has got many people even sicker then your mother ( as far as kidneys go ) back to wellville as he says. His number is (941)-255-1865. Tell them your mothers story and you can set up a consultation over the computer or in person and explain to you the exact science of why your mothers sick, and how to get her well again.

By the way as far as your boron question, none of those are any good. You don't want to supplement with a trace mineral like that. If you can find 100% apple juice that's the way to go as its very high in boron, if not you can juice them but always remember what you're giving her. Apple juice has a good amount of potassium and once again poses are risk to her. If you want to give her boron get her some liquid ionic.

Good luck to you ma'am and your mother. Keep fighting and she'll make it through. Don't let her give up. I know doctors can zap the life and hope out of you. Do not let them. Good luck.

Posted by Gina (Calgary, Ab) on 11/09/2015

I used Boron for 2 yrs, then went for another bone density and my bones had stopped deteriorating and in places had improved. Although I upped my intake of other 'bone building' supplements at the same time. I am 51, I take 1500 mg of Calcium, 5000 ui of Vit. D, 750 mg of magnesium (sometimes more), an MSM/glucosamine supplement, Vit. K2 (MK7) and 65 mg of Boron... all at least 5 days a week. I spread out the dosage throughout my day.

My calcium, magnesium, vit. D taken as a liquid supplement for better absorption with and extra 4000 ui of vit. D.

Vitamin K2 is very important to take so that you don't end up with calcium deposits and the calcium goes to the right places.

Posted by Dr Howard (Torrance Ca ) on 11/04/2016

In a homeopathic book written in the early 1900s, it says singers use a pea size amount of borax which will clear the voice!

Posted by Laura (Braintree, Ma) on 08/24/2017

Years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperparathyroidism. The doctors opted to monitor it and sadly, my body is riddled with calcium, every organ. I have been researching and found a common denominator to Thyroid and Parathyroid issues is Fluoride. And much of that research suggests Boron/Borax as a antidote to removing Fluoride from the Thyroid/Parathyroid glands.

Posted by Amanda (Norfolk) on 11/23/2015

Thank you for your information on hyperparathyroidism. I have been diagnosed with possibly having primary hyperparathyroidism and have been told that I will need an operation, I will be having an ultrasound on Tuesday, tomorrow, Tuesday 24th of November. I prefer using natural treatments if possible and if I can avoid an operation that would obviously be best . If anybody else is able to give any information about this treatment or to confirm anything stated here please I would be most interested and very grateful. Thank you. Amanda

Posted by Rose (Dallas, Texas) on 05/04/2015

James - First of all thank you so much for getting back to me and giving me advise on what to do regarding my mother. I will get those test's done for Blood Calcium and D3 level right away and go from there. We live in Texas so I will see if these doctors can recommend someone in my area if not we will see. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by James (Florida) on 09/01/2015


It's my pleasure. IF your blood calcium is in the normal range (I say if because most doctors are misinformed on what blood calcium levels should be; shouldn't be above 10 ) then your thyroid is working very well, and your kidneys. Your body is doing a very good job at getting rid of calcium from your blood. If you had a 24 hour urine test done you'd see your urine calcium would be very high ( most likely above 300 ).

As far as your boron question; any boron ( 2 mg you mentioned ) is going to help whether it's supplemental or from food but from food is once again ideal. I should also mention you're deficient in vitamin D3. Do not go off of your blood test labworks range. This range is the "range" to prevent rickets; it is not the "range" optimal for your body's optimal functioning. Your vitamin d3 level should be ideal 70-80 but once you get above 50 your making your way out of the deficient state. A lot of your pth issues are most likely from this and boron. You can of course add in magnesium, and see if your pth lowers any ( get your labwork redone ). You may or may not be deficient in magnesium so labs will help guide you a long to what's working, and what's not working. After this is over you're going to need to build your bones back to health as they're probably very weak at the moment. Good luck.

Posted by Donna (Michigan) on 07/15/2016

I had parathyroid surg in Feb 2014 at the Norman Parathyroid center in Tampa, Fl and I traveled from northern MI just to have the BEST do my surgery right! ..look up their site > parathyroid.com The four surgeons their do this and thyroid surgeries only...and between these four Surgeons they had done 22,000+ of these surgeries before mine...read EVERYTHING ON THEIR SITE! Especially 1) watch the surgery video...2) read on the risks of being given too much d3 for this...3)read What Patients Say sections, and note what the medical professionals who were patients here say...Amazing! Cured!!!! Best of luck!

Posted by Billie (Usa) on 08/03/2017


I do not know the answer to your specific question, but I have had one parathyroid removed because of same situation. I was having symptoms of parathyroid again including constipation & fatigue. I thought I would give Borax a try after reading up on safety. I bought me just plain Borax in the laundry section of the grocery store ... I just wet my index finger & stick it in the Borax - & then to my mouth & that's how I supplement. I follow with water! I do not have constipation anymore & never should have as I'm on a plant-based diet and I have lots more energy.

I also supplement with Iosol Iodine for my thyroid which these are inter-related. Iosol iodine is a water solvable iodine so you don't have to worry about taking too much. Both of these items are inexpensive & have helped me more than any other supplement (well other than vitamin D and sunshine is the best source for that! & that's free at least 6 months out of the year! )

Blessings to you. I pray God will help you to discern what is best.

Posted by Linda (Pennsylvania) on 09/29/2017

Be Careful! My husband allowed a surgeon? We were told was the best for parathyroid surgery. After hours under anesthesia and removing most of thyroid and 3 healthy parathyroids my husband began to go into heart failure which led to 3 weeks in ICU, a ventilator and permanent kidney failure, and dialysis. We found Dr. Norman in Fla but my husband had to much scar tissue and damage for him to help us. If only we had been more cautious but we were assured this was a quick and "safe" procedure.....

Posted by Kim (Illinois) on 05/16/2018

See this article: Nothing Boring About Boron


Posted by Di (Sedona, Arizona) on 11/12/2023

My husband had his thyroid irradiated as a kid and must take iodine to keep nodules from growing. He works with his doctor on dosage which is quite large. When he reduces the dosage the tumors come back. He was taking iThroid capsules then switched to Iodoral, and now takes drops and will be on it for the rest of his life. Important thing to remember is Vitamin C supplements will cancel iodine. Vitamin C must be taken several hours apart from iodine.

Exercise, Hydration, Vitamin D
Posted by Memo (Denver) on 06/21/2023

Physical Activity & Water & Vitamin D

Hypercalcemia is usually a cause of Inactivity.

Your bones release calcium if you don't put your body weight on them. (1)

"Primary hyperparathyroidism (P-HPTH) -- is relatively common and predominantly affects women. Prior studies have shown that physical activity (PA) can lower PTH levels." (2)

One should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobicactivity, which is about 50 minutes of moderate activity 60 to 70 Max HeartRate three times a Week. 220 – (age) = 100% of your MAX. (3)

To give a perspective, one runs with moderate activity 3 miles in 30 minutes if moderately conditioned. This would equate to about 5 miles per session, three times a week of jogging (4). This is 15 miles per week minimum.

A weight exercise program should also be incorporated as it puts pressure on the bones. Doingfull-body exercises. · Pushups. · Squats. · Burpees. · Lunges.

Almost half of American population have a Vit D deficiency (https://www.cantonmercy.org/healthchat/42-percent-of-americans-are-vitamin-d-deficient/)

Drink Water to excrete calcium, National Academic of Sciences of Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is: About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. (https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/expert-answers/exercise/faq-20057916)

We found a significant decrease in PTH with increasing doses of vitamin D supplementation up to intakes of 4000 IU/d (Vitamin D should be at least 50 ng/ml or more)

1. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/hypercalcemia-causes

2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4880164/

3. https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/exercise-intensity

4. https://marathonhandbook.com/running-5-miles-a-day/

5. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4743037/

Posted by James (Florida) on 08/30/2015


Most likely your situation to begin with (pre surgery) was simply overactive glands due to a deficiency; not an adenoma. I could very well be wrong, but the fact is you have one remaining parathyroid gland yet still have an elevated pth. Boron always comes first, but you have to realize your situation is still complicated. You without a doubt have a deficiency in boron, but you most likely have a deficiency in magnesium, or vitamin D3 as well. If it was a deficiency in vitamin c for example, you'd have elevated blood calcium minus the elevated pth. This helps to rule out what you may, or may not have. In the meantime of fixing this, make sure you're also getting enough potassium as elevated blood calcium can imbalance your electrolytes. As far as sources, food is always best. You can take supplements if it's easier, but in food these minerals are chelated to an amino acid for your body to absorb. Most supplements are not so much harder to absorb. Your body can chelate the minerals itself if you eat a meal high in protein, or free amino acids ( most fruits and veggies ). As far as food source.. boron = pure apple juice. Trader joes ( california ) has pure apple juice, so go for that, or make it yourself with a juicer. Apples are very high in boron. Good luck, stay strong, you'll get through this.

Posted by Julie (Washington) on 04/24/2016

Hello James, I have a question I can't find the answer to anywhere online; I hope you can help me. Surgery cured me of hyperparathyroidism many years ago and so I continued to live happily ever after!! However, the surgery also left me with only half a thyroid and only one parathyroid gland. Since my surgery I've been diagnosed with low thyroid and menopause, which is being successfully treated with bio-identical estrogen and testosterone pellet therapy, compounded progesterone oil in olive oil and Nature-Throid (97.5 mg/daily); my hormone, PTH and calcium levels are checked frequently. I also supplement with Lugols 2% Solution (30 mg/daily) and I use Transdermal Magnesium Chloride (500 mg/daily). After following your advice here, I started supplementing with boron, I started with 1.5mg/daily and slowly increased to 6 mg/daily; I felt great, but a few months later my blood calcium increased to 11.4 (when I started my PTH was 23 and my blood calcium was 9.2) and so I stopped taking the boron. I want to begin taking the boron again, but I believe I need to change my dose. My question is this: Since I only have one parathyroid gland, should I decrease my boron dose or should I increase my boron dose; in other words, what would be the best daily boron dose be for one having only one parathyroid gland and not the 4 glands most people have? Additionally, should I consider also changing my doses of Lugols, Nature-Throid and Magnesium Chloride? Any info you could provide would be appreciated!! Thanks- Julie

Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/10/2017

Thanks for taking the time to post the information James. I want to add one thing to what you said.

As far as bone health, bioavailable silica (JarrowSil, BioSil) is the critical element in laying down the collagen matrix to the bone to prevent bone fractures. Without the bioavailable silica, your bones density may increase but the bone quality will be poor hence more brittle and more fracture prone.

Collagen can be increased with Biocell Hyaluronic Acid. Just need to take it with water and on empty stomach. The empirical studies done indicate that the body can turn the type 2 collagen into type 1,3 and so on if needed.

Posted by Lisa (Mi) on 04/05/2017

Please look into this more.. I deal with it and take D3, magnesium, K2 and now just adding boron. Read further up the thread or also do search on hyperparathyroid and boron and hyperparathyroid it. The parathyroid has to have it to function.

I wish you well. Personally I have bypassed them many times as they recommend removal.. I am doing better and glad I passed on surgery, it's risky and not just any surgeon can do it. Most times our bodies are in need of something or too much of something it's a matter of finding out what. Also, a good naturopath that is good. Not all are good. Do research and seek your options.

Posted by Paula (California) on 04/14/2018

I recently discovered that I have parasites ( I actually saw them or I would never have guessed) I have done a lot of research and discovered that they can affect the thyroid gland. I take 90 mg of armour thyroid and have for over 30 years. My doctor felt I was getting too much thyroid hormone as I had developed severe diahrrea, so he said it was causing IBS. However Parasites also cause IBS and many doctors don"t realize that we actually have an epidemic of parasites in this country, causing all kinds of illnesses like Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. He thought my calcium levels might be too high, however my Vitamin D levels were good. I read that your D levels have to be low and calcium levels high to have the hyperparathyroid problem. I was so interested in your site because it seems that I could heal this without surgery. I would so like to skip the surgery because I am allergic to antibiotics. Would appreciate it if you could tell me how much Baking soda to take and also boron and magnesum. Thank you Paula

Posted by Bobbi (Maryland) on 05/10/2024

I have elevated ionized calcium low phosphorus and elevated parathyroid hormone. Started boron and PTH dropped in a week. Whet from high normal. Still waiting to see if blood calcium will drop. So far it's staying the same. I am hypothyroid and I struggle with taking any thyroid meds because they give terrible painful dry eyes. This can cause elevated calcium too. I'm praying I can avoid surgery and kidney stones.

Posted by Julie W. (New Jersey) on 01/29/2015

I would like to know who has used Boron and had result of lowering calcium blood level.

Posted by Kathy (Ny) on 03/11/2016

Are you a doctor? I have normal pth but high calcium..went for scans but nothing conclusive...they now want a sestamebi scan done and maybe just go in and look around as the gland can hide within the thyroid gland or behjnd chest wall which requires robotic surgery..ugh...I am on a himeopathy remedy for this right now..think I should wait and add boron? Also I take 5,00 units of D3 ..is this bad or good? My levels were low, like 39.. Would love to do this naturally if possible, thanks!

Posted by Rose (Dallas, Texas U.s.a.) on 04/30/2015

James in Florida - I pray that you can help me. My mother is 81 and is a dialysis patient with her PTH level at 1419. The dialysis center had given her a prescription that made her sick but haven't changed it for her. She came down with severe pain from the hip socket down the leg and I took her to the ER where they did X'ray's and a CAT scan and just released her with pain medicine and a diagnosis of Arthralgia that say's short term with pain will be from 8-9 weeks. I followed up with the PCP and that is where I got the blood results for her PTH level since the ER didn't do any blood work. I told him about the medicine making her sick and he too just ignored me and refilled the same medicine. I saw this of Boron and I wanted to ask could we use the Triple Boron that has Citrate, Aspartate and Glycinate or should I just get straight Boron? I am open to any suggestions I hate to see her in so much pain. Thank you

Posted by Bridget (Calif) on 09/01/2015

Thank you James,

I believe my last PTH test was 67 is, calcium normal range, D3 32.

My question is can 2mg boron supplement possibly help along with D3 and mag.? I take many supplements but would love to attempt to get PTH in normal range if it's even possible.

Posted by Karen (Pennsylvania) on 11/24/2016

Do not let them do exploratory surgery, too big too dangerous. Need parathyroid surgeon expert. Search parathyroid centers.

Posted by Erin (New Jersey) on 02/19/2017

I am currently dealing with testing for hyper parathyroid. If you have elevated calcium and normal PTH, this still implies hyper parathyroidism because your path should be super low when calcium high.

Posted by Gale (Columbia, Ct) on 02/21/2017

Hi, I am a dialysis patient, and have found out I am having trouble with my pth hormone! Currently I am on calcitriol.25 MCG 3 cap, 3 xdaily(diaylsis days)4 caps 4 x aweek! So this is not working, so in addition my Doctor as prescribed Sensipar 30mg 1tab daily! I havent started the Sensipar yet, since I have siezures and also considering a kidney transplant in the near future! I don't want to cause organ failure to any other parts of my body nor do I want to bring on a seizure! Is there anything I can do to lower my PTH naturally???

Posted by Penny (Tennessee) on 07/20/2024

Bobbi - I'm dealing with the same issues. Your Info was very helpful! Thanks so much. Not sure if this might help to answer your question but if you look up this link it has a story about a guy who avoided surgery with boron.


Posted by Bridget (California) on 08/29/2015


I had 3 glands removed 1.5 years ago. My Calcium has been normal as of now. My PTH has gone up. I want to say 83 now. I also have Osteopenia.

Very curious about Boron. If I take say 2mg. of Chelate Boron. Could it possibly bring that level down? Is there a blood workup to find if deficient?

I still have aches in back daily. My ENT is good but useless in supplement department. I'm always afraid of taking too much magnesium etc.

I appreciate any input. Like so many, we just want to feel normal....

Posted by Milena (Victoria, Australia) on 03/10/2016

Hello Gina,

What dosage of Vit. K2 (MK7) do you take? Any particular brand? Also what type of Magnesium do you take?

Thank you in advance. :-)

Posted by Greg (Denver) on 05/06/2016

Boron? Really? I have not heard of it having any effect, but am willing to consider it. Please email me at least one scientific reference and I'll get on board.

Posted by Kaaren (Pennsylvania) on 11/23/2016

Does Sea salt count? or do I need the refined table salt like Mortons?

Posted by Ines (Oostende) on 04/29/2017

I have surfed for 4 months on the internet to find a cure other than surgery. I am afraid there is none. I have only 1 parathyroid left that is again malfunctioning; primary hyperparathyroidism. It has not been located by spect CT scan or by sestamibi. How difficult is an operation in an are that has been operated on 2 before (once for an adenoma and once for total thyroidectomy due to papillary, follicular cancer, RAI 150miCu)? And also what are the consequences of becoming HYPOparathyroid?

Posted by Ines (Belgium) on 05/01/2017

Is there anyone who has been cured of primary parathyroidism without surgery?

There is a blog about a woman who took boron and other supplements for this disease but in the end she had to opt for surgery, because it was all to no avail.

There are no scientific articles on the relationship boron/hyperpara. Thank you for any input. I have PHPT again after 13 years, but I have only 1 parathyroid left.

Posted by Annette (Nc) on 05/06/2017

I also have hyperplasia and hypercalcaemia with Dyspepsia.

Posted by Sharon (Carolina Beach, North Carolina) on 11/10/2023

Thank you for this valuable information on Boron and the parathyroid connection. I also have 4 nodules, and inflammation on my thyroid. What can I do to reduce the thyroid nodules and get rid of thyroid inflammation?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.


Posted by Bobbi (Maryland) on 06/19/2024

Back for another report. Boron definitely reduces PTH. It took my PTH from 79 to 37 in 3 wks. My blood calcium went 11.5 to 11. Ionized calcium 5.5,5.6 boron happened after this second value. 24 hr urine is excretion 377. I don't know if that has changed. I took two 3mg NOW brand boron. I tried to go to 10 mg but it gave me a headache. I got more boron from food lentils pistachios, rasins, dried apricots, walnut, kidney beans and avacado. I also too celtic salt, Dr berges electrolytes for potassium, 15,000 I U vit D with K2, and magnesium. Symptom wise I had memory problems, poor concentration, confusion, insomnia, muscle switches, headaches, fatigue. Things are slowly getting better. Would love to get my calcium to go down faster. Presently pth 34 calcium is 11. I donr feel right and my memory is tough. Somebody mentioned an herb to try. I'm going to research that.

This is my question. I had an ultrasound today my left lowe parathyroid is enlarged ( an adenoma) noncancerous tumor. If I get both PTH and calcium to normal will the adenoma shrink. Will I have to stay On boron to keep it all normal? Thanks for listening Bobbi